Top 23 most stunning hairstyles for African American women

Hair structures of African American women is considered dark black, thick, curly and strong, so that there are thousands impressive hairdos which can be suitable for them. These girls very like energetic and active styles so they incessantly create new hairstyles to look more eye- catching. In this article, let’s with Luxshinehair discover top 23 most stunning African American hairstyles!

Short hairstyles

American African women monumentally like short hairstyles. They are not only beautiful, creative but also very comfortable and convenient in hot weather there. Let’s check them out right now!

1. Pixie hair

In hot summer days, having a short pixie hairstyle is exactly the most reasonable choice. You can choose yourself a pixie hairdo with short or long bangs and side part style to look the most suitable with your face. Adding an outstanding color on hair is not a bad idea. Commonly, African and American women like having their hair dyed with ombre, blonde or red to look brighter and more attractive. Obviously, they do very well this mission and make pixie hairstyle become the trendiest short hairstyle all time.

pixie hair for African American women

2. Bowl haircuts

Many people think that having a bowl haircut is so foolish but you are wrong! Bowl haircuts are very popular in Western countries, especially in Africa and America. They help girls to display their personalities effectively. They look extremely strong, healthy and full of vitality instead of looking so effeminate and weak like other common girls. The strangeness of the shape of the bowl on hair brings girls creative and impressive images right on the first sight. A lot of celebrities like Meagan Good, Rihanna, Zendaya, etc tried this style and received good compliments.

bowl haircut for African American women

3. Bob hairstyles

You don’t need to keep your hair short like pixie or bowl haircuts to have a beautiful short hairstyle because a bob style can make you bright. Bob hairdos are absolutely popular and diverse with different designs and each of them is perfect. No matter you combine bob hair with a middle part style, a side part style, a wavy style or a style with bangs, etc, the appearance you got still very impressive and attractive. Bob hairstyles are very natural and soft so that keeping hair in black or dye with outstanding colors is completely okay.

Bob hairstyles for African American women

4. Sleek back short hair

Don’t think that the sleek back haircut is only suitable for men since it is also perfect for women. Even when your hair is short, no one thinks that you look so manly with this style. Sleek back style is especially suitable for girls with small face, round face or short forehead because it helps their face look longer and more balanced. It also makes you look much more active and mature.

sleek back short hair for african american women

5. Short mohawk

Traditional girls rarely have this style but it is completely common with girls who are rebellious and dynamic. Obviously, they are things you look the most in African American girls. This hairstyle really makes them become professional fashionistas. Combining it with some curls and shaved hair on one or both sides of your head is so impressive.

Short mohawk for african american women

Medium length and long hairstyles

Turning into hairstyles with longer sizes, you will actually have to be surprised by things they bring back. From shoulder length hair, medium length hair to long hair, African American women can have the most impressive hairstyles with them.

6. Wavy shoulder length hair

With the length size which is not too long, this hairstyle give girls comfortable and natural feelings. Whereas, hair waves are so soft and gentle. They are also very useful to make hair more bobbing and thicker. It will be a wise choice for girls who want their hair look both more beautiful and thicker. This hairstyle is popular all over the world so that there is no reason that African American women can’t try and succeed with it.


Wavy shoulder length hair 2

7. Mini buns

Soft and mild hairstyles are too tedious as for African American girls with brunette and healthy skin. Instead, they would like to make hairstyles which are fresh, young and full of their personality. Obviously, the hairstyle with mini buns or bantu buns is one of them. With many hair buns on head, not only do you have a specific style, but also you can feel comfortable, self- confident in hot summer days. Girls have billions ways to make beautiful mini buns that can take other friends by surprise.

Mini buns for African America women

8. Afro- textured hairstyle

Almost all of us know that African women’s hair is very curly and hard so that you may think that this style is so bad. However, as for African girls, natural hairstyle is always the hairstyle which is the most beautiful and comfortable. It is really not as bad as things you image. Afro- textured hair is very puffing, bobbing with countless curls. You can combine it with high bun style or let it be fuzzy naturally. Trust in us! you will never have to disappoint with things you get.

Afro textured hairstyle

9. Big high bun

It is absolutely okay if you want to replace your hair mini buns with a big high bun to have another beautiful hairstyle. This big high bun hairstyle can even make you look bright on every occasion no matter it is a family party, a luxurious prom or an important wedding. There are many variations of high bun styles that stylists can do for you so that never feel bored with this style.

Big high bun

10. Hair with cornrows

If you have long and strong hair, don’t ignore making hairstyles with cornrows on hair. Only with some hair cornrows on a side part or on almost of your head, the rest part of hair will look very impressive. No matter it is straight or curly, having more cornrows will give you a completely fresh appearance.

Hair with cornrows

11. Box braids

It will be a big mistake if we don’t mention styles with box braids. Box braids, also dookie braids or Goddess braids are specific braid hairstyles of African American women. You can braid hair into small or big hair strands according to your hobby and then make your favorite hairstyles. Box braids will look impressive when they are long hair and decorated with twinkle accessories.

Box braids

12. Dreadlocks

Dreadlock hairstyles are also very popular with African American women. They may look a bit horrible if you see them for the first time. However, the effect that they bring to is so wonderful. Dreadlocks give the feeling which is very unique and natural. Making dreadlocks is very complex so that you shouldn’t think that they are tedious and ugly. If you don’t believe, let’s visit some American African countries and see their impressive dreadlock hairstyles.

dreadlocks style

13. Hair twists with curly ends

The perfect combination between creative hair twists and soft hair curls brings to your hair the image which is extremely beautiful and eye- catching. Because of being a unique style, girls can keep hair with natural black hair or create it with outstanding hair dye such as highlighted hair, ombre hair, etc. Bringing the image of Africa- America to worldwide friends with this hairstyle is totally not a crazy idea.

Hair twists with curly ends

14. Bright colors

That American African women’s hair is hard, black and curly doesn’t mean that you can’t dye your hair with bright colors for outstanding images. With the available rebellion, girls there very like having bright colors on hair such as red, blonde, pink, ombre, etc. Every hairstyle with bright colors makes wonderful highlights for your appearance. Obviously, you will look extremely beautiful and self- confident with them.

Bright colors

15. Yarn braids

Not all America African girls have strong and beautiful hair, many people don’t have this good luck. They always feel inferior to other women because of their thin and weak hair, even hair loss. They find for hair extensions and unluckily, they are too different from the braid style they want. If you also one of them, why don’t you try the hairstyle with yarn braids. Although yarn is much cheaper than other human hair extensions, they are still loved much to make impressive yarn braid hairstyles. Your hair will become longer, thicker as well as more creative and protective.

Highlighted yarn braids

16. Side braid

Side braid hairstyle is never out of fashions. It makes your hair softer and more charming. You can braid hair with different braid styles which are suitable for your hobby and then put it on a side of your shoulders. Loosening braids for the more natural appearance or tighten them to look more energetic is totally suitable and creative.

17. High ponytail

Having a high ponytail style is exactly one of the quickest ways to transform you from a gentle girl into an active girl. Trust in us! Let’s brush your whole hair up and make an impressive ponytail, the final image will make you surprised. No matter which texture of hair you have and how long it is, a high ponytail still always looks perfect. Besides, having a high ponytail hairstyle is very useful for girls who have round chubby face and short forehead because it makes your face become much more balanced.

18. Micro braids

If you don’t like dookie braids or yarn braids which are a bit big and unnatural, having a style with micro braids is perfect for you. Hundreds of micro braids on you hair will give you completely natural and dynamic images. Don’t forget to combine with some ornaments to look more charming.

Micro braids

19. Dutch braids

If you think that Dutch braid is only suitable for Netherlands’ girls so you are completely wrong! Dutch braid is too beautiful and impressive that girls all over the world love. Obviously, African American women is not an exception. Dutch braid hairstyle is loved much by black women. The image it brings to is so active and a bit rebellious.

20. Long layered hair

This hairstyle is more popular with American girls than African girls. However, we can deny that it is really fashionable and catchy. Long hair give the soft feeling while layers make creativeness and personality. Almost girls like it thanks to its beautiful image and the effect that it bring to. Especially, it is absolutely ideal to hide unexpected big or square face. This is actually the advantage that every girl loves, right? Many celebrities has tried and satisfied with it, how about you?

Long layered hair

21. Long curly hair

As mentioned before, curly hair is the popular texture of African American women. Combining with long hair, nothing is more wonderful than that. Puffing hair curls are really impressive and bring the most naturalness for black girls. Women always feel the most self- confident when they are being themselves so that let long curly hair help you to complete that!

Long curly hair

22. Black wavy weave hairstyles

Weave hairstyles are also loved much by African American women, especially people who has thin and short hair. Weave hair is easily applied on hair and it has long- term effect when being worn on real hair. More importantly, almost hair weaves nowadays are real human hair so that they are extremely beautiful and natural. Beside, back wavy texture makes hair look more outstanding than ever so why don’t you try them?

Black wavy weave hairstyles

23. Long straight hair

No matter you have long hairstyle with your own real hair or with hair extensions, the image that this style brings to is completely perfect. Modern girls very like this style because it is both natural, smooth and outstanding. It make girls look much more mature and charming. Imagine that you are the merely girl who own eye- catching long straight hair among all others who have common hair curls, how do you think?

long straight hair

We hope that all of the aforementioned information will help you to have a more comprehensive look about African American hairstyles. They are really not ugly or old- fashioned like the perception of many people. African American people are really masters of hair creation and they never stop doing that to make the most wonderful styles for themselves, even to make impressive global trends.

There is a secret that a lot of African American women use in making outstanding hairstyles for special days is wearing hair extensions to hide their short and thin hair or to change their style for a while. Of course, it is absolutely effective. For demands of hair extensions, let’s visit our brand. Luxshinehair will serve every demand of you as well as possible.

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