BEST braids for thin hair

Thin hair is always a nightmare for women since it is not only hard to curl or style, but also makes your hair less lively. Fine thin hair can be the result of genetic or stress, overthinking, or using chemicals to dye hair which make hair weaker, dry and fall out.

Women who are already have fine thin hair will try to find the best way to avoid losing hair because it is quite easy to fall. And if you are one of them, you must also want to find some simple hairstyles which are suitable with your thin hair and easy to make.

In today post, Luxshinehair will show you some braids and hairstyles which are amazingly lovely for your thin hair and make it look fuller and more attractive!

Side braid ponytail

This hairstyle is exactly a good idea for all girl with fine hair which is quite simple to make, just take a few minute in the morning. Part your hair in 2 side and start with the big side. Take three more sections of hair and across them under each other to create a normal Dutch braid or Boho braid and add more hair when you go down.

Side braid ponytailWhen you braid your hair till the ear, pull all your hair back into a ponytail and fix the braid. One of the tip to make your braid look fuller and thicker is pulling out the braid as big as you can. This hairstyle is easy to make and give you more energy to start a new day. Besides, you can completely create your own braid and ponytail

Side braid ponytail

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French braid low bun

This kind of hairstyle is pretty lovely and easy to make. French braid is quite popular now and almost women can do by themselves. Take three sections and cross them over top of one and other and you are going to add sections of hair when you go down. Keep braiding till the end and use a small clear elastic to tie the braid together. Use your finger to gently pull out your braid to help it look bigger.

French braid low bunBesides, you can take the braid and roll it into a circle and use pins to hold the bun in place. Lastly, pull out the braid a little bit again to make it natural.

Instead of braid your hair from the middle, you can do the same but from one side of your head, then pull out the braid to make it looser. When you braid to ear, secure it, mess the rest of hair to make a bigger bun.

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Classic loose braid

Classic loose braid is always a good choice for all girl who want to be more active and sporty. It is a hairstyle that can go well with different styles of clothes and make-up. And it is also a perfect option for girl with thin hair.

Classic loose braidStart by sectioning your hair at the top and split it into 3 equal sections. Take the right section of hair and cross it under the middle. Then take some hair from the left side combined with left section and cross under the middle. Do the same with the right sections. Continue this process all the way down till you finish. After that, pull out the braid to make it looser, thicker and fluffier.

Classic loose braidMoreover, if you don’t want to do just one braid, you can completely do two with the same process but part your hair into two equal sections and start one by one.

Waterfall braid

If you want to look more charming and attractive, waterfall braid should definitely be one of your first choice. If you are having a thin hair, no worry because the result can surprise you.

Waterfall braidPart your hair in the middle or off one side depend on your favorite. At the top, pick up a piece and add it in as just make a normal French braid and at the bottom, instead of picking up a piece to add it in, drop that piece and pick up the piece behind to add it in. Keep doing that as far as you want. Use an elastic to secure the braid and there we have a waterfall braid. You can create different styles of waterfall braid base on your favor.

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Luxshinehair hopes that though these suggested hairstyles or braids above, you can choose most suitable one with your current hair. Don’t let thin hair become a big barrier in choosing your hairstyle. You can completely change it in your own way and by your own creativity.


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