Our Responsibility

Luxshinehair: Luxurious Locks, Conscious Care: Redefining Beauty Responsibly

From hair extension products to human hair wigs we aim to revolutionize the beauty industry by prioritizing environmental consciousness and social responsibility alongside aesthetic excellence.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Our products are made from 100% human hair without any harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. From our raw materials to the finished product, every step is carefully managed to uphold the highest standards of safety and sustainability. 

We are using extensions and hair pieces that can be refreshed and reused multiple times; this goes for our wefts, tapes, bonded extensions and MicroLinks pieces.

Ethically sourced hair

One of our commitments: we appreciate human rights, we adhere to a strict ethical code by collecting hair in a manner that respects the rights, dignity, and well-being of the individuals involved in the process, including fair compensation with consenting adult donors. We ensure that all our donors are respectfully treated and there are no exploitative practices involved.

Humanitarian value: Small gestures, big impact

Humanitarian value: Small gestures, big impact

As we continue to expand and evolve, we firmly believe in the timeless power of giving back, and we integrate this ethos into our core values through regular charitable initiatives. One particularly impactful endeavor we're proud to be a part of is our hair donation program for cancer patients in Vietnam. Our small gestures but big impact demonstrate our corporate responsibility and our dedication to community involvement. It’s not only a physical support in the form of wigs but also a meaningful symbol of hope and solidarity during a challenging time in their lives.

Honor Vietnamese hair quality

Our hair source is from high quality Vietnamese hair, ensuring the most natural-looking appearance for our customers. Renowned for its strength, softness, luster, and versatility, Vietnamese hair is highly sought after in the beauty and hair extension industry worldwide. 

From ancient times, hair held deep symbolism and importance in Vietnamese culture, symbolizing beauty, strength, and vitality. Our mission is to highlight the excellence, ethical practices, and appreciation for the unique attributes that make Vietnamese hair stand out in the beauty industry.

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