How to measure hair length – Hair Length Chart

Length guide

One of the most crucial variables to consider when acquiring hair extensions is the length of your hair. Products of varying lengths can give you a whole new look. Luxhine now provides hair extensions in lengths ranging from 6 to 32 inches. We may, however, produce longer hair extensions if the buyer requests them.

Hair Length

Some Categories Of Hair Length

  1. Short hair length

Women with buzz-cut hair or bobs typically have short hair length. Hair is normally between 15 and 30 centimeters long.

  • 6 Inch Hair (15cm): Customers purchase 6-inch hair extensions to create stunning short hairstyles using weaves, clip-ins, keratin hair, and other techniques. For those who want to add more volume to their short hair, this hair length is a perfect match.
  • 8-Inch Hair (20cm): You’re mistaken if you believe that short haircuts are limited. 8-inch hair weaves will make chin-length hair appear longer and thicker. You can also have any curly textures or bob styles with this length. For most hair products of Luxshine, you can freely choose this hair length.
  • 10 Inch Hair (25cm): tape in hair, weave hair, or wigs with a length of around 25 centimeters are ideal for short or bob haircuts. You can also mix this hair length with wavy or curly textures.
  • 12 Inch Hair (30cm): Natural hair lengths of 12 inches or longer will be turned into shoulder-length hair using closures, frontals, weave hair, wigs, and other hair items. For girls who want to have stylish and fashionable long lob or wavy bob hair, using this hair length will be a good suggestion.

Short hair length

  1. Medium hair length

Hair that is medium in length can be observed from the chin to a few inches past the shoulders. Your hair falls into the medium category if it measures 35cm to 55cm in length.

Medium hair length

  • 14-Inch Hair (35cm):14-inch hair weaves, tape, and clip-ins are quite popular among females who prefer medium hair. 35 cm is so lengthy and attractive enough to make your hair stand out.
  • 16-Inch Hair (40cm): Keratin hair, clip-in hair, and other extensions can be used to turn short haircuts into hair that stretches over the collar bone. When wearing this hair, you may style any style from straight to curly hairdo.
  • 18-Inch Hair (45cm): For females who want their hair to reach the middle of their back or a little shorter, this weave hair, lace frontal, and wig hair are ideal. Even the finest hair may benefit from 18-inch hair extensions, which provide natural-looking volume and length. They are made from the highest grade Remy human hair and come in a magnificent range of hues that blend naturally into your hair.
  • 20-Inch Hair (50cm): With 20-Inch hair, you can easily get your natural long hair to the center of the back. You may perform up-dos, French twists, chignons, and a variety of other hairstyles for everyday use and special occasions.
  • 22-Inch Hair (55cm): Because 22-inch hair reaches your tape hair, weave hairs, keratin hair, and other hair extensions are ideal for females with a sensitive personalities. People often describe long-haired ladies as dainty, pleasant, gentle, and so on because of their hair length. So, you can refer to this 55cm length.
  1. Long hair length

You have long hair if your hair has reached around your armpit. Long hair is defined as hair that is longer than 55cm. If your hair is longer than 55 centimeters, it is considered exceptionally long.

Long hair length

  • 24 Inch Hair (60cm): If you’re not too tall, a 24-inch wig can stretch over your ribs and even your waist. This length will make you stand out in a crowd since it is quite long and may create a variety of textures.
  • 26-Inch Hair Extensions (65cm): With this astonishing length, 26-inch weaves, clip-ins or wigs hair extensions may reach a girl’s waist with a regular body. If you are a tall girl, this hair will make you more attractive.
  • 28-Inch Hair (70cm): If you wear a wig of this length, these hair extensions can reach all the way to your waist, if your body isn’t too short. Clip-in, weave, bulk, or other products of Luxshine have this hair length, so you have no worries about choosing types of hair with 70cm.
  • 30 Inch Hair (75cm): Beautiful, long, and silky 30-inch clip-ins, tape, and lace frontal, keratin hair extensions may give your hair the perfect length to reach your hip.
  • 32-Inch Hair Extensions (80cm): These are the longest hair extensions available right now, reaching all the way to your thigh. Hair weaves, clip-ins, and wigs with a length of 80 cm will be available.

The texture has an impact on the duration of our items. Wavy hair seems shorter than straight hair but longer than curly hair at the same length. The reason for this is that the length of the hair strand is measured while it is straight.

Whichever hair extension you pick, Luxshine hopes you feel secure and delighted with your decision, since confidence makes you look your best.