Texture Chart

Texture chart

Luxshinehair has been supplying a wide range of options for hair texture to meet the different needs of the wearers. All of our hair textures are made using the “hot steam” method. That means we use NO chemicals for the hairstyling process. The hair can maintain its finest nature after being styled. And below is our Texture chart:

texture chart

  • Straight hair: Natural straight, Bone straight, Kinky straight, Yaki straight 
  • Wavy hair: Deep wavy, Loose wavy, Body wavy, Water body wavy, Bouncy wavy,  Natural wavy 
  • Curly hair: Deep curly, Loose curly, Kinky curly, Twist curly, Romantic curly, Fumi Curly 

Luxshinehair understands the demands for changing hairstyles of hair extension users. Therefore, we are working hard to develop new products and catch up with the latest hair trends. So, stay tuned and follow us!