13 Wonderful Short Hairstyles For Black Women

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Almost of us think about black women with their unique hair curls or micro hair braids. However, they are not all hairstyles that they often have. Black girls always know how to create their hair with the most beautiful and impressive styles, especially with short hair. Today, let’s discover top 13 most wonderful short hairstyles for black hair together with Luxshinehair!

1. Curly pixie hair

Talking about one of black hairstyles for short hair which can both display black girls’ personality and look outstanding, we shouldn’t ignore this curly pixie hairstyle. You can keep hair curls with their black color or dye them with  your favorite colors to have the most eye- catching image. The rest of hair is short cut for showing stronger and more active characteristics.

curly pixie hair

2. Short pixie

You know, the weather in African countries is very hot so that short haircuts are very popular. Especially with these short pixie hairstyles for black hair, your hair is not only cut into a new style but also helps you feel much more comfortable and energetic on severe days.

short pixie

3. Side part short bob

Let’s look this unique short hairstyle on Rihanna’s face! It’s so gorgeous, isn’t it? She still has hair with black straight hair texture. However, the special thing here is that she let her side part hair cover her eye. That makes her image become so mysterious and active. Whereas, combining short bob with this style helps her face look shorter and more balanced. See more of Rihanna red hair here.

Side part short bob

4. Short hair with bangs

Keeping short haircuts with bangs is completely not a bad idea because catchy types of bangs will help your short hair look less masculine as well as make impressive highlights in the clearest way. Commonly, styles with side swept bangs are the most popular. However, you can completely create your hair with many different styles of bangs like blunt bangs, curly bangs, wispy bangs, etc. Choosing a suitable bangs’ style will actually make your hair become much more attractive.

short hair with bangs

5. Half shaved short hair

Half shaved styles have recently been very popular with black women. They make their appearance become much cooler and more rebellious. You can make a side of hair with long side part hair or short side part hair and then the shave the other side neatly. Dyeing some highlights on hair will be very nice, let’s try!

Half shaved short hair

6. Curly short hair and cornrows

Cornrows and hair curls are both traditional styles which attach to black women’s hair so that when they are combined together, the effect they bring to is really wonderful. Bouncy and stunning curly hair give eye- catching looks while hair cornrows are creative. It can be said that short curly hairstyles black hair and cornrow braided hairstyles for short black hair both give amazingly outstanding figures.

short curly hair and cornrows

7. Messy wavy bob

Hair curls for short hair can be a bit hard so that you can change your short black hairstyle with soft and natural hair waves. Their effect are also wonderful. If you own thick hair, it will be a very big advantage for you to have this short hairstyle with the most beautiful result. If not, you can completely use hair extensions to have a perfect style with these lovely hair waves. This short natural hairstyle black hair looks extremely charming and noble so that you only need to combine it with suitable makeup style and then your appearance will look more gorgeous than ever.

Messy wavy bob

8. Blunt bob

Maybe you don’t know that blunt bob is extremely suitable with black girls and women. It makes their face become much more mature and attractive. Essentially, blunt short hair is outstanding and eye- catching so that you even don’t need to dye it with any other bright colors. In addition, it’s up to your face shape that you can have appropriate side part hair or middle part hair styles.

blunt bob

9. Finger wave short hair

Finger wave short hair is one of hairstyles for short permed black hair which is extremely loved by African- American celebrities. Short hair gives the comfort and personality for black women. Whereas, mischievous finger waves are moisturized  to give unique and impressive images on hair. Let’s see here, Zendaya looks so noble, elegant and charming with this style, right?

Finger wave short hair

10. Backward short hair

Who says that women can’t have strong backward short hairstyles? It’s clearly that the appearance of women, especially black women will look more masculine with these styles but they are really worth- trying short hairstyles. You can have a casual comb back hairstyle, an active fawx hawk haircut or any other style you want. They will give you fully fresh and new images which can make you become the most outstanding person in anywhere. Don’t forget to dye hair with your favorite hair colors to show off your personality better!

Backward short hair

11. Afro Puff

Let’s talk about a super cute and versatile hairdo that’s a hit among black women with natural hair. Afro Puff involves gathering the hair into a rounded puff or bun on the crown of the head. You can achieve it by brushing or combing the hair upwards and securing it with an elastic band or hair tie. This hairstyle is particularly well-suited for short to medium-length hair,  celebrates the natural texture of black hair, embracing curls, kinks, and coils. The puff can be worn tight and compact or slightly looser for a fuller look, depending on personal preference.

short hairstyles for black women 1

12. Twist-Out

If you want to rock a bold and voluminous short hairstyle, the twist-out is a perfect choice to add volume and texture with defined curls. This eye-catching hairstyle can allow you to achieve a gorgeous and stunning appearance and become outstanding on various occasions, whether at a party or a formal event. 

short hairstyles for black women

3. Frohawk

Frohawk is an edgy and distinctive hairstyle in which the sides are shaved or tightly braided, leaving a strip of hair down the center. It accentuates the sharp contours of your face, enhancing your personality and captivation, thereby becoming a sought-after haircut among those who seek to make a bold fashion statement by combining elements of tradition and innovation.

short hairstyles for black women

We hope that these above short hairstyles black hair will be useful suggestions for your next choice of hair. If you still have any question or comment about these styles, please share with us right below. Also, we recommend you to visit our Luxshinehair company – a top brand of supplying best Vietnam human hair all over the world. You may like reading more: Best short silver hairstyles

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