Most Stunning And Trendiest Black Hairstyles With Highlights

Black is the most common hair color of almost people all over the world. So if you do own dark locks, don’t be tedious because you can take advantage of your natural beauty to make the most beautiful and impressive hairstyles. Styling black hairstyles with highlights is exactly one of them.

In this article, let’s with Luxshinehair discover the most stunning and trendiest highlighted black hair.

1.Black hair with caramel highlights

If you are a girl who love softness and femininity, black hairstyle with caramel highlights will actually be the top choice for you. Caramel color is a tone of light brown. It is not too bright but outstanding enough to become the attractive highlight on black hair. Moreover, it is like your hair being added with summery glow. No matter your hair is short or long, thick or thin, this style brings to you both youthfulness and charm.

Black hair with caramel highlights

2. Blonde highlights in black background

Among black hairstyles with highlights, adding blonde color never makes us disappoint because it brings to hair extremely fresh and creative images no matter it is added on whole hair or only like highlights. The combination between a mysterious black color and a outstanding blonde color sounds awkward but it brings surprising good effects on hair. You can relate it to a style of ombre hair or balayage hair, or just make some simple highlights. All of them make hair become brighter than ever.

In addition, there are many kinds of blonde highlights for your various choices such as platinum blonde, honey blonde, light blonde, etc. Therefore, you can freely create highlighted hairstyles with them.

Black hair with blonde highlights

3. Black hair with copper highlights

Copper color is never out of fashion since it is actually outstanding with natural red color. This red tone is not too bright so that it doesn’t make the extreme contrast between red and black on hair. On the other hand, copper highlights brings a feeling which is both creative and energetic. Combining with a balayage hairstyle and soft hair waves, it’s like having a perfect shading from a dark color into a light color on your hair. Such amazing black hairstyles with highlights, right?

Black hair with copper highlights

4. Black hair with red highlights

It will not a crazy idea if you want to add red color on hair for impressive highlights. Although, red and black are two contrasting colors, their combination gives wonderful attraction. If you are a woman with rebellious and dynamic characteristics, this style is the best for you. You don’t need to beautify too much red color on your black hair because only some of red highlights is outstanding enough to make you look bright in the crowd. Of course, you can completely make every other styles with red highlights and all of them are perfect.

Red highlights

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5. Black hair with pastel purple highlights

You shouldn’t think that purple color is so rustic and dreamy because the trend of hairstyles with purple tones is never be forgotten. Especially, pastel purple highlighted black hair brings to girls youthfulness, modernity and self- confidence than ever. This purple hue is very bright and soft so that it doesn’t make the opposite feel eye- paining or uncomfortable. In contrast, it makes you become the girl who is admired the most.

Pastel purple highlights

6. Silver highlights – big contrast, great hairstyles

Silver is a light tone of gray color. It will bring to hair impressive highlights and make women look full of maturity and charm. This shade is not too difficult to mix with black hair for a beautiful hairstyle because it is quite mild and soft. Especially, it gets on well with every hairstyle like straight, wavy or curly hair. try it and you will never have to be  disappointed with things you receive.

Silver highlights

7. Blue highlights with black base

It will be a big mistake if we don’t mention black hairstyle with blue highlights. Black and blue tone are very easy to combine because they don’t have too much difference, especially with tones of dark blue. Therefore, when you add blue highlights on hair, you don’t need to focus on making brightness for hair. Simply, it brings the more freshness and fascination on your hair in the most natural way. However, you also don’t think that it is so tedious because the result you get will actually take you by surprise!

blue highlights with black base

8. Black hair with moss green mix

Why don’t you try having moss green highlights on your black hair? It gives the feeling as if you are coming back to the nature. Moss green will look more wonderful when it is combined with some natural sunshine. Besides, you can combine this hair color for every characteristic you want. For example, you can have a braid hairstyle for the soft image or have a wavy hairstyle for a more rebellious appearance, etc. Don’t mind trying it if you need something new for your hairstyle with highlights!

moss green highlights

We hope that some of the above information can meet your demands about impressive black hairstyles with highlights. Let’s make up your mind and give yourself a completely new change with these highlighted black hairstyles right now! In case your hair is too thin or weak, you can find for hair extensions with your favourite highlights. Luxshinehair can help you to do that so please contact us when you need them!


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