Ponytail hair extensions and things you can still not know

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Are you a girl with pro- active character? You love new experiences instead of having a common gentle hairstyle, right? Or perhaps, the weather is too hot and you want to have a style which can give both hair thickness and comfortable feeling, don’t you? These all demands can be solved with the thing we are going to talk about in this article. Can you guess it?

Ponytail hair extensions and things you can still not know
Ponytail hair extensions and things you can still not know

It cann’t be better that ponytail hair extensions are exactly the choice you need. You will always have wonderful images when wearing these ponytail hair extensions no matter how long and thickness of your hair or how your personality is. Let’s discover interesting things of ponytail hair extensions together with Luxshinehair right now!

1. What is a ponytail hair extension?

It can be said that ponytail is one of the most special types of hair extensions nowadays. A ponytail hair extension is like the combination of a clip in hair extensions or tape hair extensions and a lace closure. Hair is attached firmly into a lace piece and then clips are put in the top part of the lace. Of course, it also goes with a ribbon or a strand of hair so that you can tie the hair extension and make it into a ponytail.

A ponytail extension is considered the best when it is made from real human hair. Getting more reference of ponytail types of Luxshinehair to have the suitable choice.


Ponytail hair extensions have different images, length sizes, colors for various demands of customers. Moreover they are also very simple in installation so that they are very fashionable and popular, especially with young girls.


2. Advantages of wearing ponytail hair extension?

Making ponytail hairstyles is too common and popular with energetic and dynamic girls with their beautiful hair. However, women with thin and short hair don’t feel self- confident in this style because it makes their weakness look more clearly. Therefore, ponytail hair extensions appear to help them deal with these unexpected problems.

Firstly, ponytail hair extensions have a lot of different beautiful textures so that they make womankind look beautiful, young and pro- active. With this special hair style, you will receive many compliments because its highlight is actually very nice and impressive.

Secondly, wearing ponytail extensions on hair is much simpler than other hair extensions like weave hair extensions, keratin hair extensions or lace frontals, etc. You can easily put in and take off the ponytail anytime without worrying that it can damage your hair or waste your time.

Besides, you can make various hairstyles with the ponytail hair extension like bun and braid style. They will give you fresher and more charming figures on different occasions. Combining with suitable accessories or binding the ribbon of this ponytail hair extensions into an outstanding butterfly bow is not the bad style with this extension.

One of the most impressive strengths of a ponytail extension is that it not only give you creative and young appearance but also help you to hide weaknesses of short and thin hair. Adding volume for hair with a ponytail extension is not too manifest so that it makes truthful and natural images for hair.

Lastly, it will be so wonderful and comfortable when you have a ponytail hairstyle on hot summer days. Hair which is high tied will not make you feel hot or inconvenient as when you keep your hair down. That is so amazing, right?

3. How to put a ponytail hair extension in your hair?

As mentioned above, putting a ponytail extension in hair is very easy and simple. You don’t need to use needle and thread to sew in like applying hair wefts or use fusion to melt keratin tips, just using a comb to brush hair and your skillful hands are enough.

Don’t worry if your hair is thin or short, let’s tie your hair up at the height you want and then wear the ponytail hair extension in. Make sure that you put the joint of the ponytail extension at the position that hair is tied. Open clips and attach them on that. After that, you use the available ribbon to tie it into a bow to hide the joint as well as make a highlight and naturalness for the ponytail.

As for the ponytail hair extension with a tape, it has a tape part connecting the individual strand of hair and the lace closure. You only need to stick the tape part after wearing the lace piece on and then wind the hair strand around.

How to put a ponytail hair extension in your hair?

Nothing is difficult with these installations! After wearing, you bush your hair again to make it look smooth and shiny. The extension is rolled and tied firmly so that you will not have to worry that it will be fallen when you do strong activities.

4. How to take off the ponytail hair extension?

Obviously, the way to remove this ponytail is absolutely simple. You only need to do acts in the upstream order. Taking off the ribbon or the hair strand, removing clips or the tape and lifting it out of your real hair. Everything is done quickly and softly without making any bad effects to your real hair. It is also a wonderful plus point because girls can take it off anytime and anywhere you want.

5. What is a good ponytail hair extension?

A good ponytail hair extension also need to have good criteria about quality, image, color and length size that meet various demands of customers like other hair extensions.

Having good quality

The first thing is actually its quality. Best hair extensions need making from 100% real human hair to give the most beautiful and natural hair appearance. Being a prestigious and big supplier of hair extensions in the global market, Luxshinehair takes pride in bringing to you ponytail hair extensions with the quality of 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair. Every source of hair is selected and checked thoroughly to make sure that hair extensions are beautiful, strong without nits, lice, shedding, tangles and toxic chemicals. Especially, there will never appear synthetic hair or animal hair in our hair extensions.


Moreover, our ponytail hair extensions are made with the combination between traditional methods and modern methods. In there, skilled workers and modern technologies are golden keys to make these hair extensions with the best quality. Vietnamese hair is always highly appreciated as one of the best sources of hair extensions so that you can completely feel secure with our hair products.

Beautiful texture

A good ponytail extension will always give you the most beautiful image that make you satisfied. You can choose a ponytail type of natural straight, curly, wavy, fumi, kinky or any other kind that you want. Our company can also give you these variations. You can buy your favorite ponytail hairstyles to put in immediately instead of using hair straightener or hair curler to make styles. It can take you much more time to do and the result can make you not satisfied.

Various length size

The length size of the ponytail hair extensions need to meet different requirements. Some people like making more volume for hair with a short ponytail extension. While some others want to have an impressive long ponytail hairstyle. Combining length sizes with different textures actually this hairstyle become the most outstanding.

Impressive color

With synthetic hair, you can have thousands of different tones because they are dyed by many chemicals which can be unsafe or unhealthy for your real hair. Colors of real human hair are less but it doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful and attractive. Coming and visiting ponytail hair extensions of Luxshinehair, you will have many different choices for hair colors from deep colors like natural black, jet black to lighter tones of dark brown, light brown, cold colors, blond, even red.

In some cases, you can also dye the hair extension into your favorite colors with some of our special tones. This is exactly one of the impressive points of Luxshinehair’s colors.

Long shelf life

As for real hair extensions, their lifespan will last longer than artificial extensions with bad quality. Commonly, with synthetic hair extensions, you can only keep them for about some months. Besides, they can be damaged anytime you wash them or let them expose to hot temperature. Moreover, hair is very easy to get tangles or shedding without good protections.

However, ponytail real hair extensions with high quality like Luxshinehair’s can do everything which are much better than that. Ponytails as well as other hair extensions of our company have a very long shelf life. It can exist for 2, even 3 years with skillful care. Because of being real hair, hair is not easy to get damages. Even, you can wash it many times without worrying about making tangles or shedding. Of course, you always need to be careful to keep these hair extensions on the best and longest conditions.

6. How to take care of ponytail hair extensions?

To keep ponytail hair extensions you bought in the most beautiful appearance and the longest duration, you need to know effective secrets to take care of them.

How to take care of ponytail hair extensions?

As for ponytail hair extensions that you have not used yet, you can keep them long with these simple tricks. You had better put them away in places which are dry and cool to avoid dir or hot temperature. Although being real human hair with high quality, you mustn’t let them close to the dangerous fire. Hanging them up is not a bad idea.

Washing them sometimes if you feel that they get much dirt. You can wash them with common shampoos, moisture to make them look as shiny and smooth as possible. Make sure that you keep ponytail hair extensions in the same direction so as not to make knots or tangles. Thanks to that, hair will always look good and impressive.

As for the ponytail hair extension that you are wearing, you can completely do energetic activities with it. However, don’t try to stretch or play with it too much. Because that can make its ribbon be loosen and then expose the joint of the hair extension. You will actually not want to be embarrassed or shy if this thing happen, right?

After a time wearing, let’s take it off and hang it up to keep them in the smoothest states. You can reuse it for many times if you can keep them as impressive as that.

7. Where to buy ponytail hair extensions?

Ponytail hair extension are widely sold in the market of hair extensions. However, not all of these hair product is good. Many bad suppliers, who sell fake hair extensions enter this potential market and make customers feel disappointed. You need to find a trustworthy source to make sure that you can buy good hair extension in general and good ponytail hair extensions in particular.

Nowadays, there are a lot of prestigious suppliers of hair extensions who come from America, Brazil, India, Vietnam, China and so on can bring to you the best ponytail hair extensions. Luxshinehair is proud of being one of them. We supply hair extensions in every types with wonderful quantity and quality from Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is considered not too slim like China’s and not too big like India’s. Therefore, you can have the best hair if you like natural and beautiful hairstyles like our ponytail hair extensions.


You can come to a prestigious salon or hair shops to ask for our high quality ponytail hair extensions. Or else, you can find out on media like facebook, twister, etc to find our company’s contacts. We are always welcomed you!

8. How much does it cost?

Our ponytail hair extension’s price is only from 20 dollars per piece. It is considered not too expensive but not too cheap. Thus, you can get your favorite hair products with the most reasonable cost. Don’t invest in ponytail hair extensions with the dirt cheap price if you don’t want to get unexpected effects.

We guarantee that you cannot find another hair source which has wonderful price, quantity and quality like ours. Contact us immediately, you can have chance to get the best discount! Our consultants always be ready to serve you 24/7 no matter where are you.


Not every people has thick and beautiful hair to make attractive ponytail hairstyles. However, this problem has been solved thanks to ponytail hair extensions. Ponytail hairstyles is too impressive so that lots of girls all over the world love and use very much. Even, celebrities also very like them. We can mention global singers and actresses who is loyal to this styles such as Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, etc.

How popular are ponytail hair extensions?

Jenifer Lopezs ponytail

Why don’t you become the next person having ponytail hair extensions to make your new images? They will actually take both you and your friends by surprise!

If having any questions or orders of ponytail hair extensions, please contact us immediately! You will get ponytails with the best figure and quality. You will never disappointed with hair products that we bring to. A lot of people tried and fell satisfied with our Vietnam hair extensions? How about you?

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