What Do You Want To Know About Middle Part Sew In Styles?

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Your hair is thin and you don’t feel confident at all? You are racking your brain for the best way to deal with this problem? Why don’t you add more volume for your hair with the extensions?

In this case, middle part sew in will be a great idea! This is a helpful technique to give you the hair texture and thickness as you wish for. So, today, we will show you what it is, how to apply it, and several stunning middle part sew in styles. Don’t let you wait any more! Let’s go.

Middle part sew in styles

What Is The Middle Part Sew In?

Many people are still wondering what a middle part sew in is.

Actually, there are 2 ways to create your middle part. The first choice is to use a piece of hair that can be known as a lace closure  or lace frontal for those whose hair is too short. Or they want a totally different hair style. The second one is for girls with long hair enough. They will braid their natural hair but leave the middle area out and blend it to the weave.

This sew in can balance the volume on both sides of your head and make your hairstyle bouncy and full for sure.

What Are Pros And Cons of A Middle Part Sew In Styles?

Everything has pros and cons, and so does sew in hair extensions. These factor will be one of things you need to consider before having sew-in. Now, let’s see if it’s worth to try this application method.


When it comes to advantages of this sew in, you don’t need to care for any damage. If you apply the middle part sew in, there will be a little or even no damage to your real hair.

It is so nice and neat, thus you are able to make different hairstyles including ponytails or join in activities like swimming, showering, etc.


It is necessary to brush your hair every day to prevent your hair from being messy. But keep in mind to brush your hair gently.

How To Install A Middle Part Sew In?

You are worried about how to install a middle part sew in properly? You are scared that you will cause unexpected damages for your real hair when doing wrong steps?

In fact, there is nothing to concern about it because it is not difficult to install if you know how to do traditional sew-in hair extensions before. If you haven’t, you should be careful or you hurt yourself.

It doesn’t take you lot of time and effort to finish the process while you can still gain a realistic result. So, below are some simple steps that you can follow to have a perfect middle part sew in. So, discover them with us!

  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to braid your hair. You ought to leave the front hairline out because this section is so important to give you a natural hairline. You will start to plait it first. It is necessary for you to put much thought into figuring out the way to split that part of hair in half. Plait your hair based on a specific pattern surrounding the middle part of head.
  2. Then, braid the rest of your hair. These braids should be small and tight on both sides of your head. Then link them down at the ends.
  3. The next step is to put a mesh cap on the top of hair, then trim it. Remember to cut it carefully along your hairline to avoid any damaging.
  4. After finishing all those steps, add sew in hair extensions on the sides. Sew them into your real braided hair gradually until you reach the center.
  5. Last but not least, use several good hair styling creams and products. Then brush your hair as well as cover the edges. And done!

Braid pattern for middle part sew in

So easy, right? Now you will have no difficulties anymore. Be confident to apply a middle part sew in. Turn your natural or thin hair into beautiful, thick and long hair that you dream of.

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Most fabulous middle part sew in hairstyles that you can’t ignore

1. Long Curly Hair With Voluminous Bangs

This is first middle part sew in style you would like to mention to you. Imagine you look so amazing and attractive with the voluminous hair. There is nothing better than such a beautiful hairstyle for your vacation. This middle part sew in hairdo works best with females in 30s. It will bring you a professional but still playful look. If all of them are what you are finding, try this hairstyles.

Long Curly Hair With Voluminous Bangs


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2. Straight & Sleek Super Long Middle Part Sew In

If you don’t want to spend much time styling your hair but still wish for attention of others, this middle part sew in style is for you. This hairdo is quite simple. However it completely can help you to brighten in front of the crowd. With the long, soft and shiny hair, you can win people’s love around.

Straight Sleek Super Long Middle Part Sew In

3. Middle Part Bob Sew In

You love simplicity and are quite lazy to put too much care into hair. Try the short bob, which helps you save time effectively. It is especially suitable to women aged in 30-40s.

Middle Part Bob Sew In

We have provided you with the most interesting information about middle part sew in styles including the meaning, pros and cons, the ways to install it, and some most beautiful hairstyles. Do you like it? Continue to read our other blog to expand your knowledge about hair. If you need assistance, contact Luxshine Hair, a reliable Vietnam human hair wholesale! Our team is dedicated to helping you anytime you need it.


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