Wearing hair extensions now is a new trend of women since it’s one of the best way to get their favorite hairstyle without using chemicals or heat directly on natural hair. Among these most popular hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions can be seen as one of the most remarkable one.

Sew in weave for natural hair can help women have different style of hair that they want with different size, length, variety in color and texture as well. There is also sew in weave for thin hair which is extremely a magical treatment for someone who is suffering hair loss or fine thin hair.

Popular as it is, there are also some main important things that customer still concern about sew-in human hair extensions, especially for new ones. Therefore, in today’s post, Luxshinehair will help you have a closer look and care about this kind of hair extensions.

Sew in weave for natural hair

Sew in hair extensions pros and cons

Advantages of sew-in hair extensions

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For this kind of extensions, your real hair will be braided to create a base. Hair extensions will be sewn into this braids using needle and thread. This sew-in installation helps you to have a long, thick hair with any kind of texture you like. It’s also extremely suitable with coarse, thick and curly hair.

Does sew in extension damage your hair?” The answer is NO. Since it doesn’t require using any heat or glue to apply hair extensions as others, sew-in human hair extensions method is totally safe for your real hair. Besides, your natural hair will be braided underneath the extensions, so it will be protected.

Does sew in extension damage your hair


Therefore, you don’t need to question yourself “Do sew in extensions ruin your hair?” after reading this post.

Moreover, to make sure about the quality of products, Luxshinehair only use human hair as the material to make hair extensions. Therefore, the extensions will easily blend with your real hair and give you the most natural look.

Disadvantages of sew-in hair extensions

The biggest problem of this method is that it requires time and patience. To get a perfect sew-in hair extensions, you need to spend several hours sitting in salon. However, the result will definite satisfy you. The more you invest on your hair, the more gorgeous it will be.

Beside, you also need to take care of your hair more carefully, especially hair washing. However, don’t worry since we will give you some useful tips to wash your hair extensions properly right now, so keep following!

Disadvantages of sew in hair extensions

How to wash your hair with a sew in weave?

Ways to shampoo remy hair

The more carefully you do, the healthier and longer your hair extensions will last.

Normally, you will want to wash your hair times a week but you’d better wash once because the excessive cleansing can damage the weave. Besides, you can take the advice of stylist if you install hair extension in hair salon since he/she is the one who directly sew in wefts.

How to wash remy hair sew in 1Washing your hair using lukewarm water. During washing, you should touch your hair from root to tip patiently and gently, don’t use traditional circle rubbing method with your weave coz it will encourage tangles. Choosing shampoo and conditioner should be suitable with your hair extensions.

Using a wide-toothed comb or your finger to get any tangles out of your hair extensions. Start gently from the ends of hair then gradually comb the roots. Avoid combing your weave when it’s still wet because it can cause damage.

Avoid combing your wet weaveAfter that, you can use an anti-bacterial hair spray to spray your hair lightly while waiting it dry. This will help to avoid bad smell which is usually caused by a build-up bacteria or mold.

Then dry your hair lightly. Drying hair is very important since if you not let your weave and natural hair dry completely, it will have worse smell. One of the safest way that can avoid using heat to reduce damage is sitting in front of a fan, though it’s time-consuming. If you want to use hair-dryer, remember to start with the ends.

Take note: You should use cool mode in blow-dryer for the best result.

Dry your hair extensions

Hair wash for your natural hair

Keeping your hair underneath and your scalp clean is very essential, especially your scalp, it should be cleansed regularly. There are many protective styles line which is sulfate and alcohol free that is very good to keep your scalp fresh and clean.

Oiling your scalp is very important. Therefore, instead of using rat tail comb, you can apply some oil to your scalp and soothe it. To encourage your hair grow more, remember to massage your scalp along the tracks. With this, your scalp will be healthy to grow your new hair. Make sure that you use fingers to massage, not the nails.

In short, sew-in hair method is really a good, safe and effective way to have a new hairstyle that you are dreaming about. Although it will take time to install and care, it’s totally worth since the result is amazing and we are sure it definitely satisfies you.

Besides sew-in hair extensions, you can consult other types of hair extensions from Luxshinehair (clip-in, tape in, wigs, ponytails, etc). Our products are not only satisfy the customers by their highest quality but also by the affordable price coz we always try our best to support our beloved clients all over the world.



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