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There is a saying that “Invest in your hair, it is the crown that you never take off”. It is completely true since hair can be considered as the best accessory that every woman owns for themselves. That’ why if you want to style your hair, just do it, if you want to purchase a long full smooth hair in different colors like celebrities, just follow your dream.

If you have fine thin hair but you love to follow trendy hairstyle with unique colors, Luxshinehair highly recommends you to try sew-in hair extensions (weave hair) since it is one of the best ways to realize your dream.

SEW IN HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONSIf this is the first time you’ve heard about sew in human hair extensions, you may wonder what is sew in human hair extensions and what hair to use for sew in and you definitely want to find out which sally beauty supply sew in hair extensions and many more questions about human hair extensions sew in. Don’t get too much worry because in this post, Luxshinehair will help you to answer all your major questions about real hair sew in extensions.

What is a sew-in hair weave?

Sew-in hair extensions are normally made from human hair. People made wefts of have then from sew in hair salons will help to attach them to your real hair by weaving them to your natural hair using thread and special needle. That is the reason why we call them sew in hair weaves. The hair sew in need to be chosen carefully since it can affect to the quality and lifespan of sew in wefts hair extensions.

What is a sew-in hair weave?Sew-in hair extensions which are made from human hair are the best choice since they will give you the natural look. Besides, the strands from human hair weave sew in will easily blend with your real hair without being recognized. One of the reason why human hair sew in weave is considered as the best quality to make hair extensions sewin is that it is very smooth, shiny and last longer than other materials. To look for the best human hair for sew in weave, finding where to get sew in hair extensions is very important since you can get the higher price but low quality of hair extension.

Beside remy sew in hair extensions (the human hair run in the same direction, maintaining the natural soft and smooth of hair), some hair supplier may use synthetic hair sew in to cut the cost for big supply exporting to other countries. They can be cheap sew in hair extensions which can be suitable with different market, however the quality will be lower and the lifetime is decreased as well. Moreover, made from synthetic material, the hair strands will not be smooth as sew in human hair and easily to be noticed.

Therefore, if you are totally new to sew in hair weaving, Luxshinehair advised you to use remy sew in hair extensions since it will bring you many benefits. Don’t worry about the price of this best sew in weave hair.  It will be worth your money that you spend. Moreover, you can completely style your hair and change the color of remy hair sew in and your real hair after applying them according to your favorite trendy style since virgin remy hair sew in is pretty strong and healthy.


However, be cautions when using this hair extensions method for the first time. You need to understand weave hair extensions thoroughly. At the same time, consider it carefully because of some pros and cons of this type.

What is some good hair for a sew in?

Beside Vietnamese remy hair extensions sew in, in hair market, Brazilian hair sew in and Malaysian hair sew in can be seen as best hair for sew in weaves since they are becoming increasingly popular in international hair market. If you are still wondering about what is the best hair for a sew in, Luxshinehair will help you to have a closer look to some brands of sew in weave for natural hair including Brazilian hair weave sew in, Malaysian hair extensions and Vietnamese best sew in hair extensions.

Brazilian hair

A popular hair source

Recently virgin Brazilian hair sew in has received many good reviews from customers and beauty-bloggers in the world. Considered as one of the best hair sew in hair, Brazilian hair sew in weave is quite smooth and shiny which not only varies in color, but also in texture. As what we have collected from Internet and Youtube, Brazilian hair is always ranked top since the quality of hair is pretty good, the strands are strong and maintain healthy after several times of being processed.

Sew in Brazilian hair includes many textures but curly and wavy styles should be the best one. The size of this human hair weave sew in  is also various, normally from 6 inch hair extensions to 32 inch hair extensions which help you easily to choose the most suitable one with your head.

What is some good hair for a sew in

Choices of Brazilian sew in hair

Of all Brazilian hair weave sew in, Brazilian curly hair sew in is the most popular in global hair market since curly texture always stay on trend, especially among celebrities who always create trend whenever appearing on red carpet. Besides, deep wave Brazilian hair sew in is also a good option for anyone who wanna have a unique and attractive look. According to some recent researches, deep wavy texture is one of the best sew in hair for African Americans, so Luxshinehairs highly recommends you to try at least once in life.

Addition to wavy Brazilian sew in hair styles, celebrities create a new trend of hairstyles since a lot of them rock sew in with Brazilian body wave hair beautifully, normally from 16 inch hair extensions to 20 inch hair extensions. If you are interested in full sew in Brazilian hair, you can get access to sew in hair websites to have a closer look to Brazilian hair sew in styles and read more reviews about those products.

what hair to use for sew in

Malaysian hair

Malaysian’s hair quality

Another great answer for the big question what hair to use for sew in is Malaysian natural hair sew in. If you are having intension to try hair extensions in general and remy hair extensions sew in in particular, Malaysian hair should be top-located in your short-listed must-try hair extension. Malaysian hair is famous for its silky, soft and super durable strands thanks to Malaysian natural hair features. That is the reason why it is considered as the best hair to use for sew in.

One of the top hair sources

One more reason why Malaysian hair is top-ranked in best hair for sew in extensions list is that Malaysian hair will not curl when getting wet. It means that if you are a big fan of straight hair, Malaysian straight hair sew in is exactly what you are looking for because this type of hair is ethnically straight.

Sometimes, the hair can be a bit wavy when it dries, but it is completely natural and overall it remains straight. The length of this type of hair for sew in is also various, suitable with different demands, from bob style 8 inch hair extensions to long hair more than 24 inch hair extensions.

hair for a sew in weave


Vietnamese hair

Last but not least, one of the best hair for a sew in weave which is not only famous for high-quality of every single strand, but also well-known for its durability that can be used for a long time is Vietnamese hair sew in extensions.

The hair is collected directly from Vietnamese women which are 100% remy silky and shiny hair. Because of this nature, it is recognized as the best sew in hair for natural hair. Thanks to the natural soft and smooth, there aren’t tangles or knots in hair extensions. They are totally different from hair you may be seen in some other low standard hair extensions.


Vietnamese hair is such a good option for anyone who is looking for sew in that look like real hair. This kind of hair extension is becoming more and more popular in international hair market. It has high quality and competitive prices. Luxshinehair is so proud to be one of the leading company supplying hair extensions. We export Vietnamese extensions to different market and top-ranked in the best trustworthy supplier list.

Among many different textures, Kinky straight weave is considered as one of the best-selling products in hair-extensions. Made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, this kind of extensions always receives thousands of reviews from Luxshinehair’s customers all over the world. Besides, yaki hair weave is also becoming increasingly popular since it creates a unique and energetic style for all girls.

If you want to purchase a long, smooth, soft and shiny locks, loose curly weave is really a smart choice which will definitely change your appearance after short moment. Just spend only 3 minutes visiting our website to see different samples of human hair extensions. It’s really worth your time!

How to do sew in hair?

If you first try sew in hair extensions, you can completely go to sew in hair salon. Nowadays, there are many salons that do sew in hair extensions for you to choose. There is one fun fact that “hair salons that do sew in extensions near me” becomes one of sentences that is searched most by women. Under skillful hand of stylist from sew in hair extensions salon, you can easily get a wonderful hair extensions. That will completely change your appearance.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend time and money on hair salon sew in weave. Luxshinehair will show you how to diy sew in hair extensions step by step.

How to do sew in hair

How to sew in hair weave by yourself?

To answer the question how to sew in hair extensions by ourselves, we will divide it into 2 groups. Braided sew in hair extensions means that you need to braid your hair before applying hair extension. The other is braidless sew in natural hair which we don’t need to braid hair. Which is best way to braid hair for sew in weave? Let find out by our own!

Braided sew in hair extensions

Braiding hair for sew in also depends on the type and texture of hair extensions that you want to apply. There are so many different ways to braid hair for the question how to braid hair for a sew in.

If you want to try partial sew in with natural hair, you can make hair braids. Braiding the back portion and two sides of your own hair as corn row, then sew the weft in. The hair on the crown will be left out to cover the hair extension to make it look more natural. Partial sew in short hair is also popular now with the same installation. 

Braided sew in hair extensions How to braid hair for a full sew in?

Full sew in on natural hair requires left out hair to at the crown and sides of your own hair. All of the back hair will be braided as corn row base, then wefts are sewn onto this foundation. How to do a sew in on short hair? This is a big question for anyone who is having a short hair. If you are one of them, you can still try this sew in on short hair with leave out. It follows corn rows base on the sides and zigzag style on the back of head.

How to braid hair for a full sew in

For middle part sew in straight hair you should make a big braid in the middle to sew in the center part, then braid the rest as corn row style down to your neck. Then start to sew in with no hair out. Sew in side part straight hair can be installed by the same method of braiding. However, instead of making a big braid in the middle of head, you should part hair and braid it down. Deep side part sew in straight hair is totally put on by the same way.

Deep side part sew in straight hairTo get a natural looking sew in with no hair out is a little bit easier than partial sew in since partial sew in requires daily maintenance to blend the real hair with the extensions.

 Vixen sew in on natural hair

One more method answering the question how to sew in weave hair is vixen sew in on natural hair. If you often wear hair extensions, you may ever hear about this term. If not, no worry, we will explain it to you. Actually, the vixen sew-in method is a new weave installation that applies track in four different directions. There is hair left out around the edges and two parts cutting down and cross of the head.

Vixen sew in natural hairYou can totally do vixen sew in short hair by yourself since it’s not too difficult to braid your hair. Vixen sew in natural hair is now becoming more and more popular. It’s quite convenience in protecting your natural hair as well as styling.

Braidless sew in

Maybe you don’t have skill to braid hair as corn row to create base for sewing in hair extensions. Don’t worry since there’s another way to do a sew-in without braiding hair.

First, you need to wash and dry your hair carefully before creating the base. Separate the bangs then tie them by an elastic. The bangs will help to cover the sewn track. Part a row of hair directly behind the bangs and tie the rest above by a crunchy. Apply an amount of gel hair to the parted hair and grab at the of hair row and twist it. Then continue twisting until finish. You need to make sure that the twists are secure and tight. After that, start sewing in hair wefts.

Braidless sew inWith some effective method above, Luxshinehair believes that now you already know how to sew in hair extensions yourself.

Where to buy sew in hair extensions with good price?

Common questions when buying sew in hair extensions

Where can I get sew in hair extensions” may be the most popular question. Everyone is expecting to get a good answer after finding out good sew in hair brands. Finding a good place for the best hair to buy for a sew in and best beauty supply hair for sew in are pretty important, especially for ones who first try hair extensions.

Beside good quality, the price is also a big concern of customers. “How much is sew in hair extensions” and “how much is it to sew in hair extensions” are two most common questions. Customers searched  them much in Google, explaining the reason why price is always the biggest concern of buyers.


How to buy sew- in hair extensions

With the development of social networks, you can buy sew in hair online instead of going to store in person. However, if you google some phrases like best hair weave for sew in or cheap good sew in hair, you can see thousands of different results for you to choose. This is also a big risk when buy sew in hair extensions online. You can approach to hair suppliers with cheap hair sew in but the quality is totally opposite to its price.

Too many options will make you difficult to find out the best hair brand for sew in weave. Sometimes, you can find out the best cheap human hair for sew in in some websites. However, you should be conscious since no one can sell you the high-end products with a surprisingly cheap price.

best cheap human hair for sew in

Beequenhair’s extensions

Understanding this problem, Luxshinehair always tries to give customers the best quality sew in hair extensions. Of course with the most reasonable cost for sew in hair extensions. All of our products are from 100% Vietnamese best remy hair for sew in. It is famous for one of most popular hair brands providing best sew in hair to buy.  If you are looking for cheap real hair extensions sew in, you can consult some samples in our website. The price also depends on length, texture and color as well.

Frontal weave sew in and deep curly weave with closure are the two most favorite products. We really want to introduce them to anyone who love wearing hair extensions and intend to try sew in wefts. We are sure that they will satisfy you.

best quality sew in hair extensionsTo help all women in the world purchase their beauty easily, Luxshinehair also have sew in hair extensions for sale to send our sincerest thanks to our beloved customers. It only takes you some minutes to have a closer look at Luxshinehair’s good sew in hair extensions. We commit to provide to all women the best hair for sew in weaves with competitive prices.


There is nothing rarer nor more beautiful than a women being herself and doing whatever they like. If you like, just do it because we all deserve all the best thing in life. Therefore, if you still hesitate whether to try hair extensions or not, just rock it! Sew in human hair extensions are really magical that will help to enhance your beauty.

Luxshinehair is always willing to give all customers Vietnam human hair wholesale with the highest quality to give you the best hair extension-wearing experiences ever. If you have any questions or wondering about our products, just leave us a message. We are all here to give you the best service.

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