12 celebrities rock curly hair

There is no denying that curly hair is one of the most gorgeous and smart hairstyles ever. Curly hair is becoming increasingly popular in the world and always top-ranked in must-try hairstyle for girls. Besides, this hairstyle is also well-liked among celebrities and create a new trend all over the world.

If you are interested curly hair and are looking for some curly hairstyle to renew your old fashion hairstyles, keep reading till the end of this post. In our post today, Luxshinehair will help you to have a closer look to some gorgeous curly hairstyles that super stars rock beautifully. Let’s start!

1. Taylor Swift

The first celebrity appearing in this list is Taylor Swift- the queen of pop country in the world. Swift’s curly hair combined harmoniously with blonde color should be a great inspiration for anyone who is looking for a gorgeous curly hairstyle. Even though now she often appears with a pulled-off straight hair, her curly hairstyle is always on top of trendy hairstyle ever. Besides, Taylor Swift is so smart when using some accessories like earrings and twinkle headband to make a highlight for her curly hair.

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2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the most famous American actress, producer and designer in the world. Parker always appears with her curly hairstyle which she often let down naturally. Once recognized by fan when stepping out in Hollywood, California, Sarah Jessica Parker grabbed all attention by her favorite outfit- sweatshirt and her curly hair. The famous actress has proved that even bed head looks great when you have curly hair. Look at this picture below, how pretty she is with her curly locks.

Sarah Jessica Parker curly hair

3. Beyoncé

The beautiful natural long curly blonde hair of Beyonce is an unlimited inspiration for anyone who is a big fan of curly hairstyles. This impressive curly blonde hair is also the most unique thing that Beyonce is showing to the world. Besides, she also prove that curly hair always go well with different styles of outfit and easy to combine with make-up, even the no makeup make-up trend which helps women have a look great but natural.

Beyoncé curly hair

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana’s curls grab all attention from media and create a big trend in curly hairstyle. Ariana often appear with a straight and butt-length hair which is put in high ponytail. However, underneath all the extensions and styling that she is wearing, her natural hair is shorter and curly. She looks much pretty and attractive in her natural curls. Ariana Grande makes a highlight for her hair by braiding one side and let hair down in the other side which helps to look more feminine.

Ariana Grande curly hair

5. Vanessa Hudgens

If you are looking for a long curly hair in black color which will help you look more natural and more attractive, Vanessa Hudgens’s hairstyle is exactly your destination. Actually, she added hair extensions to make her hair even bigger and the result is amazing. She looks so cool and even more chic than she used to be. Combined with black color, long curly hair should be one of your first choice if you want to rock a curly hairstyle. Moreover, black color is quite popular and trendy as well.

Vanessa Hudgens curly hair

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez looks so great in curly bob hairstyle. The American actress confessed to people that she feels sexiest with curly hair. While shooting for a scene for her new TV show Shades of Blue, Jennifer Lopez show off her new hairstyle and immediately receive thousands of compliment from fan and media all over the world. This curly bob soon becomes one of the most favorite trendy hairstyles. Besides, natural messy style is a plus point for this curly hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez curly hair

7. Sarah Hyland

Besides being a very famous American TV actress with incredible comic timing, Sarah Hyland is also well-known for her singing ability. Moreover, she is exactly the queen of natural curly hair. Her long curls with a little bit natural messy strands help her face look even more chic and elegant. Together deep set eyes make-up, this curly hairstyle easily create a gorgeous beauty and grab all attention. Even though mainly Sarah Hyland has straight or wavy hair on TV show, her curly locks are always her favorite style that appear mostly on her Instagram.

Sarah Hyland curly hair

8. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is a famous actress shining up from different incredible movies such as Bab Boy and Bring It On. In these movie, she is not remarkable for acting as a popular girl who every girl dreams to become but also noticeable for her impeccable style with her deep curly hair. Combined with black color, this curly hairstyle of superstar is a great source of inspiration for any girl who want to have a hairstyle that help them look more cool and active.

9. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s curly hairstyle definitely proves that curly hairstyle is one of the coolest hairstyle ever. The famous model confessed to fan that while she often style her hair different, she loves curly hair the most. Especially, it is smart to combine black color with blonde one. Two colors go harmoniously and create an attractive look to others. Besides, it will help you look even cooler with a big pair of glasses as Chrissy Teigen worn. She is so awesome and we are sure that, Chrissy Teigen definitely is inspiring every women around the world.

Chrissy Teigen curly hair

10. Rita Ora

Rita Ora looks so stunning in her blonde bombshell curls. The beautiful singer easily catches everyone’s eyes with her chic fashion style no matter where she appears. Her hair is gorgeous with natural curls. Rita Ora often put her curly hair in high bun to show off her neck that help her look so sexy and attractive. The round earring is also a plus point that create highlight for her appearance. This is actually a must-try hairstyle for any women. We bet that this bombshell curly hairstyle will enhance you beauty and completely change your appearance.

Rita Ora curly hair

11. Shakira

It is no exaggeration to say that Shakira is a curly-haired queen ever. We can easily see her incredibly beautiful long curly hair in her music videos and concerts. Besides being a famous singer in the world, Shakira is also known as an ambassador for UNICEF. The natural curly hair create a wild beauty for Shakira and grab all attention from her huge fans and worldwide media. If you are a big fan of Shakira, you can feel how much love she spend for her hair through her cozy sharing.

Shakira curly hair

12. Gigi Hadid

Named the International Model of The Year in 2016 by the BFC, Gigi Hadid is well-known not only for her talent and beauty, but also for her impressive styles. Born with curly hair, Gigi Hadid always catches people’s eyes whenever she appears. No need complicated make-up, she is still attractive by her natural beauty. Do you know that Gigi Hadid was the captain of her school volleyball’s team? If you are looking for a curly hairstyle that goes well with natural make-up, Gigi Hadid’s curly hairstyle should be your first choice!

Gigi Hadid curly hair

Through this list of 12 celebrities that rock curly hairstyle, Luxshinehair hopes that you can find the most suitable one for your style. Don’t hesitate to change your hairstyle if you like. Do what you really want to do. Let curly hairstyle change your appearance!

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