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Hair diseases are the biggest problem that almost people have, especially women. Fine, thinning hair and hair loss are awful nightmares with women who need to meet clients or colleges every day. They not only affect directly the appearance leading to lack of confidence in communication, but also a signal of bad hair care routine or using too many chemicals or bleaches to dye hair. Using hair extensions may improve this problem but it can cause strain to your real hair and make it weaker.

That’s why, to have the best result, Luxshinehair highly recommends you to try lace closure. It will help you to have a natural look and cause no harm for your real hair.

What are the best lace closure?

If this is the first time you read about hair extensions, you may wander what lace closures are and how they are made, right? First, lace closures are hairpieces where hair strands are attached to beige or dark brown lace. Lace closures made from human hair will give the best quality and lengthen the lifetime of products.

However, there are still many suppliers who use synthetic hair or mix remy hair with animal hair . These kinds help to reduce the cost and increase the quantity but the quality of lace closures will lower. Lace closures have different sizes but the most common one is 4*4  with 3 texture including wavy, curly and straight. You can choose the short, long or medium closures depending on your favorite style.

The color is also various which offer you many different options with unique colors such as blonde, red, pink, etc. You can buy our lace closure which are made from 100% virgin hair, so you can easily dye it into other color if you want. The first advantage of lace closures is that the tiny knots where the hair and lace meet are invisible, so they can easily blend with your real hair and no one can recognize them. Lace closures will completely cover your thinning hair, especially at the top of your head.

How to wear lace closure?

Lace closures are quite easy to install and you can easily do at home without going to hair salon. Luxshinehair will give some useful tips to wear lace closures in easiest way, especially for those who wear the first time. Sew-in will be the best choice to install lace closure. Before wearing lace closure, you need to make sure that your real hair is washed and conditioned carefully.

How to wear lace closure?First, use a pair of scissors to cut the excess lace around the base of human lace closure, just leave half an inch of lace around the two sides and the back of the closure. After that, create a mark at the front of both ends of lace closure. Then apply the closure forward in the same direction with your natural hairline, and trace the edge of the closure all around.

Next, using two pins to stabilize the lace on your head, so it will not move when sewing and stay nice. Then start to sew in the lace using needle and thread. To install lace closure more securely, you should sew one more line on the top of lace (half an inch that we left out before) in your real hair. Finally, use a comb and gently part your hair as you want.

After finishing installing, you can braid your hair, curl or style it easily as your normal hair. Lace closure will give you a natural look with silky and strong hair.

How to take care of lace closure?

Lace closures are made from human hair, so they also need to take care as your normal hair. However, the steps of looking after lace closures are less and more simple than your real hair.

Firstly, a human lace closure only need to be washed after be worn more than 10 times, never wash it daily. You can use a little amount of light moisturizing hair serum to keep your hair soft and smooth instead of using too much gel, lotion or oil since they may cause tangles.

Don’t comb hair or style your hair when it is still wet because when the strand is weaker when it gets wet and easy to fall out. You should let your hair dry natural by nature temperature, avoid using hair dryer since it will make the strand dry and broken. And remember let your hair dry before sleeping or it will be smelly.

How to take care of lace closure? When you sleep, you can use a silk scarf to wrap it up. If you want to curl your hair, try to use soft bendy rollers. You can let them overnight to get natural curls without using heat. Brushing your hair with a wide-tooth comb gently from the ends up to the root and holding at the root while combing to avoid shade.

How long do lace closure last?

Lifespan of lace closures is always a big matter of concern of women when buying this kind of product. Everyone expects that there lace closure will last as long as possible. There are several factors which can decide whether the lifetime of lace closure is long or short.  First is the quality of material used to make lace closures. Synthetic hair will last shorter because the hair strands is not natural. It can easily get damaged, dry and fall out. Therefore, Luxshinehair highly recommends you to try human hair lace closures since human hair will bring the best products.

Made from 100% Vietnamese remy hair (remy hair means that all hair strands are aligned in the same direction so they will be silky and cause no tangles), lace closures from Luxshinehair have been receiving hundreds of good reviews from customers since they are soft, silky and durable. Besides, the process of making lace closures is totally by hand. Therefore, all the tiny knots which are secured and invisible will help hair more natural and increase its shelf life. Moreover, the more you pay attention on your product, the longer you can use it. Lace closures don’t require too much time in caring but you need to be careful and use the right hair care product for lace closures. If you follow our tips about looking after lace closures above, we believe that your lace closure will last longer than other hair extensions.

How much do lace closures cost?

The price of lace closures varies in length, volume, color, texture and of course, the material used to make closures. Synthetic hair lace closures and human hair mixed with animal hair lace closure are cheap. However, the quality of product is low. After using a short time, the hair strands will stiff, look unreal and fall out soon. Therefore, we get what we pay for. Human lace closures are worth money since they look natural, easily blend with your real hair and stay silky and strong for a long time. Besides, they will not cause any harm on your real hair and head skin.

How much do lace closures cost?Bringing to customers a lot of benefits, human hair lace closure are thought to cost a big deal of money and many of us may not afford it. However, Luxshinehair will realize your dream of remy lace closures for your own without worrying about the price. We provide the best quality products with the most competitive price (less than $80 for one human hair lace closure)

Where to buy lace closure?

Choosing the right place is buy lace closure is also important, especially for those who first try this. You can go to some stores nearby to find and see the lace closure first before deciding to buy.

If you buy online, it should be better if some of your friends already got it. Thus, they will give you the trustworthy website for you to choose. If not, you can search on the Internet. Following some beauty bloggers’ channels which often review about hair extensions or searching on Instagram is not a bad idea. There is a variety of online shops for you to choose all over the world.

However, to make sure you get the right and high-quality product at the first time, Luxshinehair should be your first destination. Our team is always willing to answer all your questions and wonderings about laces closure and other hair extension. Our lace closures are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair which are famous for soft, shining and strong hair strands. Therefore, don’t hesitate to leave us a message right now.

Advantages of lace closure

Lace closure is definitely the best medicine for those who are suffering hair diseases like thinning hair or hair loss. It will give you a completely different appearance and protect your real hair. Lace closures made from vietnam hair are safe and cause no strain to your natural hair. The strands can easily blend with your real hair as well. Besides, you also need to pay attention to your lace closure in order to use it as long as possible. But don’t worry! After following our aforementioned tips about lace closures care routine, we can make sure that your lace closures will stay healthy and silky all the time.

If you still have any questions or need any advice about color, textures, length or volumes to match your real hair, Luxshinehair is always willing to help you.

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