The most wonderful and attractive dread hairstyles for prom

Dread hairstyles or hairstyles with dreadlocks are becoming more and more popular with women all over the world. Its figure is too impressive and eye-catching that can make you become the center of the crowd on any occasions, especially on prom nights. If you are finding for a fresh hairstyle, don’t omit these below amazing suggestions of dread hairstyles for prom. Maybe, you will become a big fan of this style!

Attractive dread hairstyles for prom

1. Basic information of dread hairstyles


There is different folklore about origin of dreadlocks. Some said that it is from India when Shiva – a God of Indian people has this look. However, it is believed that Dreadlocks were born in Egypt when people found out sculptures of mummies with this hairstyle. No matter where it originate, it is now a popular hairdo all over the world.


Dread hairstyle or dreadlock hair has absolutely new and catchy images which is almost different from other hairstyles. Unlike twist hair, you need to knot the hair inside the messy twist by a hook. Hence, long hair locks look like strong ropes of hair. With this style, hair is fixed in hair locks for unique and fresh appearances and maintained for about some months with good cares.

dread hairstyle for prom

How to have a basic dread hairstyle

To make this hairstyle with dreadlocks, you need to spend hours for the hairdo. However, the effect that it brings in can give you impressive look during several months. Therefore, don’t mind having yourself this style for an outstanding image at school prom. You will actually make all other people surprise.

  • Step 1: Wash your hair: This method needs carefulness and skillfulness to make perfect dreadlocks. Thus, you need to keep your hair in the cleanest and freshest states before making this durable hairstyle. Let’s wash your hair and then keep it totally dry. Don’t add any hair conditioners or other treatments on hair and you will make dreadlocks quicker and easier.
  • Step 2: Section your hair into small squares: As you know, we will need many dreadlocks to have the whole a dread hairstyle. Therefore, you need to divide hair into small squares that you want and each of them will become a dreadlock.
  • Step 3: Backcomb your hair and twist dreadlocks: You need to use a suitable comb and do backcombing acts to make more volumes for strands of hair. After that, twist your messy hair and knot it by a hook. The hair will be locked inside the twist to keep it in shape.
  • Step 4: Secure the dreads with elastics: If you are African women, this step can be unnecessary because they usually have this style. The curly and coarse hair itself can lock together but straight and thin hair won’t be the same. Hence, just finish it with an elastic bands for better security.
  • Step 5: Using “dread wax” to make dreads: Apart from applying natural dread wax, you can use other alters like beewax, locking gel, tightening gel to keep dreads from fraying and frizzing. Rooling lockes with gel or wax by your hands and that’s all. Your hairstyle will be protected better for longer time.

For now, it’s time to make impressive hairstyles with dreadlocks on special occasions. Let’s go for it!

In case you want other choices of hairstyles, let’s see Ultimate guides for prom hairstyles to have the one you love.

2. The most wonderful dread hairstyles for prom

Half up half down dread hairstyle

Dread hairstyles are often made with long hair to give the best effects as well as attractive styles. Half up half down dreadlock hair sounds easy and simple but you will actually be amazed with it! After making dreadlocks, let’s make a half up half down style like the way you do with straight hair. Remember not make it tight or you will hurt your scalp. Separating hair into side part is a wise idea to make dread hairstyles for prom look more impressive. Don’t forget to combine it with twinkle accessories and soft makeup style, no one can prevent you to become the star at prom.

Half up half down dread hairstyle

Dreadlock bun updo

With this styles, you can even apply it for dread hairstyles for prom but your wedding day as well thanks to the attractive and charming image that it brings to. You only need to wrap all dreads and make a suitable bun updo. Beautifying it with outstanding hair colors and attractive accessories, you will be the most beautiful girl on prom occasion.

Dreadlock bun updo

Curly dreadlocks

If you feel that straight dread hairstyle is too boring and everybody does the same, you can completely apply it with curly style. The thing you need is to make dreadlocks as common and then using the specialized hair curler to making a fantastic curly hairstyle with dreadlocks. This hairstyle will look more outstanding when you can combine with a suitable and eye-catchy hair color. For an important occasion like prom, don’t mind having big changes with these curly dreadlocks.

Curly dreadlocks

Highlight dread hair

Having highlight on hair is a wonderful way to have an remarkable hairstyle. Of course, it also works with dreadlock hairstyle. It will be very amazing with a sophisticated hairstyle of dreadlocks and highlight colors. No matter it is curled, straightened or combined with different styles, highlight dread hair will make you look the best enchanting.

How do you think if you have hairstyles with blue highlights or red highlight? Finding more of styles with highlights and lowlights when you need some more suggestions here.

Highlight dread hair

High ponytail with dreadlocks

High ponytail can make every hairstyle look amazing, including dread hair. You can only have dreadlocks for the ponytail part or combine it with hair braids on the crown. Effects that it brings in are incredible and wonderful enough to make you become the most attractive woman at prom.

High ponytail with dreadlocks

Do you like this new creative dread hairstyles for prom? We make sure that it will bring to you the most beautiful images that you have never had before. If having any question, let’s share with Luxshinehair, we will give you the most sincere advises for all of your problems.

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