Tiger eye hair- Hot hair trend for this winter

In these cold winter days, let’s make your hair day become better with an impressive hairstyle which looks both eye- catching and suitable with your warm outfit! Tiger eye hair style will actually a wise choice for you. This is a style applied by millions of women including celebrities each year because of its name as well as its effect on hair. Can you imagine this hair dye? How will you look when having hair with tiger eye hair dye? Let’s have a closer look with this winter hair trend right in this article together with Luxshinehair!

1. What is Tiger eye hair color?

With such an attractive name, how do you think about this hair color? Clearly, this hair hue will actually make you look back on the color of the tiger’s eyes. It is defined by deep and warm caramel colors that vary across the spectrum. The color is quite resemble the tiger eye stone’s color. As for hair, tiger eye hair color technique gives impressive balayage hairstyles with darker roots and lighter ends to embellish hair softly.

Tiger eye hair color

Main tones of hair are shades of black, brown, red and golden. Each combination of the two different colors will create an impressive hair tone of tiger eye hair. Because colors are in harmony and mot too dazzling, they easily make good affection with others because of their charm and elegance.

2. Outstanding styles with tiger eye hair

Straight hair

If you want to find for a celebrity who look the most beautiful with tiger eye hair, don’t ignore the name Jessica Alba. This can be considered the typical hair color of this Hollywood actress. No matter her hair is curled or straightened, her appearance still looks perfect and outstanding with impressive tiger eye hair trend.

However, only when Jessica has tiger eye straight hair does her image look the most mature and charming. Her straight hair is also trimmed into eye- catching hair layers. In addition, she has middle part hair with natural black hair roots and bright caramel hair ends to make impression on hair. The color is absolutely suitable with the impression nude tone of her makeup style so that her face become much more attractive.

tiger eye straight hair

Long wavy hair

If you like something more rebellious and outstanding, let’s have tiger eye hair color with long loose hair waves. The color is basically specific so that when it is combined with voluminous and lively loose wavy hair, its effect become much better.

If you own white skin, it is really a big advantage because this impressive hair color will beautify your look. However, when you have balayage tiger eye brown hair, this color completely does not make your skin become darker. Because this is a neutral color, it is very easy to mix with different styles and gives amazing results.

Tiger eye long wavy hair

Ribbon highlighted hair

Having ribbon highlights tiger eye hair on dark hair is absolutely a wonderful idea. These highlights are bigger and catchier than balayage highlights so that they are very bright and radiant. Especially, basic hair tone is quite dark and it helps tiger eye ribbon highlights look gorgeous.

Ribbon lights tiger eye hair

Tiger eye short hair

On the winter weather, keeping long hairstyles can be the most suitable choice. You can both have beautiful styles and keep your body temperature warmer thanks to your useful long hair. However, problem of broken hair and tangled hair can happen more frequently and of course nobody wants that. Therefore, let’s change your hairstyle into a more impressive short hairstyle anytime you wants.

How do you think if you have short hairdos with tiger eye color? That is so amazing, right? It doesn’t matter if you have straight hair or wavy hair, thin hair or thick hair, these styles can completely make you become attractive. They give girls images which are full of activeness and energy.

Tiger eye short hair

If you feel that this dyeing tiger eye hair color is too risky and it can damage your hair worse, why don’t you try using hair extensions with it. Luxshinehair can be your partner if you need the most beautiful and high-quality Vietnam hair extensions with the most natural hair colors. You will actually have the style you want without worrying about hair problems.

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