Tomi Lahren hairstyles from TV show to daily life

Tomi Lahren is an American conservative political commentator and former television host. She always shows up on TV with different images depending on the shows she joins. It can be a serious appearance or a friendly and humorous one. However, we cannot deny the  wise-looking beauty of this woman. Hairstyles play a great roles on boosting her beauty up. Let’s take a look in some Tomi Lahren hairstyles.

Natural hair look

Born with blonde and straight hair, 28-year-old political commentator chooses herself an armpit length hair. This medium hair creates a mild and feminine look with ease in use. Also, she has room for tons of hairstyles with her tress. In accordance with no makeup style or light makeup, she looks pure and young as a freshman even when her graduation occurred 6 years ago! Inspire of being a popular face on social media, Tomi never worries to show her natural skin and hair. We all know how beautiful she is litteraturely. 

Tomi Lahren and natural beauty without makeup Reduce wrinkles 

Perfect waves

Tomi Lahren changes hairstyles sometimes, but it is easy to realize how much she loves the wavy hair. Most of the time, Tomi has this hairdo when turning up on the TV or events. The side part creates a asymmetrical hairstyle, combining with big curls, the former television host is fabulous and elegant effortlessly. Unlike her natural look, Tomi looks like a mature and successful woman as she truly is. Not only Tomi, many celebrities cannot reject the beauty of voluminous waves in the red carpet such as Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and so on.

Tomi Lahren on-show hairstyles

Wispy bangs

Throwing back to 2018, Tomi Lahren suddenly appeared with wispy bangs, which never happens to her before. It is said that this is the most different hairstyle that she has ever tried in her lifetime. In her Instagram, Tomi shared that, it took her 3 months to grow the bangs as long as it was. Maybe the American Conservative political commentator doesn’t like it much when quickly getting her long fringe back again. However, we think it’s really fresh and worth to try. Although the bangs hide her smart-looking forehead, it exudes her young and fresh vibes instead of a conservative image which dips into the audiences’ mind. Why don’t you try wispy bangs?

Tomi Lahren get bangs

French braids

Working as a conservative political commentator, Tomi is suitable with a serious appearance which is usually much older than her real age. In fact, she is a young woman with her own characteristics as well. Instead of staying with one image, she changes her hairstyles time by time. Simply adding a French braid, she looks bright and youthful incredibly. While Christina El Moussa hides her braid under her ear and flawless hair, our 28-year-old host would prefer to show the braid by wrapping it around.

Tomi Lahren french braid

Boho styles

No need to do anything complicated, adding a head band transforms Tomi look incredibly. Leaving the modern appearance, Tomi Lahren is like a Bohemian girl walking in a floral field. Thanks to the band, her forehead has tendency to be shorter than usual. Hence, her face is thinner and slimmer with the edgy aspect covered. If you hook up with this look, you can mix and match it with a floral long dress to have a chic outlooks. Or else, a sleeveless top is also a good choice, as you can see from the photo of Tomi below.

Boho styles

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God creates female and names them the beauty part of the world. So, stay beauty. You should be confident in your natural hairstyles before transforming it because when you love yourself, people will love you too. To keep yourself a fresh look, it’s better to change your hairstyles frequently. Needless to do something sophisticated, a simple accessory, a new bang, etc. makes a big change. As Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam, Luxshinehair loves to hear ideas or comments from you to improve day-by-day If you have any experiences to share, questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, please leave us a quick comment. Luxshinehair is always willing to listen from you.

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