Most Eye-catching Half Up Half Down Bun For Women

“Chic” and “natural” are the best words that can be used to describe how half up half down bun looks. No mater long or short hair you have, these gorgeous hairstyles are always appropriate for you. To be honest, the half up half down bun hairstyles are considered an undeniable treasure trove of inspiration for almost girls who are after a simple but attractive look. If you are still a little bit doubted about it, Luxshinehair will show you an amazing collection of the most impressive half up half down buns that you must try at least once in life.

half up half down bun hairstyles

Low Messy Bun

Long hair and a half up messy bun can be the impeccable combination for a street hairstyle. If you have a meeting with your friends for hanging out on streets, the half up half down messy bun will make your day. How chic and casual it is!

Bun with Bandana/Scarf  

An accessory like a bandana or a scarf will embellish your half up half down bun a lot. Do you believe it? Just try and enjoy what this hairstyle brings for you. Honestly, girls always knows how to renew themselves, especially for your hair. A half up bun mixed with a cute bandana is never out of style. You will look so sparky in this lovely hairstyle.

Bun with Bandana

Messy Top Knot

Curly long hair will be perfect for this hairstyle. It doesn’t take much time for you to create a classy and chic half up half down curly hairstyle with a messy top knot. With some simple steps, you can definitely have an appealing bun hairdo in a blink of an eye. How to do it? Firstly, separate your hair into a section at the crown of your head. After that, twist this section of hair and wrap it around till you get the ultimate top knot. Use some bobby pins or a hairband to secure and style this amazing look.

Messy Top Knot

Bun with Fishtail Braid Flower

Instead of real flowers, you can use your own hair to make a flowers that beautiful your half up half down bun hairstyle. This hairdo is more wonderful for long hair with wavy locks, compared with straight hair. Just think that how beautiful your hair is with a cute fishtail braid flower on wavy or curly locks. Your elegant and attractive beauty is flattering as the way many girls always dream for. See this picture and you can become such a gorgeous girl with this half up half down bun for long hair.

Bun with Flower Braids

Bun on Short Hair

Needless to say that long hair is perfect for the half up half down bun hairstyles, what about short hair? If you have short hair, don’t worry because it is completely possible to create your dreaming bun. The first thing you need to do is to pull a top section of your hair back and tie it with a hair tie loosely for a natural look. You can mix with some accessories like earrings or glasses that make you so cool when going out. Don’t miss this half up half down bun for short hair because you will don’t know how amazing you look in this hairstyle.

Bun on Short Hair

Double Bun Half Up Half Down

A bun is not enough for you, so just add another to create space buns or double buns. It will give a mischievous and energetic appearance.  At first, divide the top hair into two parts and then twist them into loose or tight buns, depended on your favorite or the look you want to get. You can leave some hair out of your face to make the buns better. And now, it is time for you to take part in all outdoor activities with this hairstyle.

double bun half up half down

Bun with Hair Stick

In addition to bandana, a hair tie, or several bobby pins, you can use hair stick to secure your bun. This hairstyle brings a traditional feature like what Chinese or Japanese often worn in the past. If you like something different, why don’t you try the half up half down bun with hair stick.

Bun with Hair Stick

In short, half up half down bun hairstyles are great for any occasions including informal or elegant parties or events. Above are some of the most must-try bun hairdos Luxshinehair wants to introduce you today. Do any of them make your heart flutter? If you want to find out more about other amazing hairstyles, or information about hair extensions, the way to apply, maintain or Vietnamese hair vendors, don’t miss any articles on our website.

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