Cute Korean hairstyles to try in 2022 for a brand-new look

Korean celebrities have impressed the fan across nations with the stunning look. Together with their popularity, their hairstyles also attract their fans and beauty lovers to follow. So in this article, we will introduce some cute Korean hairstyles inspired by Korean idols and actresses that will instantly change your look.

1. Jelly perm

Jisoo looks stunning with Jelly Perm hairstyle 
Jisoo looks stunning with Jelly Perm hairstyle

Because of its popularity in the 1960s, the jelly perm is also known as the “hippie perm.” This hairstyle is featured with loose and messy curls. And Jisoo from Black Pink pulled out this hairstyle perfectly with her charm.

Compared to the 1960s’ jelly perm, the modern version tends to be longer with the locks reach over the shoulders. The older version may not include the bang, but jelly perm today often comes with wispy curly bangs. This type of bangs was originated from Aqua-Net bangs of the 1980s.

Jelly perm tends to highlight your personal style. And it may be because of the curls, the voluminous hair, or the slightly messy look. It’s also designed to be naturally messy. Jelly perm can be an easy hairstyle to wake up without struggling with styling tools.

2. Blunt bangs with space buns

Blunt Bangs with space buns is one of the cute Korean hairstyles you can get to refresh your look.
Blunt Bangs with space buns is one of the cute Korean hairstyles you can get to refresh your look.

Yu-qi from (G)I-DLE looks really cute with the blunt bangs. She also has her hair up in 2 space buns. Space buns bring a cute-edgy look by combining the 1990s vibes with festival fun, an e-girl edge, or an adorable girl. You can opt for this style for a doll-like appearance. However, blunt bangs don’t suit every face shape. So, if you don’t have an oval or round face, you can change the blunt bangs to a wispy style to go with the space buns.

And to create the space buns, you should make sure to have enough bobby pins to pin up the stray hair that is a bit short to be tied in a bun. You can use hairnets to secure the buns in place.

3. Curly bangs

Yuri looks really lovely with a curly bangs hairstyle.
Yuri looks really lovely with a curly bangs hairstyle.

Curly bangs is a hairstyle in which the bangs are curled from the curly structure of the hair. You can wear a curly fringe no matter what your curl type is, from 2c to 4c. It depends on how you style and work with it, but the best way to figure out which curl types your bangs should have is to consult the hairdressers.

Curly bangs hairstyle has been one of the favorite cute Korean hairstyles among girls for some time, and it is still in trend. The style that Yuri from IZ*ONE has is curly see-through bangs. They are curlier than the rest of her hair, making the bangs stand out.

You can also style see-through bangs like curtain bangs on days when you want to switch things up. Having curly bangs, you also don’t need to take as much upkeep as how you do with blunt bangs since you don’t have to trim the bangs frequently.

4. Orange hair

Lisa's orange layered hair should be in your list of Korean haircuts for women.
Lisa’s orange layered hair should be on your list of Korean haircuts for women.

If you feel tired of blondes, blues, and greens, this orange hair like Black Pink’s Lisa will be a colorful step you can take for a stunning look.  Lisa has tried many colors with her hair. And this one is one of the flattering colors that Lisa has chosen. The orange color going with her signature bangs has enchanted everyone with her look.

This Korean hair color and style is not just fun, but can also go with any outfit. The hair fringe with the orange color is the star of this long and layered cut. Although the color may require a bit complicated maintenance, the long haircut is simple and easy to manage. Having this orange color, you can attract everyone wherever you go.

If you like orange hair but prefer darker hair colors, you can consider blending the orange color with red and black shades. The black will add more depth to your style while perfectly flattering the vibrant red and orange.

5. Hush cut

Yoona looks perfect with hush cut hairstyle.
Yoona looks perfect with the hush-cut hairstyle.

The hairstyle is characterized by a light and layered style with a thin and soft top, and it can emphasize a unique mood while looking luxurious in the look. This Korean haircut for women looks perfect on SNSD’s Yoona. It’s fresh and flattering. Hush cut does not bring out the image of a gentle girl. It radiates one’s confidence and personality. Hush cut is like a strong feminist cheer while exuding charm & sweet aftertaste!

6. Princess Cut/Step Bangs

Princess Cut is a versatile hairstyle 
Princess Cut is a versatile hairstyle

The classic step-bang cut has been around for such a long time. And recently it has been seen globally as a modern trend thanks to the fresh and chic twist to an everyday casual look.  OH MY GIRL’s Mimi has rocked this bold look for the comeback of her group this year. It was about having fun and this hairstyle totally matched.

The princess cut can vary depending on the length of the sidelocks. Yet, these days women like experimenting with this regal hairdo to make their casual looks bigger and more versatile.

7. Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Colored Hair

Two Tone Color Hair is a perfect blending that makes you stand out everywhere you go. 
Two Tone Color Hair is a perfect blending that makes you stand out everywhere you go.

Two-toned hair is exactly what it sounds like: the hair has two distinct tones. It’s commonly done top and bottom, left and right, or front and back. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to two-toned hair. Applying two color hair dying into your style is not simple, but you can try your own ideas.

Back when Red Velvet was just a four-piece band, this hipster two-tone colored hairstyling was all the rage across the country. This gradient two-tone colored hairstyles were easily spotted on the streets of Korea soon after their debut, plus with the rise of the balayage hair coloring process!

If you want to go for two-tone hair but are afraid of the haircare process, you can try two-tone hair extensions instead. At Luxshine, we provide high-end human hair wigs and weave with trendy colors like highlights, ombre colors, piano colors (balayage). You can get the exact style you want with a perfectly natural look.

8. Pastel hair

Ji-yeon is one of the idols who experiment many hairstyle and color, and this pastel hair looks great on her.
Ji-yeon is one of the idols who experiment with many hairstyles and colors, and this pastel hair looks great on her.

Pastel hair has been one of the most popular hair colors in recent years. It’s a soft, muted shade of any trendy color. With a range of tones, pastel hair is generating waves on the streets and even on the red carpet!

This beautiful pastel purple hue spotted on K-pop idol Ji-yeon will require a round or two of bleaching before pastel purple hair dye is applied, so we definitely recommend going to a hairdresser rather than DIYing at home. Pro tip: before bleaching your tresses, it’s better to prep your hair two weeks in advance by cutting back on heat-styling and applying some oil through your ends as regularly as possible.

9. Loose strand hairstyle

Rose Loose Strands Hair
Loose Strands Hair brings out a cute and gentle look.

This is the most popular Korean haircut for women right now, and it was also a popular hairstyle among popular girl idol groups in the 1990s. The best part of this hairstyle lies in some strands of loose hair slims down your face, making it smaller and more oval-shaped, just like the ideal Korean beauty with an effortless and natural look.

Tips: Instead of using hair oils, essences, or lotions, you can use hairspray to keep the strands in place.

10. Hair extensions

Many idols like Hwasa use hair extensions add a way to add length and volume for different cute Korean hairstyles. 
Many idols like Hwasa use hair extensions as a way to add length and volume for different cute Korean hairstyles.

Hair extensions are an excellent solution to have a beautiful Korean long hairstyle while avoiding the awkward stage from short to long hair. Hwasa is one of the Korean idols who use hair extensions to change her look instantly. However, let make sure that you choose the hair extensions with the texture close to your natural hair to get a perfect blending.

Above are the top 10 best cute Korean hairstyles you should try to rock the new year 2022. Try it on now and enjoy your time! And don’t forget to check to get updates on new premium wigs and weave. Thanks!

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