Pretty Graduation Hairstyles For Girls

“Your graduation is a milestone in your life”. It means that the graduation day is a big day which marks a turning-point in each student’s life. Therefore, all of us always want to become outstanding and gorgeous in that important occasion. When coming to graduation celebration, one of the biggest concerns of almost students is which hairstyles under the cap and outfits under the uniform they should wear. To make your special day more memorable than ever, Luxshine Hair will show the most stunning but easy graduation hairstyles for you to try. Let discover with us!

graduation hairstyles

Half up Half down Hairstyle

Braided Half up Half down Hairstyle This hairstyle is perfect for not only prom but also graduation. Believe us! There are many ways to create the half up half down beautiful hairstyles like braid, twist, ponytail, etc. Make you stand out from the crowd with this graduation hairstyle.

Half up Half down Ponytail

Side Braid

One of the most popular graduation hairstyles loved by lots of girls is side braid that helps to keep your hair out of the way. You can create a lovely long fishtail, a Dutch side braid or so on to take part in the unforgettable graduation of yours. Remember to loosen your braid to increase its volume as well as make your hairstyle look natural.

Dutch side braid

Beach Waves

If you wish for amazing graduation hairstyles for long hair to get an elegant and chic look, just create natural beach waves and leave them down. When wearing the graduation cap, this hairstyle still keeps it beauty and shows your attractiveness. Make others remember you with the beach waves.

Low Ponytail

Named in the list of easy graduation hairstyles, the low ponytail deserves to be worn on your vital day of your student life. The ponytail in a low place is perfect for you to wear a cap above. There is no reason for you to miss this cute hairstyle that brings a romantic, delicate and elegant look in your graduation day.

Low Ponytail

Straight Long Hairstyle

The straight long hair is another graduation hairstyle for you to wear. It is not difficult to create this hairstyle, but the beautifying effect it brings is undoubted. The image of female students with straight long hair flying in the wind becomes a symbol of school. To make this hairstyle, you need to spend just little time on straightening your hair with a straightener. However, ensure that you apply heat protectant before to prevent your hair from unwanted damages.

Low Bun

Another hairstyle for graduation is low bun that is trendy for graduation day. The low bun makes it easier for a cap to be put on your hair. To make this graduation hairstyle, you pull all your hair back into a low bun at your neck. You can add a braid or some bangs for extra drama.

low bun

Voluminous Loose Curls

You are getting stuck in searching a suitable hairstyle for graduation, aren’t you? But, it is necessary to remember that choosing an appropriate hairdo is depended on your face shape as well as hair type. For girls with round face and thin hair, a framing and voluminous hairstyle is the perfect choice for them to cover the weakness of theirs. So, the voluminous loose curls will add fullness or volume to your hair, which makes you become a center of the crowd.

Voluminous Loose Curls

Double Dutch Braid

No need to say, braids are always the priority option of girls when going to school. It is possible for you to wear double Dutch braids to participate in your important day – graduation. This hairdo is the favorite of many girls for its cuteness. When applying this braid, you will definitely look younger a lot, which reminds you to remember your student time.

double Dutch braids

Pixie Cut

A short hairstyle is another choice for graduation. If you are finding graduation hairstyles for short hair, the pixie cut is the best. You can mix light make up with this hairstyle for a gentle look and add some stylish bobby pins to keep your cap in place. Pixie Cut

Loose Pigtails

Your long hair will look perfect in loose pigtails. In other words, this graduation hairstyle will turn you into a cute girl under your grad cap. Firstly, you need to curl your hair and then separate it down into two equal sections. Use 2 hair ties to secure your hair loosely and add a lot of volume on top. And now, you look so adorable and sweet! Are you ready for your graduation?

Loose Pigtails

French twist will give you a chic and elegant vibe in your graduation day. Imagine how attractive you are with this amazing hairstyle! You will tep on the stage  with long grad dress and a beautiful hairdo under your cap. Many new things are waiting for you and just be willing to get it. In addition, to increase beauty, yoy should add some accessories like earrings. Many girls choose to rock this hairstyle for their important day. What about you? Consider about it! French Twist

Rolled Back Updo

The next hairstyle we want to show you to make your graduation day memorable is the rolled back updo. This updo is considered a vintage style that is easy to create and so chic. A soft and appealing hairstyle in a significant day of students will be what you need to consider about. Rolled Back Updo

Messy Updo

Messy updo is another graduation hairstyle for girls to wear under the cap. The messy locks give you a fascinating and impressive look. This hairdo is never out of fashion in important occasions like graduation. In brief, what you get when wearing the messy updo is a wonderful appearance to be able to stand in front of many people and receive your university degree from teachers.

Messy Updo

Now, are you ready for your graduation day? Try one of the graduation hairstyles that Luxshine Hair has mentioned to you. We must ensure that you will look perfect in these beautiful hairdos and be confident to stand on the stage to get your honorable university degree. Every time you reminisce about your memorable graduation, you will not forget how beautiful and radiant your smile was. Leave a comment below if you want to get the pretty hair or looking for the best human hair factory in Vietnam!

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