Top 5 Trusted Wig Manufacturers in Vietnam 

In the world of beauty lovers, hair extensions, especially wigs are the ace up one’s sleeve for an instant enhancement of a woman’s allure. Choosing a reliable supplier is known as the first task to getting gorgeous wigs/hair extensions. But in recent years, shopping online has spread around the world, and choosing an online supplier faces a lot of risks. To help you, We are about to reveal the Top 5 Trusted Wig Manufacturers in Vietnam, as well as the key selection criteria. Scroll down to the end to see what they are!

Trusted Wig Manufacturers in Vietnam

How Do I find Reliable Wholesale Wigs Distributors?

Because the hair extensions industry is growing in popularity, shopping online could bring a lot of risk. It’s clear why we should be wary of untrustworthy vendors. You can sort the reliable Vietnam hair vendors by considering the criteria:

Checking Authenticity

Given the prevalence of online shopping in the modern economy, many hair vendors in Vietnam will promote their wares online. As such, you can rely on social media platforms or feedback on their websites to identify trustworthy Vietnam hair suppliers.

Start by reading reviews, feedback, and blogs about different vendors and checking for information about their products and operations. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and feedback on them can be great resources for real-life customer experiences.

Wholesale wigs distributors
Checking the authenticity of manufacturers

To reach out for inquiries, look for contact information such as an email address or phone number.

Dedicated customer service

By inquiring about hair knowledge, you can learn a lot about the passion and expertise of Vietnamese hair merchants. For example, if they can promptly and readily assist you with requests for more photographs or questions regarding shipping prices, you may be confident that you’ve located the greatest hair suppliers in Vietnam.

Dedicated customer service
Dedicated customer service

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask sellers questions regarding their products and sourcing. Reliable suppliers will be open about the origin of their hair, whether it was procured ethically, and the processing procedures utilized.

Sample order 

Sample orders are available from several providers, allowing you to evaluate the quality before making a larger purchase. This is an excellent way to check that the hair fulfills your expectations.

Wig Manufacturers in Vietnam: Top 6 you will trust

In Vietnam, there are numerous human hair wigs makers. Based on the criteria given above, here are a few recommendations for the best human hair wig manufacturers on the market.

Luxshine Hair

Luxshine Hair is a quality and excellence-driven wholesale wigs distributors in Vietnam. Established in the 2000s, we take pride in obtaining our hair ethically and hiring talented artisans with skilled experience to manufacture wigs and hair extensions. With Luxshine Hair, you can expect top-quality products that blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing a natural and flawless look. We own a factory with a scale of up to 45.000 m2, which can ensure quality strictly from the material purchasing, manufacturing, and selling processes. With a capacity of 5 tons per month, customers could order in large quantities without any limitation. 

Wig Manufacturers in Vietnam-Luxshine Hair
Luxshine hair factory

Besides quality products and talented artisans, we also have good customer service. Our enthusiastic sales team is ready to answer any questions you may have and support you 24/7. Contact Luxshinehair to get the best deal!

  • Website:
  • Instagram: Luxshine hair
  • Fanpage: Luxshine Hair 
  • WhatsApp: +84 862 114 858 

Apo Hair

Apo Hair Company has a reputation for producing high-quality hair products. Their dedication to using only the finest Vietnamese hair guarantees that you will receive high-quality extensions and wigs. Their texture and style choices appeal to a wide range of preferences, making them a popular choice among hair enthusiasts worldwide.

Apo Hair owns a factory with thousands of workers. If you are a hair vendor or salon owner and want to buy, they also have a lot of attractive discounts to help you increase your profits.

Mascara Hair

Mascara Hair is another trusted name in the Vietnamese hair industry. They offer an array of fashionable wigs and extensions, making it easy to achieve the hairstyle you desire. With Mascara Hair, you can enjoy the versatility of different looks without compromising on quality.


K-Hair Factory is one of the top wig manufacturers, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their extensive selection of textures, lengths, and colors guarantees that you’ll find the perfect wig or extension for your needs. Because of their attention to detail and quality control procedures, they are a dependable choice for discerning buyers.

Vietnam Remy Hair Company

Vietnam Remy Hair is celebrated for its extensive range of options, from lace front wigs and full lace wigs to other hair extensions, all meticulously handcrafted. Their commitment to using 100% human hair guarantees a natural look and feel. With Vietnam Remy Hair, you’ll find the perfect wig to express your unique style.

These top six selections for wig manufacturers in Vietnam have continuously supplied great items and earned the trust of clients globally. To select the best match for your hair journey, remember to investigate your personal demands, explore their product choices, and read reviews. You can confidently boost your style and beauty one strand at a time with any of these reputable manufacturers. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to acquire hair extensions or gorgeous wigs.

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