What Are Micro Bead Hair Extensions and How To Apply Them?

Good hair, good mood, good day”, that’s right! A beautiful hairstyle seems to lift your mood and give you more energy to begin a new day. Therefore, all women always wish for smooth and voluminous hair that makes them more confident in any daily situations. If your hair is too thin or short, micro bead hair extensions are what you should consider to have appealing hairstyles. This is definitely an ideal choice for females who want to seek for a safe method to own voluminous, long and burnished hair. Now, find out the reasons why this type of hair extensions is becoming more and more popular among girls today. Let start!

What Are Micro Bead Hair Extensions

What Are Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

1. Micro Bead I-tip Hair Extensions

In term of its definition, micro bead I-tip hair extensions are also known as I-tip hair extensions which are attached to the head by micro and discreet beads. Normally, the beads are lined with silicone with the aim of protecting hair from damage as well as securing it. Without using glue, tape or heat, the application of micro bead hair extensions doesn’t cause damage to your natural hair. So, you can feel safe and comfortable to install the extensions to add volume, length and thickness to your natural hair.

Micro Bead I tip Hair Extensions

When it comes to I-tip hair extensions, you might be wondering which place is the best to buy them. So, believe in Luxshinehair! We provide a lot of high-quality I-tip hair products that are made from 100% Remy hair extensions. You will find them incredibly natural to be applied to your real hair. There are enough textures like I-tip straight, curly, wavy hair with many different colors and lengths. Our hair products promise to satisfy all your demands.

I tip Body Wave hair Dark Brown color

I-tip Body Wave hair Dark Brown color

I tip Straight hair Natural color

I-tip Straight hair Natural color

2. Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions

Besides I-tip hair, wefts can also be fixed to your real hair thanks to very small beads. In other words, the beads are attached directly to the wefts and then sewn on your hair. Micro bead weft hair extensions are loved by many people for their convenience and quickness.

Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions

How To Apply Micro Bead Hair Extensions

1. The Way to Apply Micro Bead I-tip Hair Extensions

The application is quite simple to carry out and can last 1-3 hours. What you need to do is to pull a few of your natural hair into a micro bead along with the I-tip hair extension by a hook. Then use a pair of pliers to clamp the bead down in order to secure the hair together. It is unnecessary for you to worry about whether the pliers damage your hair or not. It is totally safe for use!

The Way to Apply Micro Bead I tip Hair Extensions

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2. The Way To Apply Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions

For the best result, you had better go to a hair salon and have the extension applied to your hair by a stylist. He will install the beaded weft by using a micro loop wand to pull a small section of hair through the beads. After that, the beads will be clamped down to keep the wefts secure in place. This method, also called fusion technique, can minimize hair damage effectively and simultaneously give your hair desired volume and length. So, it is easy to understand why many women are fond of these hair extensions.

The Way To Apply Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions

Micro Bead Hair Extensions Pros and Cons


  • As mentioned above, micro bead hair extensions are safe to use and don’t damage your natural hair because they are applied with no heat, glue, chemicals or sewing technique. Furthermore, they don’t cause any pressure on your real hair. Therefore, although you are wearing hair extensions, your natural hair is able to grow healthily.
  • It is easier to get rid of micro bead hair extensions, compared with other styles which you have to use a glue remover.
  • Micro bead human hair extensions allow you to create many different hairstyles by using heat tools like straighteners or curling irons with medium heat temperature. Additionally, you can dye them with any colors you like.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions


Some disadvantages of this type of hair extensions you should know are:

  • If you have unhealthy hair, these extensions might be not suitable for you
  • Because of using many beads, sometimes it can cause headaches for users
  • These hair extensions require a lot of care and maintenance. Thus, it is better to see your stylist every 2 months to have your hair cared. In short, when using micro bead hair extensions, you have to use professional help and consistent methods as well to take care of it.

Luxshinehair has shown you some useful information about micro bead hair extensions. Now, you can have a clearer overview about this kind of hair products as well as know how to apply it correctly. If you want to discover many different hair extensions like clip-in hair, tape in hair, continue to visit our websites. Thanks a lot for your reading!

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