Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs: Which One Is Better?

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When shopping for wigs, you usually have a choice between synthetic vs human hair wigs. Choosing the right wig can be a bit challenging because each type has pros and cons that are impacted by personal tastes, lifestyle, and budget. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits and downsides of both human hair and synthetic wigs to help you make an informed decision. Keep scrolling to the end to get the answer!

Synthetic vs human hair wigs

Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are a type of wigs that are constructed from human hair. Human hair is collected directly from the scalp. These wigs are made from natural, unprocessed hair obtained from donors, who are often from all over the world. Normally, each donor could donate about 100-300 grams of hair. We will tie them as bulk hair and use them as a material to create wigs and hair extensions. 

Human hair wigs
Human hair wigs are a type of wigs that are constructed from human hair

Advantages of human hair wigs 

Natural Appearance

Human hair wigs are made entirely of human hair and are renowned for their natural appearance. They are practically indistinguishable from the real thing since they resemble the texture and flow of your own hair. These wigs are meticulously designed to ensure that each strand of hair matches exactly with the others, much like your own natural locks. Whether you select a sleek, straight look or lush curls, the end result is hair that behaves exactly like your own.


Human hair wigs are produced from real hair and can be styled, colored, and cut to your specifications, allowing you to change your look whenever you want, just like your real-life hair. With a straight human hair wig, you could curl or wave your own hair to create any look you wanted. 

Advantages of human hair wigs
With human hair wigs, you can style them like your real hair


Human hair wigs can last far longer than synthetic wigs with regular use and proper care, frequently for a year or more. Human hair wigs have a long lifespan and are well worth the investment.


When you’re wearing a wig for a long period of time, comfort becomes a primary priority. Human hair wigs are outstanding compared to synthetic ones due to their breathable nature. They let air pass through between the strands, whereas synthetic wigs can trap heat and moisture on your head. This breathability prevents your head from feeling suffocated and overheated, making it a popular choice for those who live in hot climates or have hot flashes. 

Furthermore, the lightweight texture of human hair wigs improves overall comfort. You won’t even notice you’re wearing one because they don’t weigh you down or make you feel clumsy. 

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Disadvantages of human hair wigs 


When it comes to human hair wigs, price is a significant consideration. Because of the great quality of the material, they are usually more expensive than synthetic wigs. Each human hair wig can cost between $200 and $500.

In fact, they are created from 100% real human hair and take 40-50 hours to complete. The hair used in these wigs is usually of high quality, originating from donors with healthy and well-maintained hair. So you need a specific amount of money to buy wigs.


When it comes to human hair wigs, maintenance is an important factor to consider. They, like natural hair, require additional care and upkeep, such as regular washing, conditioning, and styling. Furthermore, you must take extra care by adding nourishment because the hair is nourished from the scalp or properly stored to keep its luster and softness.

Disadvantages of human hair wigs
High cost is one of the biggest disadvantages of human hair wigs

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are types of wigs that are made from artificial or synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon, plastic, or polyester. These wigs are made to look and feel exactly like actual human hair. Synthetic wigs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths, providing wearers with a diversified selection.

Advantages of synthetic wigs 


When deciding between synthetic and human hair wigs, affordability is an important issue to consider. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and more accessible to a wider range of clients.

The materials used for the manufacture of synthetic wigs are one of the key reasons why they are less expensive. Synthetic wigs, as opposed to human hair wigs, are produced from synthetic fibers that are specifically engineered to resemble the appearance and texture of genuine hair. These synthetic fibers are more widely available and less expensive to make, resulting in lower prices for customers.

Synthetic wigs are often priced between $20 and $70, making them significantly less expensive than human hair wigs. 

Low Maintenance

The capacity of synthetic wigs to maintain their form and style is what makes them low maintenance. 

They will retain their style, whether straight, curly, or wavy. This means you can put on your wig and go about your day without having to worry about restyling it every time.

Color Options

One of the benefits of synthetic wigs is the wide variety of color options. Whether you want to match your natural hair color or experiment with vivid and vibrant shades, synthetic wigs have you covered. You may purchase a synthetic wig in almost any color you like, from standard shades like black, brown, and blonde to unusual colors like pastels, neon, and fantasy colors.

These various color options allow you to express your style, personality, and originality without permanently dying your natural hair. 

Advantages of synthetic wigs
With a synthetic hair wig , you can express style, and personality without permanently dying natural hair.

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Disadvantages of synthetic wigs 

Limited Styling

Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wigs cannot be heat-styled which can restrict your styling choices. Synthetic hair strands lack the ability to withstand heat-styling tools like curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers. They can be damaged, broken, or melted. This means you cannot create versatile looks by adding curls, waves, or straightening your synthetic wig as you would with natural hair.

Synthetic wigs have a fixed style that cannot be changed. For instance, you can’t curl your straight wig or straighten your wavy wig. While this is advantageous for people who desire a consistent appearance, it might be disadvantageous for those who seek customization.

Disadvantages of synthetic wigs
Synthetic wigs cannot be heat-styled which can restrict your styling choices

Less Natural Appearance

Another big disadvantage of synthetic wigs is that they may look less natural than human hair wigs. Despite developments in wig manufacturing, synthetic wigs may not entirely replicate human hair’s natural flow and texture. While designed to look like real hair, the synthetic fibers used in the production process can sometimes appear slightly unnatural, especially in certain lighting situations. They may have a brighter or glossier appearance, which can make them appear less convincing to the trained eye.

The texture of synthetic wigs can also differ from human hair, and they may not move as naturally as real hair wigs, resulting in a less authentic look, especially in outdoor or dynamic conditions.


Synthetic wigs typically last less time than human hair wigs and may need to be replaced more frequently. Several factors influence the durability and lifetime of synthetic wigs, including wig quality, frequency of wear, and the care and maintenance provided.

The nature of the synthetic fibers utilized in the creation of synthetic wigs is one of the primary reasons for their shorter lifespan. These strands are more prone to wear and tear, becoming frizzy, tangled, or losing their original form and style over time. This implies that, even with appropriate maintenance, synthetic wigs may start to show symptoms of wear after a few months of frequent use.

Synthetic vs human hair wigs: Which one is better?

With the pros and cons of synthetic wigs vs human hair, it may be easier to make the decision. The decision between synthetic and human hair wigs comes down to personal desire, price, and lifestyle, and it totally depends on you. Human hair wigs are the way to go if you appreciate a natural look and customizability and are willing to pay a significant amount of money for their acquisition and ongoing upkeep. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, maybe a better alternative if affordability, easy maintenance, a reasonable budget, and a wide range of styling possibilities are important to you.

In our opinion, investing in a human hair wig is a wiser long-term decision. It not only gives you a natural appearance, but it also enhances your confidence in your entire appearance. When compared to the low cost and limited lifespan of synthetic wigs, a human hair wig is the best choice.

In a word

We have finished the journey to learn about the pros and cons of synthetic vs human hair wigs. So, the ultimate question of synthetic vs. human hair wigs: which one is better? There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is a matter of evaluating your priorities and striking a balance between your aspirations and your finances. Whatever road you take, keep in mind that wigs have the incredible ability to empower and transform, letting you express yourself in endless ways. The final goals of wearing a wig are confidence and comfort, so go with what makes you feel the most confident! If you are looking for beautiful human hair wigs or Vietnam hair extensions to enhance your appearance, please feel free to visit our website at Luxshinehair or contact us directly at WhatsApp number (+84) 862 552 088. We’re so happy to serve you!

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