Strange- looking and creative styles with periwinkle hair

Hair colors which are inspired from nature are always got more love from users, especially from womankind. Periwinkle hair dye is exactly one of those wonderful colors. This hair hue is bright but quite soft so it is an ideal choice for girls to renew their hair. Today, Luxshinehair would like to show you the most impressive and creative periwinkle hair styles. We hope that you will have interesting experiences with them!

Periwinkle hair

1. What is periwinkle hair?

Before finding out beautiful styles with this hair hue, let’s see some necessary information of periwinkle hair. As its name, this is the hair color which is inspired from the color of periwinkle flowers. This species has different branches and each of them has an individual color. Their main shades are from white to blue, pink and purple.

Periwinkle flowers

When periwinkle flowers are made into hair dyes, they are shown as pastel blue or purple. These colors look absolutely natural and eye- catching. Sometimes, they are called as cloud colors because of their hazy and ethereal effects that they brings to hair. Perhaps, this is the reason that these shades are always on trend and loved much by women all over the world.

2. Impressive styles with periwinkle hair

Sleek periwinkle blue hair wave

This hairstyle can be considered one of the most outstanding styles of periwinkle hair. This shade of pastel blue is essentially soft and charming so that when it is combined with natural hair waves, hair becomes more and more voluminous and stunning.

The special thing here is that your hair will be added with hair serums or hair sprays to give the definite gloss. Therefore, parts of hair ends with hair waves will look much sleeker and smoother than hair roots and they make the impressiveness for hair.

Sleek periwinkle blue hair wave

Periwinkle straight hair

Commonly, straight hairstyles give womankind images which are extremely gentle and polite, right? However, when you have straight hair with periwinkle hair color, your appearance will actually take other ones by surprise. It makes you look so cool and rebellious.

It doesn’t matter if you keep long hair or short hair, you only need to make up sharply and dye hair with this impressive hair hue then you will have a completely different appearance.

periwinkle straight hair

Half up periwinkle hair

If you are a girl who love your own activeness and personality, the style of half up periwinkle hair is exactly for you. You can choose to have some cute hair buns on your hair or create hair with an impressive half up half down braided style.

They will be wonderful highlights that make your hair with shades of periwinkle color become more outstanding. It is not imperative to dye hair with the tone of pastel blue, you can use other choices like purple, pastel pink or violet. They will actually not be bad choices for trendy styles these days.

half up periwinkle hair

Light periwinkle ponytail hair

A ponytail hair style with light periwinkle hair hue will be an amazing idea for cute and dreamy girls. Let’s see its effect on hair! How gorgeous it is! Making a high ponytail can make your appearance look brighter and neater. It is completely okay if you keep some bangs with it. Besides, you can dye hair ends with another shades like faded pink or white to make better impressions on other people.

Light periwinkle ponytail hair

Periwinkle hair with highlights

Creating hair with highlights is always the wonderful way to make you become the noticed woman in the crowd. As for styles with periwinkle hair, highlights of hair such as balayage, ombre or ribbon style are more useful and attractive than ever. How do you think if you have dark periwinkle hair with other shades like pink and ash colors? That is a nice idea, isn’t it? Let’s create hair color according to your hobby but don’t try to make it look too diverse because you can get unexpected effects with your style.

periwinkle hair with highlights

See more: Blackberry hairstyles and cotton candy hairstyles for more interesting hair ideas. Do this idea of periwinkle hair make you satisfied? If your answer is “yes”, why don’t you try dyeing hair with this amazing color? We believe that your appearance will look absolutely outstanding and attractive. Don’t forget to support us by visiting out Luxshinehair store to find out about the best real human hair extensions for yourself as well as the latest trends of hairstyle and hair care all over the world. Read more about peekaboo hair in here.

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