Smarten Up Your Hair With Purple Highlights

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It can be seen that our fashion and style have been changing years by years and always been updated to match the changeable concept of fashion and style. Recently, hairstyle is a big concern of different generations and choosing a suitable and chic hairstyle takes time as well. Only by a flattering, chic or cool hairstyle can easily attract other attention and make you outstanding. Therefore, this post today will give you more ideas about next coloring- purple hair highlights and its combination with different colors- one of the trendiest hairstyles in 2019. Luxshinehair are sure that those mixed color with purple highlights below will satisfy you! Hair With Purple Highlights

Black hair with purple highlights

Are you owning a long natural black hair? Or are you looking for some new addition to your current color that makes it cool but still keep the original base? Styles of Black hair with purple highlights or Blackberry hair color should be your first consideration. Black hair with purple highlights Purple highlights can match with different hairstyles and textures. If you are having a long wavy hair, it’s will be much better when combining with purple like a kind of ombre. This shade will help your hair look shinier and brighter. long wavy hair with purple highlights

Brown hair with purple highlights

Another smart option for you is to mix purple highlights with brown color. Brown is the second most popular hair of people right after black that means the demand of renewing brown hair is increasing. Therefore, purple highlights in brown hair can be seen as a treatment for your current boring hair color, make a positive contribution to enhance your beauty. Brown hair with purple highlights Single-tone shades are unlikely attractive to people today. Purple highlights not only helps upgrade the color of your hair and add more texture, volume and depth to your hair, but also easily grab other attention. Long wavy caramel-inspired color with purple highlights are chic and charming option for renewing brown hair. Long wavy caramel inspired color with purple highlights

Blonde hair with purple highlights

One of the amazingly cool color is the combination between blonde base and purple highlights. Girls with natural blonde hair can make it even much cooler by adding light purple highlights to make the difference. The bright shade of blonde and purple mixed together will create light effect and brighten your face. Blonde hair with purple highlights If you think that purple highlights only match long hair in wavy or curly texture, you may be wrong. Short blonde layer bob adorned with purple highlights might change your thought. Bob style never run out of fashion since it helps increase volume to your hair. As a result, it brings you a fuller and thicker hair. Short blonde layer bob adorned with purple highlights

Gray hair with purple highlights

There is no exaggeration to say that gray hair with purple highlights is among the coolest hairstyles ever. Messily wavy hair will bring you a wildly charming appearance and we can confirm that no one can take their eyes off you. No matter how style of clothes you are dressing, once you rock this hairstyle, you will be the spotlight of the crowd. Gray hair with purple highlights One more reason why many people fall for this cool hairstyle is that it doesn’t choose age to belong to. It means that it can go well with different age. Don’t think that only young generation or school girls can rock gray hair with purple color. Woman over 40 or even 50 can also. It even helps them look younger and cooler. gray hair with purple color The shorter your hair is, the cooler it’s going to be. This layered pixie haircut with purple highlights is a perfect example for anyone who is seeking for a cool short hair. If your hair is short, it will be much easier for you to change color and get the perfect shade of this color, especially when you have natural black hair which definitely needs bleaching to get gray. But it doesn’t matter since short hair will recover faster and get less damage than long hair. pixie haircut with purple highlights Purple highlights combining with different color bases will bring different cool results, which are highly appreciated by hair stylists. This post we also show you some cool ideas about the most basic hair bases (black, brown, and blonde) in the world for you to choose from. Hopefully, through our sharing, you can choose one that suits your style and your current hair color. Besides, there are various combinations between purple highlights and other colors that we mention in other posts. Keep following us to get the trendiest hairstyle and color. If you need any help, contact Luxshine Hair, a Vietnam hair vendor to get assistance! We are always ready to support you!

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