What happens if you put brown dye on purple hair?

Now, the trend of coloring hair is not just about changing your natural hair color with a different color. The combination of two or more colors is a very interesting idea to create a completely new trend. Even if you have a color that is not a natural hair color, you can still look for a different color to dye on your hair color. That’s so amazing! A good example of this great mix is the combination of brown and purple hair color. Let’s find out with us what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair in the article today.

Purple tones and Brown tones

Fashionable, outstanding and stylish are brief words to describe girls with purple hair. Because of their brilliance and charm, purple hair seems to be quite picky and daring to possess. But most women want to try once in combination with this hair color to break the new way. Purple tones are made up of blue and red colors. This is a fairly deep tone, but when combined with different tones, there will be many unexpected effects. Purple hair color represents a new, unique trend. Purple tones and Brown tonesBrown tones are a typical color that is very popular in dyed hair colors. Despite being a deep, neutral color, however, Brown also has different levels of dark and light. Each brown level, when combined with other colors will create different levels of color. Brown tone represents the old, familiar trend.

If you have the purple hair color, you want to change your hair color to become more attractive or simply want to make your hair tones become deeper. You can absolutely think of using brown to dye on purple hair. Bown with its base is quite green so it’ll neutralize the red tones in the purple for you leaving you with a lovely natural purple-brown, no fading required. The color will be created depending on many factors such as your hair quality, available purple hair tones, the proportions you want to combine… To help you reduce worries about the results of this combination, we will give some great hair colors that are becoming hot trends by young people.

Purple light reddish brown

Purple light reddish brownThis extremely beautiful dyed hair color is a combination of brown, red and purple. The perfect proportional blend with advanced execution techniques has brought a modern, youthful hair color. You will use medium brown color to dye on purple hair with a ratio not too large to keep the red color inside the purple hair color still shown. The color which you create will be quite similar to the color of the lotus petals. It brings a sweet, charming and gentle feeling. The more amazing thing is that when exposed to the sun, this color becomes more sparkling with the effect of striking purple mixed with deeper brown. https://luxshinehair.com/product/flat-tip-water-body-wavy-hair-dark-brown-color

Purple coffee

Purple coffeePerhaps you are wondering if purple coffee looks like purple or brown. The answer will lie in which color you prefer to stand out on your hair, choose purple coffee with brown coffee as the main theme. You will use the dark brown color for dyeing your purple hair, it will help cover the purple. Thus, your hair is both classic and national brown, but fresh with sparkling purple light makes the other person want to look forever. What color should i dye my hair? Read more at: Hair dye color – which is the best one for you?

Some factors determine what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair

As mentioned above, there are many factors that influence the results you get through dyeing brown on your purple hair.

First, that’s the basic characteristics of your hair.

In the use of color hair dyes, hair properties are very important. When your natural hair is good, healthy and has never been bleached, it will be easier for the dye to show the right color. When you have thick hair, you also need more dyes to work than thin hair.  However, chemicals in hair dye also penetrate deep into the hair’s core and leave damage to your hair. In order to keep your hair healthy and shiny, you should pay attention to moisturizing your hair regularly and fully.

Second, a good quality brown color agent will help your hair color up as desired.

Dyeing many colors on your hair can weaken your hair by losing the cuticle of your hair. One of the reasons that caused it is colorant. So, choose the best brown dye and suitable for your purple hair to facilitate the hair dyeing process.

Third, hair care after dyeing is a necessary condition to keep your hair color longer.

Although the colors are combined with brown and purple, it is difficult to fade, you should still use regular hair care products. The advice for you is not to wash your hair too much and use special shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair. You can take care of it by using essential oil for hair to help your hair look perfect and smooth. https://luxshinehair.com/product/flat-tip-straight-hair-blonde-color

Finally, after you had dyed hair with beautiful color combinations of brown and purple, choosing the right hairstyle is very important.

With this hair color, you will become extremely beautiful and attractive with curly hair waves bobbing. If you like straight hair, it will make you look feminine with a loving beauty. what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair?With our answer to the question “what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair?” There is no reason why purple-haired girls don’t try this interesting combination for their hair. That may be a great decision to change your hair color. Besides those wonderful things, in fact, dyeing brown hair on purple hair sometimes doesn’t easily achieve the results you want. Sometimes, your hair will be different in color and it may even become damaged. See more: Colored hair extensions what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair?However, don’t worry if you still want to try this hair color. One of our helpful suggestions is using hair extensions to dye your favorite hair color without worrying about real hair damage.  The use of hair extensions products is becoming more and more popular. We are Luxshinehair – a company specializing in providing quality hair extensions products. You can rest assured that our products are made of 100% natural human hair, allowing it to be easily bleached and dyed to get the desired color. Please contact us if you are interested.

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