Sew In Weave With And Without Leave Out

Achieving your desired hairstyles is not a big problem now with hair extensions. Instant length and subtle volume in a blink of an eye are some outstanding perks of this solution. Among a great deal of types of hair extensions, weave hair extensions have tendency to be more popular to women worldwide thanks to its long-term in use. 

To apply this type of hair extension, sew-in method is the first choice which includes sew-in with and without leave out. Here is a break down of having sew in with and without leave out, which will help you make the right decision.

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Sew In Weave With Leave Out

Sew in weave with leave out means that a few strands of your real hair is left out along your hairline or crown to create “leave out”. These part will blend to the weave perfectly. With this method, you will have many options for styling your hair with a natural look. However, the disadvantage of sewing in weave with leave out is that it is not ideal for women with short hair due to blending purposes. To attach the wefts to the braids, your stylist needs to use a curved needle and weaving thread. You can also do this at home yourself.

Mentioning to this method, we cannot forget about Vixen sew in which take advantage of the “leave out” hair perfectly. Depending on the foundation of your installation, you might potentially have a lot of a great deal of versatility. 

Sew In Weave With Leave Out

Sew In Weave Without Leave Out

Whether you have sew in weave, wear wig hair extensions or do quick weave, having no leave out is one of the effective ways to protect all of your hair. Sometimes, the method of sewing hair with leave out can lead to heat damage on your natural hair because of the excessive use of heating tools. Unlike leave out, sew in weave with no leave out is the method that all of your hair will be braided and sewn under the wefts. Therefore, it will be entirely protected. Nevertheless, you should notice that your hair is limited versatility.

Sew In Weave With No Leave Out

Gorgeous Sew-In Hairstyles

  • Long Curly Weave Style

The middle part sew in style brings a soft and feminine look to the wearer. To create this hairstyle, go for curls or waves that are imperfect by using a large barrel curling iron. After curling your hair, use your fingers to separate the curls.

Long Curly Weave Style

  • Full Curly Sew In

Tight curls are always the first choice of women who want to achieve a full head of a sew ins with tons of volume. Most of hair strands are in the same length so that they can give a lot of fullness to the style. An important tip for this haircut is that you should use a conditioning spray to keep the curls defined.

Full Curly Sew In

  • Voluminous Side-Swept Weave

The side-swept bangs make your hair look as natural as possible. The bouncy effect is a thing that everyone wants for this hairdo. To get that, use a one-inch curling iron mid-shaft.

Voluminous Side-Swept Weave

  • Ringlets With A Pompadour

The first thing about this hairstyle is drawing your eyes upward. The pompadour helps slim your face, especially if you have a round face. You can even wear tight, zigzag ringlets to make this hairstyle look gorgeous and voluminous but not bulky.

You shouldn’t think about black hair only, let’s take a look at this girl, she is beautiful with dark brown hair color. Also, the combination of hair color and waves creates a great hairstyles. Do you want to see more choice in sew-in hairstyles and color? Click here.

Ringlets With A Pompadour

  • Sleek Extensions With Bangs

While curls are glamorous and flirty, a long straight sew in weave gives a downright sexy look. When wearing hair extensions, very few people choose straight blunt bangs for their sew-ins. However, in fact, they look great when they flatter your face shape. Moreover, straight hair will be less damaged than curly and wavy hair.

Sleek Extensions With Bangs

  • Full Sew Ins With Middle Part

While you do need to condition your weave, the new hair needs less moisture than natural hair. A weave is considered to be a protective style which is so beautiful that you cannot resist trying it whenever you want to change your look.

Full Sew Ins With Middle Part

In conclusion, whether you opt for sew in with and without leave out, there are various ways to get the beautiful hairstyle that you desire. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can know more about these two sewing methods. If you want to find out about other techniques and hair extensions (made by Vietnam hair), follow our website Thanks for reading!

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