How to protect your hair while wearing a cheap lace frontal closure?

As you can see, the cheap lace frontal closure is favored by women all over the world to create a new look. Especially, there are many styles of lace frontal closure on the market for people to choose from. There is no denying the fact that cheap lace closure not only gives women the most natural look but also provide them with different styles to show off.

So more and more women choose to buy this hair. Do you think wearing a cheap closure can damage your hair? How to protect your hair while wearing a cheap lace frontal closure? If you have such a question, this blog will help you right now!

How To Protect Hair Under Wig
How to protect hair under wig

Lace frontal closure is a popular type of hair extension. It comes in either sew-in or bonded installation form. The lace frontal closure can give you a natural look. They are usually 4 inches back and 13 inches wide, covering the roots of your hair. Its versatility allows you to try different hairstyles like center part, side section, or natural-looking ponytail.

Take care of your hair

If you only wear your lace closure a week or so you can skip washing and conditioning your hair until you remove it. However, long-term hair care requires regular treatment so that your natural hair will not dry out and break easily. After cleaning your hair and scalp, dry your hair thoroughly with a hood to prevent bacteria from growing.

Take Care Of Your Hair Under Wig
Take care of your hair under wig

Should not wear an incorrect size

Lace frontal closure fits too tightly can cause hair loss and breakage around the perimeter of the head. Choosing the right lace closure size will protect your hair and give you a relaxed natural hairline. 

Should not use materials that cause scalp irritation

Besides, if you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to stay away from lace closures made with synthetic hair because sensitivities to the lace materials can cause excessive itching, burning, and scalp tenderness.

Deep condition before wearing a lace frontal closure

Before wearing a closure, you should clean hair and use some condition for your real hair so that it will not break off when you apply a cheap lace frontal closure to them.

Test your skin for sensitivity before applying glue

Using the wrong adhesive can cause your skin to become irritated and flake, which can break easily along the edges and you will not want to! If you have sensitive skin, you need to be especially wary of chemicals that cause you to flare up.

To test this, place a small amount of the adhesive you want onto the sensitive area such as on your inner arm, inside your wrist, or behind your ear. Cover it with Band-Aid overnight. In the morning, when you take off your Band-Aid, check your skin for irritation or redness. If you find any, please use another product.

Be sure to glue the lace closure in the right position

The proper placement is key. Someone said that accidentally attaching your lace front too far in front of your natural hairline can cause chafing that will irritate your scalp. In other words, accidentally placing it too far behind your hairline can cause you to mistakenly apply glue to your natural hair and that is a disaster you will not want to face.

Be Sure To Glue The Lace Closure In The Right Position
Be sure to glue the lace closure in the right position

Wash your hair regularly

It is no surprise that wearing a cheap lace closure for a long time can make the scalp feel sweaty, causing hair and scalp grease and dirt. The reason is that if your hair is not cleaned, it can lead to clogged pores, bacteria growing on the scalp, and hair damage. Keeping your scalp clean is a great way to make sure your hair follicles are healthy, active, and more susceptible to growth. As you know, wearing a lace closure all day will cover up your scalp, this leaves room for sweat and dirt to build up at a much faster rate. Even if you just do a simple co-wash without using shampoo, it will help clean your scalp.

Let your hair and scalp breathe

While knowing how wearing a cheap lace frontal closure can make you feel glamorous and help your styling easily daily, however, you should not get too reliant on them. After all, cheap lace closure is an accessory and your hair is unique. Spend time and attention on your hair, and a lace frontal closure will continue to be an enhancement, not a replacement, just like the real thing.

Letting your hair and scalp ‘breathe’ away from your lace frontal closure can be great in helping the health of your hair and it is not a difficult thing to do. One thing you have to remember is that small things like not wearing a cheap lace frontal closure when you are relaxing at home can go a long way in allowing your hair short but regular breaks from your lace closure.

Trim your hair regularly

It is obvious that if you are someone whose hair grows extremely fast, then you will probably want to trim your hair once every four to six weeks. Besides, in some instances, cutting your hair can help it grow a little faster.

It can be said that by getting rid of those annoying unhealthy split ends your hair will break off less and have less flyaway, in return helping your natural tresses thicker and healthier than ever. It is clear that trimming your hair is not just for damaged split ends but it can also help with frizzy, unmanageable strands, and if your mane lacks shape or movement.

Wearing a cheap lace closure can add to your personal charm and help to compensate for some hair loss, as well as saving your money. On the other hand, it can also damage your natural hair if not used properly. Therefore, when looking for a stunning lace frontal closure, pay attention to your natural hair. However, you can find a cheap lace frontal closure with high quality at Luxshine Store and an impressive quantity to get a great look and protect your natural hair.

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