Old trends come back to celebrities: Finger wave hairstyles for short hair

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Finger waves are shaped S-shaped, it first appeared in 1920. This hairstyle has gained a great attraction, especially with celebrities right after it was created. Although time flies away quickly, this hairstyle stays still in trendiest hairstyles list.

Even it’s 21st century, many Hollywood stars have made this hair trend popular again spectacularly. Right after, we will introduce you to the shining moments of the stars in the finger wave hairstyles with short hair. Please give your special attention to our article, because you can apply this style to yourself in the near future.

Tyra Banks with Classic finger waves

Tyra Banks with Classic finger wavesIf you are a big fan of the famous reality show America’s next top model, then you must be familiar with the tough judge Tyra Banks. She is not only famous as a model but also has talent in many other positions. So, Tyra has always been “hunted” by journalists in every event. Her appearance shows her distinctive style, she regularly updates different trends, including finger wave hairstyles. In this photo, Tyra’s finger wave hairstyle in retro style with the vintage short hair is styled deep finger waves close to the head. She looks charming and elegant in this hairstyle.

Short wet-look hair of Zendaya

Short wet-look hair of ZendayaAnother ambassador of finger wave for short hairstyles is the actress Zendaya. She looks really elegant with this shaping. She uses a special hair-dressing cream to make her hair look neat and quite wet. It is a great style and is often applied by beautiful women when appearing in the events. Finger waves are only made of hair in front of them, they look so soft and graceful to her full face. This hairstyle seems to show off her perfectly sharp features and helps her look more beautiful at any time.


Lily’s loose side-parted finger wave hairstyles

Lily Collins is a young actress famous for her favorite movies. Besides, her hairstyle is also great and worth learning, which is reflected in the photos taken by journalists every time she appears. The picture below shows that she did not ignore the hairstyle with finger waves. The hairstyle that she applied was medium short lob to shoulder length, which was curled loose side-parted finger wave hair. It fits her frizzy face. Hairstyles bring luxurious beauty in line with important ceremonies.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel WoodIf you are looking for short hairstyles for a special party, learn from Evan Rachel Wood. She succeeded in combining short bob hairstyle with beautiful finger waves. I love the striking her blonde hair color mixed with her light brown color. Her hair looks very natural, shiny and bobbing. Red lipstick and white skin made Evan’s style stand out. Do this hairstyle right away if you own a square or long face.

Drew Barrymore short hairstyles

Drew Barrymore

Her short finger wave hairstyle is a great idea for weddings. She looked so radiant and happy in her shiny golden hair with gentle S-shaped waves. The hairstyle she has here is short bob hair with long bangs on the side. It’s perfect with slim faces with a long chin. She uses hair accessories as a gentle veil with gorgeous flower accessories on her hair. This is the style most often seen among brides in the grand wedding of life. Finger waves bring you elegance, gentleness, and luxury. What is awesome! Please put it on your note list right now.


Iman’s chubby short finger wave hairstyles

Iman is a walking proof that short finger hair is suitable for all skin colors. Her short hairstyle is a layered brunette finger wave for black women. The hair helps her shine at the Fashion Scholarship Fund’s Geoffrey Beene Fashion Scholarship Dinner. Smooth and soft cuts with short hair, interwoven with finger waves to create a bobbing effect for the hair, especially the hair ends. The waves of hair split to the sides and hugged the contours of the face to compliment the shape of the long face. Dark brown hair color is also true for her hair and skin tone. This one is absolutely one of the most attractive short hairstyles for black women like her.

Dita Von Teese Black finger wave short hair

Dita Von Teese Black finger wave short hair

You will enhance the beauty of your black hair thanks to retro glam short black finger wave hairstyles from Dita Von Teese. The hairstyle is curled with big waves, with a moderate degree of shortness, giving an elegant, feminine beauty. The bangs with light curling waves are a cool spot on her hair. The contrast between black hair and white skin and impressive makeup makes her transform like the snow-white princess in this shot.

Thanks to this hairstyle, her round face seems to be slimmer. If you have the same face frame, you can choose this one for occasional events. What about daily life hairstyles for round face? Read the articles about 9 hairstyles for round face, you will get inspired.

Vintage finger waves from Natalia Vodianova

Vintage finger waves from Natalia VodianovaThis look is from Natalia Vodianova with unstructured short finger wave that brings classical breath from the 1920’s. I love her fragile, lovely image with small waves in short hair reaching her beautiful face. She left her hair in the middle with sweet caramel brown. However, keep in mind, whether you have blonde, black or brown hair, you still look absolutely amazing in this hairstyle. There is no reason for you to be hesitant to decide to change your hair anymore.

In conclusion

Besides finger wave hairstyles, many throwback hairstyles from 30s’ are in now. You absolutely love them for sure thanks to their chic and elegance. However, they may offer a professional hairstylist with high-cost maintenance to keep their beauty stay still. What should you do?


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