Most Gorgeous Flower Girl Hairstyles For Wedding 2019

Your wedding is coming and you are stuck in choosing the most suitable hairstyle for an important day in your life. Just let Luxshinehair help you! Today, we will introduce the most gorgeous flower girl hairstyles for wedding to you. Keep reading and pick up the best one to sport in your wedding.

flower girl hairstyles

1. Girl Hairstyles With A Flower Crown

Which wedding hairstyles you are planning to wear in your big days? If you are getting confused, look at these hairstyles with a flower crown. Make your wedding more memorable with a colorful flower crown on your head, you must look like a queen.

Bangs with a Flower Crown

Bangs mixed with a beautiful crown will create a romantic flower girl hairstyle. No matter how long your hair is, you are still gorgeous when wearing such a cute floral headband. Short Hair Short hair with bangs and flower crown Long Hair

Long hair with bangs and flower crown

Pixie Cut With a Flower Crown

Some people think that pixie is not suitable for wedding day. But, it is totally wrong! See this picture and feel the unique beauty of the girl with pixie when covering a flower crown. Put a beautiful floral headpiece on top of your pixie to create an interesting and stylish wedding hair.

Pixie Cut With a Flower Crown

Wavy Hair With a Flower Crown

If you want to look more romantic, combine wavy hair with a flower crown. Adding a delicate headband made from flowers is the best way to elevate simple curls for an extra vibe of sparkle. Short Hair Short Wavy Hair With Flower Crown Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair With a Flower Crown

Curly Hair With a Flower Crown

Like wavy hair, curly tresses also become more appealing in your wedding day thanks to the support of a flower crown. As you can see in the bellow pictures, the girls are so attractive in these hairstyles. Short Hair Short Curly Hair With a Flower Crown Long Hair

Long Curly Hair With a Flower Crown

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Straight Hair with a Flower Crown

What about straight hair? The straight hair with a flower crown look simple but its beautifying effect is beyond words. Short Hair Short Straight Hair with a Flower Crown Long Hair

Long Straight Hair with a Flower Crown

2. Flower Braid Hairstyles

You can also create flowers by using your own hair strands. Nowadays, flower braid hairstyles have been varied to different gorgeous styles, depending on the favor of wearers. Below are most stunning flower braid hairstyles for you to sport for any occasions, especially your wedding.

Dutch Flower Braid Bun

Do you love the elegant beauty of Dutch women in movies? If yes, this hairdo will help you to get a chic look. Dutch flower braid bun is a midsection lower bun and made in cute way. Some people find it so sophisticated and hard to style, but don’t worry! It doesn’t cost lots of effort and time of yours. At first, you just need to create a front plait from the front and then move to the other side of the head. The lower hair should be left free so that you can bring it around to the other side. Finally, roll up the braid into a bun as in the picture.

Dutch Flower Braid Bun

Half Up Flower Braid

It can’t be denied that half up flower braid is so elegant and fabulous, adding more romance and sweetness for any girls. It is a simple hairstyle that you can make it by yourself just in a few minutes. As you can see, a pretty and cute braided flower looks stunning and fetching at all time, which makes the hearts of others, especially men, melt at the first sight. Half Up Flower Braid To make this fantastic flower girl hairstyle, you should follow several simple steps. At first, take some hair from the both sides and start to create a Dutch braid. Continue to plait till the end and then roll up the braid into a little flower bun. At last, attach some pins to secure the flower you have made. This is one of the most popular flower girl hairstyles for long hair loved by many young girls. You can rock it to take part in events or parties with your friends or other occasions because it will aid in elevating your beauty.

Half Up Flower Braid Tutorial

Braided Flower Headband

If you are finding a beautiful school hairstyle for your daughter, braided flower headband might be your perfect option. This hairstyle seems quite complex so you should spend more time and patience in styling it. Firstly, separate the front of hair and plait it into a headband. Braid it till the end. Lastly, roll up the braid on the side into a pretty flower. And done! You have created a good-looking head band flower braid hairstyle for your little girl.

Braided Flower Headband

Flower Braided Updo

This is one of the fabulous flower girl braid hairstyles you must try when participating in luxurious proms. If you are looking for one of the newest hair trends, the flower braided updo is definitely for you. The stunning flower hairstyle can steal the hearts of almost girls for its attractiveness. Flower Updo To create this flower girl hairstyle, the first thing you need to do is to tie your hair into a high ponytail. After that, divide it into three equal sections and plait each of them. Then, you should pull the hair at the edge of each braid out gently to make it more natural. Next, roll up each braid around the root of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Tuck the ends of the braids under the braided flower.

Flower Updo tutorial

Rose Bud Flower Braid Hairstyle

When it comes to impressive flower girl hairstyles, the rose bud flower braid is the champion. The girls with this braided hairdo always make a great impression on others at the first sight. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for you to wear to attend a night out, an evening party, a romantic date or any special occasions. In short, here is undoubtedly a cute and cool flower braid hairstyles for those who fall in love with the braid in the shape of flowers. Because this hairstyle is sophisticated and hard to make, you had better have your hair styled by a professional hairstylist to get the perfect look.

Rose Bud Flower Braid Hairstyle

Rosette Flower Braid Hairstyle

Pick up a chunk of hair one side of your head and divide it into 3 equal sections, then do a regular three strand braid and make sure it is nice and tight. After that, gently tug on the side of the braid and tie it with an elastic band. Carefully take your braid and wrap it around clockwise to create a little rosette. Note: You should be able to wrap the braid around the base twice and on the second turn, you want to wrap it behind and tuck the ends of the elastic underneath the rosette. Adjust the flower until you feel happy with it and finally secure it in place with a few bobby pins. Rosette Flower Braid Hairstyle If you are preparing for your wedding, all you need to do next is to apply one of these flower girls hairstyles to get an amazing look. Luxshinehair hopes that you will be satisfied with this post. Wish you have a gorgeous and cute hairstyle!

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