Impressive long hairstyles for your wonderful wedding day

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of a woman so that every girl has right to look the most beautiful in this day. One of the best ways to have the perfect appearance is investing in charming hairstyles. If you are preparing for this big day, don’t hurry to ignore our suggestions of “Impressive long hairstyles for the wonderful wedding day”. You will actually become the loveliest bride!

wedding long hairstyle

1. Beachy waves

In wedding day, almost brides choose themselves long hairstyles with soft and charming images so that beachy waves are always the top choice. Taking inspiration from real waves on the beach, this hairstyle is made from loose hair waves to look soft and natural.


No matter your face is small or big, your body is thin or fat, long beachy waves will help you to hide these shortcomings effectively. Combining with harmonious hair colors, they will make the most impressive appearance for brides.

2. Half up with flowers

Flowers are always the best accessories for brides to have eye- catching and outstanding images in front of the others. They go well with long half up hairstyles which are very soft and mild. It is not important that you choose a straight, wavy or curly style, half up hair with flowers can make you look the most beautiful in the white wedding dress.

Moreover, you can make this style without too much time, efforts and skillfulness. They are very easy to make styles. Even, you can make it by yourself without the help of any hairstylist if you want to minimize expenses maximally.

half up with flowers

3. Half up twist

Instead of having a simple half up hairstyle, you can renew it with twists of hair. Indeed, it is not as difficult and complicated. All things we need to do is creating a half-up ponytail and flip it inside out. With this style, loose waves and loose curls will be the most suitable and outstanding. You can also attach different ornaments to make highlights in hair. We make sure that it will be an extremely wise and effective idea for brides in their happy day.

4. Side ponytail

If using high- tied ponytail hairstyle is very difficult and rare in wedding hairstyles, this low side ponytail style is absolutely possible. Only with some skillfulness, small pins and accessories, your long hair will be transformed into an impressive side ponytail hairstyle.

Side ponytail

You can combine side ponytail with a lot of versatile styles such as side- swept style, middle part style or styles with bangs, etc. Of course, we highly recommend using side ponytail for wavy and curly textures of long hair. They make your hair look extremely bobbing and stunning, which helps you get good sympathies from other people.

5. Fishtail braid

Nowadays, braid hairstyles are becoming more and more popular for wedding styles because they are very diverse and creative. Fishtail braid is exactly one of them. This style is not only neat and simple, but also it looks very dreamy and enchanting, especially with long hair. Having it, you are the most beautiful princess stepping out from the fairy tale. Your prince will actually love this hairstyle so that don’t hesitate to take him by surprise with this attractive appearance!

6. Messy braid

Talking about long wedding hairstyles which give soft and natural images, we can’t ignore messy braid. Let’s braid your hair into styles that you want and then loosen these hair twists, you will have a perfect messy braid hairstyle.

Relaxed hair will make your hair look absolutely gentle and attractive. Don’t forget to beautify for your hair with some tiny branches of beautiful flowers, you will actually have a wonderful style for your wedding day.

messy braid

7. Braid crown

You don’t need to use real crown to look fabulous and splendid, braid crown of hair will help you to do that. Braiding your long hair and round it over your hairline, you will have an impressive crown made by your own hair. It is not only pretty, neat but also looks very impressive and appropriate for wedding styles.

It is time to change old simple hairstyles and have yourself this wonderful hairstyle in your important day. You will be the most gorgeous and happiest bride.

braid crown

8. Front pulled back

Sometimes, you will feel that long hairstyles with bangs make you uncomfortable and they make your face look darker, right? If so, why don’t you make yourself a front pulled back hairstyle. Bending over your front hair and expose your forehead. You will look much brighter! Combining with soft styles and suitable ornaments, it will make your wedding hairstyle look extremely attractive and catchy.

Front pulled back

9. Hair buns

Lastly, it will be a big shortage if we don’t mention hairstyles with buns. You can have a common bun with curls, a high bun, a braided updo or a braided topknot style for outstanding wedding hairstyles. When using bun hairstyles in the wedding, you will look much more mature and charming. However, you shouldn’t think that they will make you look old and ugly in your big day. Hair stylists will know how to make you look the most brilliant and noblest with suitable updo styles.

hair buns

We hope that these suggestions will help you to have more choices as well as have wonderful memories with th.em in your important wedding day. In case your hair is too short and thin to have beautiful long hairstyles, please come to Luxshinehair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory. We can bring to you all images of hair extensions that you desire. They are very impressive and useful that can make you have a perfect wedding day.

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