Keratin Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Everything has both positive and negative aspects, and so do Keratin Hair Extensions.

Why should we use this type of hair extension? Is it worth to skip its shortcomings? If you have the same concern, you should read this post carefully about keratin hair extensions pros and cons. Stay tuned and you will find the answer.

The perks of keratin hair extensions

In comparison with other types, Keratin Hair Extensions, also called Tip hair extensions or Fusion Hair Extensions, seems to be used more. Why does it become so popular? Let’s look at these outstanding features of it.

Keratin hair extensions pros

Perfectly seamless look

While other hair extensions usually account for a large square to place one piece, Tip hair extensions tend to take much smaller space for each piece. Thanks to its small size and “strand-by-strand” application method, no one can detects your hair extensions.

It is believed that this type is suitable to all of hair type from thin to thick, short to long. Especially, for super short hairstyles such as pixie haircut, adding length and volume is just a piece of cake with Keratin extensions.

Safe for your hair and scalp

Don’t you know that our natural hair is made of 95% Keratin? That’s the reason why hairstylist usually use keratin treatment to heal our damaged tresses. Therefore, keratin bonds are friendly to our hair and scalp. You can choose this hair extensions without worrying about unexpected damages.

Long-lasting beauty

If you can purchase high quality products from reliable hair vendors, your fantastic locks can last at least 6 months. During this period, you can reuse your hair extensions several times. It’s much economical in comparison with disposable products.

To own your dreaming long-lasting beauty, you can review Luxshinehair’s products which are superb-qualified. Coming to Luxshinehair, you will receive wholesale price with many appealing discount or special offer.

various hairstyles with keratin hair extensions

Versatility in hairstyles

If you use hair extensions before, you may find it hard to make updos or braids due to the track of hair extensions. However, it doesn’t a big deal to tip hair extensions. As we mentioned above, the size of the bonds are small. At the same time, the bonds are hidden inside our tress completely, so you can style it in different ways.

Variety in length and color

Depending on your hair supplier, you can buy this product with different length. Luxshinehair, for example, can supply Hot fusion hair extensions from 6 inch to 32 inch. It happens the same with hair colors.

One of spotlight for this type of hair extensions is its different keratin shapes. The most common ones are I-tip, V-tip, U-tip and Flat-tip. Additionally, you can require your hair vendor to design the tip in sizes and numbers for each unit. Normally, hairstylists love to have 0.5g/strand, 0.8g/strand, 1g/strand, etc.


The downsides of keratin hair extensions

Nothing is perfect. There are some bad things about keratin extensions which may let you down somehow. Don’t be scared, just look over it and think about it carefully before making up your mind.

keratin hair extensions application

Application process requires long time with high technique

For a full head application, you need about 150 – 200 grams of hair extensions which turns out 150 – 200 strands in ordinary size. Whilst, our application method is strand-by-strand. Consequently, it charges a lot of time to install. It takes about 1.5 hours to 3 hours for that process in general.

Some of you can watch tutorial video about how to do it at home. However, you shouldn’t try it by yourself without any practical guidelines. Or else, you can ruin both your hair, scalp and hair extensions. That’s why there are many courses to become hair extensions specialists launched time by time.

High costs

In term of price, Keratin hair extensions themselves are considered of the most expensive one. Of course, we are talking about high quality products, not the single-used ones. Additionally, you need to pay application fee, removal fee, re-application fee for the hairstylist or hair salon, while you can cut down on these costs with other types (such as Tape in hair extensions or Clip in hair extensions) by DIY. Nevertheless, you cannot do the same with Keratin hair extensions.

heat is hair enemy

Heat from the application causes damages

Why do we call it Hot Fusion hair extensions? In short words, to install this type, we need to use a heat connector that melts the keratin before sealing it with our natural hair. That’s why the name “hot fusion” was born.

The keratin itself is harmless, on the other hand, the heat is a dangerous enemy. No need to be a hair nerd, you absolutely know how heat affects negatively to our hair beauty. When the hair extensions are installed incorrectly, it gives chance for the heat to hurt hair’s and scalp’s health.

Allergic and itching scalp can happen

These are side effects of Tip hair extensions. These symptoms occurs due to 2 main reasons. First, it’s the nature of the wearers; second, it’s about low quality hair extensions.

As far as we all know, some people get atopic with sea foods, flowers, and even water! With the same concept, allergy with keratin or something else in hair extensions happens to some people. However, they are some rare situations only.

For the second one, it tends to appear with higher frequency.

Keratin Hair Extensions pros and cons – How to take advantage of them?

Now, you know keratin hair extensions pros and cons. Apparently, you want to make advantages of its benefits and get rid of the disadvantages. How? We will give you some solutions.

high quality tip hair extensions

Using high quality hair extensions

As we mentioned above, poor quality may lead to bad condition to your hair and scalp. Also, it can last for short time only. If you think purchasing this one is much economical than the good one, you should think about it again. A wise consumption need to consider different factors before judging an item’s cost.

Let’s think about the lifespan of the products. If you pay $5 for a disposable item which lasts for 1 week only. If you want to use it continuously within 1 month, you need to buy 4 items costing $20. On the other hand, there is an item that is $20 in price but stay in good condition for months, will you buy it alternatively?

The most important thing is about your health. You can save your budget in buying cheap things, but you know what, money is hardly able to buy your health. So, don’t spend money incorrectly.

In this hustle and bustle life, you cannot sit in hair salon all day long. So, to make it fast, you should choose professional hairstylists who can apply hair extensions quickly and correctly.

professional hair extensions specialist is of importance

An appointment with a professional hairstylist is of importance

Wrong application, you will waste your natural tress as well as hair extensions. To make it worse, your scalp can be hurt neither. Is it worth to risk your beauty in amateur hairdressers?

Coming to a good technique one, you will receive the best consultations and commitment. No more damages, no more unexpected results. Also, they can supply you high quality Keratin hair extensions so that you needn’t spend time on finding reliable hair vendors.

A proper hair routine is in needed

How to take care of hair extensions? It seems like there is no exact answer, but you must pay much attention on them as you do with your natural tress. A thorough hair care attributes in long-lasting beauty of your hair.


We have just looked over keratin hair extensions pros and cons. Although it has some shortcomings, you can follow our guidelines to promote the advantages of it.

It’s a great idea to use this type of hair extensions for owning long and luscious locks instantly, right? If you find this article informative, please let us know in the comment section and follow our blog for a lot of knowledge about hair beauty.


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