Tape In Vs Keratin Extensions: Which One Is Better?

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Are you thinking about getting hair extensions, but there are so many alternatives available to you? Among the many alternatives, two common methods stand out: tape in vs keratin extensions. Each has special advantages, which complicates the decision-making process. To get you over this challenge, let’s investigate the world of hair extensions and look at the distinctions between tape-in and keratin extensions. 

What Are Tape In And Keratin Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are popular semi-permanent hair extensions among beauty enthusiasts. These hair extensions use tiny pieces of adhesive to secure hair wefts to natural hair. Tape in comes in a variety of tape types (regular, invisible, small, hole, double tap, etc.). Normal and invisible, however, are the most often chosen choices.  These adhesives are long-lasting, difficult to remove, and capable of holding their place on hair for up to 30 days. 

Tape in hair extensions 
Tape in hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions, which are also known as microbead or microlink extensions, have different shapes, like I, V, U, Y, or flat. Using tiny beads, this kind of semi-permanent hair extension technique enables users to fuse tiny bundles of human hair to their natural hair. Copper or aluminum are common,sturdy materials used to make these beads. To keep the extension in place, the beads are clamped. Alternatively, the tip can be secured using heat to melt it.

Keratin hair extensions
Keratin hair extensions
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Application Process

Let’s see the different application process between tape in vs keratin extensions:


Tape in Hair Extensions

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Methods to Apply 

Tape extensions directly to hair

  • Melting keratin by heat 
  • Using tiny beads 

Application Time 

1-2 hours

2-3 hours

Required Tools 

·       Tape in
Hair sectioning clips

  • Keratin bonded hair extensions
  • Keratin glue pellets or 
  • Fusion heat Connector
  • Tiny beads (cold application method)
  • Hair extension pliers (cold application method)


Tape in vs keratin extensions
Tape in vs keratin extensions

Removal Process


Tape in Hair Extensions

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Hidden Difficulity 



  • By yourself 
  • By a professional 

By a professional 

Abiltity of Damages

  • shedding , tangling, and stickiness
  • leave residue on hair
  • Break 
  • Shedding 
  • Tangling 
  • leave residue on hair


Tape in vs keratin extensions
Tape in vs keratin extensions



Tape in Hair Extensions

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Frequency of reattachment

4-6 weeks

4-8 weeks 

Encoragement lifestyle

  • Proper washing
  • Using heat protective products
  • Use quality products (shampoo, conditioners, and oils)
  • Regular maintenance appointments 
  • Proper washing
  • Use quality products (shampoo, conditioners, and oils)
  • Schedule regular appointments with your stylist 

Avoidable lifestyle 

  • Using excessive heat 
  • Direct contact with water Pulling hair
  • Limit using excessive heat 
  • Pulling hair.


The Suitableness Of Tape In Vs Keratin Extensions

In the end, let’s see the person who will suitable with tape in or keratin tip. Actually,  a person’s tastes, hair type, lifestyle, and intended outcomes will determine whether they choose keratin or tape-in extensions. 

Tape-in extensions are favored for their ease of application, versatility, and natural-looking results. They consist of thin wefts of hair with adhesive strips that are taped to small sections of natural hair. They provide seamless blending with your own hair, making them ideal for adding volume, length, or highlights without the bulkiness of traditional extensions. Additionally, they typically require less time for installation and removal compared to other methods, making them a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles. For individuals with thin or fragile hair, exploring alternative extension methods, like tape-in extensions, may be more suitable. Tape-in extensions are renowned for their lightweight design and gentle application process, minimizing stress on the natural hair while still delivering stunning volume and length.

Tape in vs keratin extensions
Tape in vs keratin extensions

On the other hand, keratin (or fusion) extensions involve bonding individual strands of hair extensions to small sections of natural hair using a keratin-based adhesive. This method offers a more permanent solution, with extensions lasting up to several months before needing to be removed and reapplied. Keratin extensions are prized for their durability and ability to withstand heat styling and other hair treatments. They also provide a seamless and natural look, particularly for those with thicker or coarser hair types. 

Pros and Cons Of Tape In And Keratin Tip

Pros and Cons Of Tape In

Pros Of Tape In Extensions

Easy To Apply And Remove 

Tape-in extensions are relatively simple to apply and remove compared to keratin extensions. They attach pre-taped wefts of hair to small sections of your natural hair using adhesive strips. To complete the applying process only takes around 45 minutes to 2 hours depending how many tape in you want to. You could do it by yourself at home. If you are a person who have hetic schedule, this item is spend for you. Moreover, removal tape in extensiosn is quite simple. Just using a special solution to dissolve the adhesive, then easy removal without causing damage to your natural hair.

Natural Look and Feel

There are several noteworthy advantages to tape-in extensions, the most important of which is their capacity to blend in perfectly with your own hair. The ultra-thin tape clings to your scalp, remaining unnoticeable and flat beneath your hair to provide a naturally occurring tactile and visual effect. With this cutting-edge design, you can be sure that your extensions will blend in perfectly with the color and structure of your natural hair while adding length and volume without compromising comfort or authenticity.

Tape in brings natural look and feel
Tape in brings natural look and feel


The exceptional adaptability of tape-in hair extensions is one of their most notable benefits. Tape-ins stand out as an unmatched option whether you want to add volume, lengthen hair, or a combination of both. Their infinite versatility enables a wide range of application methods catered to your own tastes and fashion goals. 

Comfortable Wear

Imagine the delight of enjoying thick, luxurious hair without having to worry about feeling heavy or uncomfortable. With the help of tape-in extensions, this fantasy comes true.The pinnacle of convenience and comfort in the field of hair augmentation is revealed by tape-in hair extensions. Tape-ins, in contrast to their bulkier cousins, provide a feather-light sensation that blends in smoothly with your natural hair, making wearing them comfortable and uncomplicated. When placed skillfully, you won’t even notice the extensions because each one weighs only 1-2 grams, giving you complete freedom and confidence to go about your day.

Tape in brings a sense of comfort while wearing
Tape in brings a sense of comfort while wearing

Minimal dammages

Tape-in extensions are the best option for hassle-free hair makeovers because they do not require too much maintaince. Contrary to their high-maintenance cousins, tape-ins provide a practical option that fits in with your busy schedule and lets you enjoy gorgeous locks without difficulty. Tape-in extensions have minimal damamges. With fewer frequent trips to the salon to fix the unworthy damamges, you will have more time to enjoy the beauty of your newly

Suitable for Fine Hair

It can be difficult to strike the ideal balance between adding volume and preserving a natural look for people with fine or thin hair. Let me introduce you to tape-in extensions—a revolutionary option designed especially to meet the special requirements of people with fine hair.

A notable benefit of tape-in extensions for thin hair is their lightweight nature, which makes them a great option for anyone who are concerned about visible bonding or additional stress on their own hair. In contrast to more substantial extension choices, tape-ins gently attach to your hair while adding very little weight. They blend in with your natural hair to give it a naturally voluminous look.

Tape in is suitable for fine hair
Tape in is suitable for fine hair

Cons Of Tape In Extensions

Short-Term Lifespan 

Tape-in extensions typically offer a shorter lifespan compared to keratin-based extensions. Initially, they can last around 2-3 weeks before requiring reapplication. However, after 1-2 reapplication cycles, tape-in extensions can endure typically lasting 3-6 months. Due to the adhesive nature of tape-in extensions, there’s a possibility of the bond not being as firm as desired in certain cases. This may necessitate occasional adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit

Professional Installation

The idea of self-installing tape-in extensions could seem alluring to individuals with a lot of expertise applying hair extensions. But some beginners may still view it as a difficulty. Although the process may appear simple in theory, obtaining a perfect finish with tape-in extensions frequently calls for certain knowledge and expertise that can only be given by a qualified stylist. You run the danger of not getting the best results if you try to handle the installation process on your own, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge or expert help.

Tape in extensions might require the professional installation for safety
Tape in extensions might require the professional installation for safety

Potential for Damage

At first glance, tape-in extensions could seem harmless, offering a smooth improvement to your natural hair that doesn’t seem to hurt. However, a closer look reveals the possible dangers that could occur, especially if the installation or removal procedure is done incorrectly.

Although tape-in extensions are praised for their adaptability and ease of usage, there are situations in which harm to your original hair may occur. Bad application methods, including pulling too hard on the adhesive while attaching or applying too little adhesive, might cause negative reactions in your hair follicles. When tape-in extensions are not applied or removed appropriately, the most typical issues that arise include shedding, tangling, and even chemical burns from improper adhesive application.

Tape in has a risk of damaging your natural hair
Tape in has a risk of damaging your natural hair

Limited Styling Options

While tape-in extensions are very versatile, offering easy transformations and countless styling options, there may be particular difficulties in integrating the extensions into the hair. Although tape-ins look naturally beautiful in sleek, flowing locks or softly tousled waves, more complex hairstyles, such intricate updos or braided designs, require extra care to guarantee discrete tape concealing. 


It is true that the cost of tape-in extensions might differ depending on the quality, length, and thickness desired. You should budget between $100 and $150 on average for every 100 grams of hair; luxury varieties will cost more. Besdies, tape-ins usually need to be installed by a professional, which can raise the entire cost considerably. The long-term advantages of tape-ins, including as its resilience and capacity to tolerate regular styling without sacrificing quality, much surpass this initial cost. 

Pros and Cons Of Keratin Tip

Pros of Keratin Tip Extensions

Semi-Permanent hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extensions. Over time, as your natural hair grows, the extensions may need to be adjusted or replaced to maintain a seamless look for around 2-3 months. They could be reused and last for 6- 9 months. Overall, the lifespan of keratin extensions is more than tape in. 

Keratin is known as semi-permanent hair extensions
Keratin is known as semi-permanent hair extensions

Secure Attachment

K Tip extensions provide a secure connection when fitted by a qualified specialist, guaranteeing that the extensions stay firmly in place even during demanding activities like working out or swimming. You can wear your extensions with confidence and worry-free throughout any activity with this level of security.

No Damage to Hair Cuticles

Because Keratine tip extensions don’t require heat or adhesive that is applied directly to your hair strands, they are beneficial for maintaining the integrity of your natural hair cuticles. This method reduces the possibility of breakage or damage, guaranteeing the integrity of your hair.

Customizable Installation

Unlike other types of hair extensions, like weft or halo, it works on a larger area. With keratin tip extensions, you may customize the number of strands and where they are placed to achieve a natural-looking effect that suits your hair’s unique requirements and preferences. 

Cons Of Keratin Tip Extensions

Installation Time

Installing keratin tip extensions can be time-consuming, particularly if you decide to put an entire head of extensions. Depending on the number of strands being linked, the application time for this procedure can vary, but it often takes two to three hours. For those with hectic schedules, it might not be the most sensible choice.

Professional Installation

Perfect installation of keratin tip extensions requires the skill and precision of an experienced professional. Do-it-yourself initiatives or visiting inexperienced stylists may unintentionally damage your natural hair, giving it an uneven or artificial appearance. Consequently, it is essential to hire an experienced professional, even though doing so may cost more money.

With keratin tip, it requires the help from experienced professional
With keratin tip, it requires the help from experienced professional

Initial Discomfort

After keratin tip extensions are inserted, some people usually feel some initial discomfort. This discomfort may manifest as a slight soreness at the scalp if the extensions are placed too tightly or if the scalp is under too much tension.


In contrast to alternative application methods like tape-ins or clip-ins, keratin tip extensions typically necessitate a greater upfront cost. Generally, the price per 100 grams ranges from $120 to $200, contingent upon the length and caliber of the extensions. Additionally, the cost of application, removal, and maintenance appointments for fixes or reinstallations may increase with time.

Maintenance Requirements

Regular maintenance and care are necessary to ensure the keratin tip extensions’ life and lusciousness. Although these extensions are praised for being low-maintenance, improper care might result in early deterioration.

It is possible to prolong the life of your keratin tip extensions and achieve stunning, long-lasting effects by giving careful cleaning and maintenance procedures top priority, as well as paying attention to product selection and style methods. Never forget that taking the time and making the effort to properly care for your hair will pay off in the form of stunning, healthy-looking hair that exudes style and confidence.

Not suitable for all hair types

Although keratin tip extensions are incredibly durable and merge seamlessly, people with fine or fragile hair might not be the best candidates for them. Over time, breakage or thinning of the hair follicles may occur due to the excessive pressure of the extensions’ additional weight.


Hope that through this blog We appreciate you viewing our blog post, ‘’Tape In Vs Keratin Extensions: Which One Is Better?” Actually, no one is better when it depends on your purpose, finances and references. We hope that this conversation has helped you better understand how you make decisions. Please don’t hesitate to contact Luxshine if you need further help or would like to buy premium hair extensions. Our specialty is providing wigs and hair extensions made from Vietnam human hair. We appreciate your help so much. We appreciate you selecting Luxshine!

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