Synthetic hair wig vs human hair wig: Our 2021 comparison guide

Wigs have been experiencing increasing popularity over several years now. This is why we can see people everywhere starting to don wigs like Hollywood stars left and right. But one question that a wigs shopper needs to get out of the way is whether to get wigs from synthetic fiber or wigs that were made from human hair. These two types of products serve the same purpose but have little commonality. This is why we hope after you clearly understand the differences between synthetic wig vs human hair wig, you can easily get the best wig that suits your lifestyle. Having a wig collection that works well for your situation will help feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

What are some main differences between human hair and synthetic hair wigs? 

Even though they serve the same function, these two types of hair wigs have many clear distinctions. Understand these 4 factors between these two categories will help you choose accordingly.

Price points

The price of anything is always the decisive factor when it comes to pondering whether to buy such and such items. The price of your new wig will be your prime concern.

Without a doubt, real human hair wigs are somewhat pricier than the synthetic counterpart, but you will undoubtedly get what you pay for. For human hair wigs, this would mean that the hair is head and shoulder in terms of realism. The natural hair movement ensures that nobody will think that you are wearing fake hair. For the longest time, synthetic hair means unnatural and fake hair wigs. This is not always true with the emerging new technology for synthetic hair products.

Real Human Hair Wigs Are Somewhat Pricier Than The Synthetic Counterpart
Real human hair wigs are somewhat pricier than the synthetic counterpart

It would be very hard to give you the exact price point for each hair type because there are many variations within each product category. This means you will have to visit the store of each brand to work out the final cost for each option. However, the cost of synthetic hair wigs will most likely be far less than real human hair wigs.

The quality and naturalness

A wig that costs hundreds of dollars that lose hair incessantly after a few weeks of usages is no fun. We hope you never have to experience that but that is the reality that some shoppers face. To truly separate the wheat from the chaff, you must be willing to read up on product reviews to find out whether the business is selling legit products with consistent quality.

Real Human Hair Wigs Would Hand Down Be Our 1 Pick
Real human hair wigs would hand down be our #1 pick

Real human hair that is of pristine condition with intact cuticles is not so easy to find. If you don’t know where to find the final products, you can try to visit our Luxshine store. This can be a great starting point to hunt down the greatest wigs that suit your needs. 

As stated above, when it comes to realism and naturalness, real human hair wigs would hand down be our #1 pick.

Different options for your hair wigs

If you are someone who loves to experiment with your hair, then the number of wigs you buy will be a significant number. Many times how your hair looks will have to depend on your outfit and how you dream up the original concepts and this means you like having totally different wigs for different occasions.

You Can Have A Whole Collection Of Synthetic Wigs With A Multitude Of Colors And Textures Without Breaking The Bank
You can have a whole collection of synthetic wigs with a multitude of colors and textures without breaking the bank

Even though human hair weaves have a strong suit in looking natural, they are usually not the go-to options for women who need many different looks with a limited budget. 

On the other hand, synthetic hair means that it is made from man-made fibers, and due to this, it costs very little to produce.

Where would you get your wigs?

The difference between synthetic and human hair doesn’t stop at just price and how real the hair looks. There is a marked difference in their availability and how people around the world buy and sell these two types.

If you need wigs in a pinch and don’t have to do too much research and digging, then synthetic wigs might be what you will get. We say this because synthetic wigs are widely available in beauty supply stores across the country. Since they are so easy to find and purchase and their quality is consistent, you don’t have to wait around for an order or fear that your order comes in not quite what you expected. 

Human hair wigs, on the other hand, are rarer but will reward buyers who are willing to wait for the best hair quality and the most seamless look.

If you have ruled out synthetic wigs, you should do your very best to decide on the most suitable texture, color, and length as well as how your wig cap is constructed. Since a human hair wig is always a significant investment of time and money, it might not be suitable for a candidate who is in a hurry, or who just wants to try out several options quickly.

So have you clearly understood the difference between synthetic hair wig vs human hair wig? What are your choices when it comes to getting a new wig? Please comment or drop us a line. We always love to hear from you.

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