Check out the Most Outstanding Hairstyles of Margot Robbie via her Movies

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To have impressive images in films, having suitable and beautiful hairstyles is necessary for every actress. Margot Robbie is actually a lucky actress when she has a lot of chances to play different roles with diverse appearances so that her hairstyles are also extremely impressive. In this article, let’s with Luxshinehair check out Margot Robbie hair through movies that she took part in.

Margot Robbie hair

1. Pin-up layered straight hair- Neighbours (2006)

“Neighbours” is considered the film which marked the name Margot Robbie in Australian film market when she was an amateur actress. At that time, Margot’s appearance was still very young and naive. She acted her role very well as the lovely schoolgirl Donna Freedman. Margot had natural ash blonde hair with pinned up style.

This pin- up layered straight hairstyle is simple and classic that almost school girl has ever had. Instead of keeping bangs, this hairstyle makes her face look brighter and more balanced. It is suitable with the active character of the girl and makes her appearance look very young and unaffected.

Pin up layered straight hair

2. Blonde wavy long hair- The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

Talking about the most impressive acting role of Margot Robbie, it must be the character Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street. The role helped her get the title “Best Female Newcomer” of Empire Awards 2014 and have the chance to work with the famous talented actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

For the role of the hottest woman, nothing is better than having blonde wavy long hair. This Margot Robbie long hair style gives the wonderful effect for her role. Long hair is soft and charming which can attract every man’s eyes. Whereas, hair waves are made regularly and beautifully together with face framing hair and side part bangs. They are all the trendiest styles in the 80s in the film so that they show us a Naomi Lapaglia, who is extremely beautiful.

People say that girls with blonde hair are the most charming girls and Margot Robbie proved that. Via the film, Margot Robbie blonde hair girl is worth being “the hottest blonde ever”.

blonde wavy long hair Margot Robbie

3. Honey blonde hair with dark roots- Focus (2015)

In the romantic comedy movie “Focus”, Margot plays the role of a beautiful but amateur fraud Jess Barrett. She had medium length hair with impressive honey blonde hair color with dark roots. This is an ombre hairstyle but is is not too clear and outstanding so as to be suitable with her dirty and vagabond characteristics in the movie.

Sometimes, she has this hairstyle with relaxed down hair. Sometimes, she has it with an active ponytail style or a soft half up half down style. Anyways, this hairstyle doesn’t make her look uglier. In contrast, her appearance becomes actually charming and impressive.

Perhaps because this hairstyles is actually beautiful and suitable with her appearance, Margot Robbie applies this balayage hairstyle many time in real life. This style is bright and energetic but brings something which is very natural and charming. Having this wavy hairstyle is actually a wise choice for her!

Honey blonde hair with dark roots

4. Rainbow pigtail hair- Suicide Squad (2016)& Birds of Prey (2019)

Suicide Squad (2016)

The role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad brought to Margot Robbie the very big success. Her name was much known thanks to her impressive appearance in the movie. Despite having hair with horrible makeup and the awkward pigtail hairstyle, the Harley Quinn hairstyle was possibly welcomed by the masses.

Every people had to recognize that Margot Robbie hair in this movie is actually too beautiful and impressive. She had high pigtail hair with natural hair waves. They looked really unique and fresh. If she had a common relaxed hairstyle, it can be nothing special for her. However, this style broke up every rule of beautiful hairstyles.

In addition, she had pigtail hair with many bright colors instead of having a solid hair color. Platinum white was the main tone of hair. She embellished high pigtails with impressive pink and blue colors. Some strands of long bangs also made her appearance become more attractive and rebellious.

This hairstyle of Harley Quinn was cosplayed by a lot of girls all over the world and became one of the most wonderful and trendiest hairstyle that time. Wow! It was so amazing, right?

Harley Quinn hair

Birds of Prey (2020)

In July, 2019, our Harley Quinn has come back once more time in trailer of the movie “Birds of Prey”(2020). She still has active and rebellious images with rainbown pigtail hair. However, this time, her hair even much more colorful.

Long pigtails has been cut off to become a cute short pigtail hairstyle. All of her hair is dyed with many bright colors instead of the three main color before. As you can see on her hair, blonde, orange, yellow, green, light blue, purple are harmoniously combined. They are actually impressive rainbow colors, aren’t they?

Don’t ignore this new image of Margot Robbie and guess whether it can be broken through her former image?

rainbow pigtails

5. Natural blonde hair with wavy ends- Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

Another new film having the attendance of Margot Robbie in 2019 is Once upon a time in Hollywood. In this film, Margot has an appearance which is really charming and beautiful. She has natural blonde hair with soft wavy ends.

This is not a new hairstyle but it is always beautiful an on trend. With this haircut, her appearance looks so powerful and intelligent. She has sleek blonde hair which is very bright and smooth. Moreover, middle part hairstyle makes her face look balanced and harmonious. All make her image look very elegant and impressive.

Instead of having the whole hair with long straight texture, Margot Robbie hair is softly curled on ends to make natural hair waves. Almost women with this hairstyle look very charming, sweet and graceful and it is absolutely suitable with Margot’s image in this drama film.

Natural blonde hair with wavy ends

Time goes by, Margot appearance is also changed with more charming and mature style. Her hairstyles have very big role in this change. We hope you feel excited and interested with our information about Margot Robbie hair.

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