Top 17 Breathtaking Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

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Being one of the most famous and influential American celebrities, Lisa Rinna always knows how to steal fans’ heart with her impressive fashion, especially unique hairstyles. It is undoubted that a lot of women have been inspired by Lisa Rinna hairstyles. What about you? If you also want to rock the hairstyles as this star did, Luxshinehair will help you to make your dream come true. Today, discover top 17 breathtaking Lisa Rinna hairstyles that can give you a dreaming look. Don’t let you wait any more! Let start!

1. Layer Pixie

Layer pixie is one of the most beautiful Lisa Rinna hairstyles, which makes her so amazing. As you can see in the picture, she is smiling radiantly and wearing a gorgeous short hairstyle, layer pixie. This hairstyle, obviously, flatters her beauty and really helps her make a great impression on others. Besides, the color of her hair is also what attracts our attention. How subtle Lisa is when combining caramel highlights over a dark brown base does wonders for her. If you want to become charming like Lisa Rinna, don’t miss this hairstyle.

Layer pixie - Lisa Rinna hairstyles
Layer pixie – Lisa Rinna hairstyles

2. Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

Another hairstyle of Lisa Rinna short hair we must mention is the wavy pixie hairstyle. If you are suffering from thin hair, this hairdo will aid in increasing volume. As you can see, Lisa has her hair cut into a variety of layers and then creates wavy locks to get an elegant and feminine appeal. Meanwhile, the layers on both sides are kept long in order to cover her ears. Particularly, what makes us impressed might be the combination of darker roots and some highlights at the ends, emphasizing her skin hue as well as making her eyes more charming.

Lisa Rinna Hairstyles 7
Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

3. Middle Part Blonde Wavy Hair

Lisa Rinna’s middle part blonde wavy hair is recognized for its beauty and distinct charm. The middle part and loose waves create a look that is both stylish and easygoing, making it suitable for a variety of styles and events. 

Middle part blonde wavy hair
Middle part blonde wavy hair

4. Straight Bob Hair With Bangs

It is a fact that Lisa Rinna always looks amazing in any short haircut. Another typical example of Lisa Rinna hairstyles is exactly Straight bob hair with bangs. This hairstyle creates an illusion of thick and voluminous hair that many girls with thin or fine hair are lusting after. Lisa takes advantage of this haircut as an effective way to flatter her beauty. 

 Straight Bob hair with bangs -  Lisa Rinna Hairstyles
Straight Bob hair with bangs –  Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

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5. Big Bun 

Lisa Rinna always changes her hair for a new image every time she appears in front of her fans. You can find a little cool, a bit sexy, and gentle in Lisa when she wears a big bun. Are you attracted by her beauty in this change? If long hair is your cup of tea, this amazing cut is a must-try hairstyle for you.

 Big bun hairstyle 
Big bun hairstyle

6. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Not only does Lisa Rinna fit short hair, but she also rocks long hair for flexible, appealing beauty. As in this picture, she makes herself stand out with a beautiful dress and an impressively long wavy hairstyle. How fetching she is in long hair with natural waves! If your hair is long and you want to get the look of Lisa, this masterpiece will definitely be the best choice for you to rock this season.

 Long Wavy Hairstyle
Long Wavy Hairstyle
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7. Half Up Half Down

Another Lisa Rinna long hairstyle you should consider is half up, half down. If you don’t know how to style your long locks, don’t worry! Do it the same way as this celeb did. To create a formal look, Lisa pins her long hair at the backside of her head after making locks. You can recreate this hairstyle easily for any occasion, especially a birthday or a party.

Half up half down hairstyle -  Lisa Rinna Hairstyles
Half up half down hairstyle –  Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

8. Slick Back Browns

This is one of Lisa’s favorite hairstyles. When seeing this photo, we can understand why she falls in love with it. Lisa Rinna chose a slick back style to brighten her face, unveil ears and show off her luxurious and elegant earrings. Her makeup focuses on eyes with dark tone to create a mysterious beauty that attracts other people around.

Slick Back Browns
Slick Back Browns

9. Braid Ponytail 

The braided ponytail is always the priority option for Lisa Rinna on many occasions. As you can see, this hairdo helps to catch all the attention to her outstanding facial features because of all the hair away from her face. Some accessories, like earrings, she wears are also flaunted, which helps her get the dreamy look.

Braid ponytail 
Braid ponytail

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10. High Ponytail And Thick Bangs

The next Lisa Rinna hairstyles that will be mentioned by Luxshinehair is high ponytail. To be honest, this hairstyle appeared much more special when she added some platinum highlights on her hair. All hair is gathered into a high ponytail, and thick bangs lie on her forehead, which gives her a younger appearance. No matter how long or short her hair is, she always knows how to turn it into impressive and heart-touching hairstyles. So amazing! Right?

High ponytails and thick bangs
High ponytails and thick bangs

11. Wavy Bob Hair With Side Part

The bob haircut is famed for its ageless charm, and Lisa Rinna’s version is especially striking. Her bob is usually just above her shoulders. This length draws attention to her facial features, especially her jawline and neck, producing a pleasing and elegant silhouette. Her hairstyle’s side part gives a hint of asymmetry and interest, which can help enhance her facial features and add drama to the overall look.

Wavy bob hair with side part 
Wavy bob hair with side part

12. Long Sleek Hair 

While Lisa Rinna is best known for her short and wavy hairstyles, she has also worn long sleek hair on occasion, displaying a different but equally attractive aesthetic. This length enhances her overall image by adding a touch of beauty and femininity. Lisa’s hair is thoroughly straightened and smoothed, resulting in a shiny and finished finish. 

Long Sleek Hair 
Long Sleek Hair

13. Bowl Cut Hairstyle 

A bowl cut has crisp, precise lines that frame the face and give it a sleek, polished look. The smooth, even edge along the hairline distinguishes this geometric haircut. The bowl haircut is symmetrical by nature, with the hairline forming a complete circle around the head. This symmetry can draw attention to face features and produce a balanced, harmonious appearance. The beauty of a bowl cut hairstyle is in its simplicity, adaptability, and ageless appeal. 

Bowl Cut Hairstyle - Lisa Rinna short hair
Bowl Cut Hairstyle – Lisa Rinna short hair

14. Wavy Pink Lob 

Because of its unique combination of trendy components, a wavy pink lob hairstyle is incredibly gorgeous and eye-catching. It mixes the sophistication of a bob with a playful twist of brilliant pink color that provides a startling contrast that can be extremely appealing. Pink provides a pop of color to the hair, making Lisa Rinna standout and capture attention. 

Wavy Pink Lob 
Wavy Pink Lob

15. Fohawk 

The faux hawk is a fashionable and edgy hairstyle that blends aspects of a traditional mohawk with a more modern, trendy appearance. It is trimmed precisely on the sides of the head, with a longer strip of hair in the center. This haircut is ideal for Lisa and her personality. 

Fohawk - Lisa Rinna short haircuts
Fohawk – Lisa Rinna short haircuts

16. Low Ponytail 

A low ponytail is a classic and timeless hairstyle in which the hair is gathered at the nape of the neck and secured with a hair tie or a hairpin. Lisa is frequently seen with her characteristic short, textured hairdo, but she is equally stunning with long hair. Pulling the hair around the nape of the neck, or the lowest region of the head near the hairline, together. Do the same, and you’ll have a fantastic hairstyle!

Low Ponytail 
Low Ponytail

17. Long, Straight Hair 

It would be a break from Lisa’s usual look to go from short to long, straight hair.  Lisa stands out from the crowd because to her long, straight hair that reaches her waist and has a smooth and silky texture. 

Long, straight hair 
Long, straight hair


Stunning Lisa Rinna’s hairstyles have never disappointed her fans. Wearing a beautiful hairdo for each appearing in front of the crowd is the way she shows her respect for fans as well as the audience. If you are interested in one of Lisa Rinna hairstyles mentioned by Luxshinehair above, why don’t you try it for a new and impressive look? You must be so amazing in these hairstyles. Don’t miss any chance to become more beautiful. We hope you have the gorgeous hairstyles you want. Thanks a lot for your reading!

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