Our Wig Buying Guide – 5 Simple Step to Locate The Best Buy

Good wigs don’t usually come cheap so ladies who are in need of some new hairstyles always have to look carefully before committing to an order. It’s also the reason why trying to purchase a wig without reading a wig buying guide can lead one to feel disorientating. Many factors are at play and some of them are non-negotiable.

Whether you are looking to buy your first wig or just want to add some new members to the wig family, we think the following advice and questions are needed to make the right purchase. With a clear understanding of what to look for when getting a new hair system, you will be able to feel amazing and make the right choice. Reading a buying guide like ours is the first step in recognizing the best wig for your next purchase.

wig buying guide to help pick the best wig

Step-by-step, we can start looking at what wig’s quality and some essential factors we should pay attention to when buying wigs. Let’s go through these considerations one by one:

  • Picking the size that fits best
  • Working out the most appropriate cap construction
  • Choosing the correct hair material
  • Figuring out the style you want
  • Selecting the color that round out your look

Step 1: Choose a wig that fit

Buying a wig should start with picking the right wig size.

Truth to be told, a whopping 93% of our customers pick a MEDIUM size when buying their wigs. This speaks to the fact that an average size wig fits most people nicely. Moreover, even if the wig doesn’t fit you to the tee, you can always adjust with the pull straps underneath.

wig sizing chart
Our definitive sizing chart to find the perfect fit

However, if you want to feel confident in your choice, you shouldn’t leave it to chance. We recommend first-time wig buyers measure their heads and pick the size that fits them best. The easiest method would be using a tape measure to determine your actual head size. Wrap the tape around your head in several ways to work out your sizing. Then check your number against the chart above to find out whether you are medium or large.

It only takes a few minutes and you will never have to worry that the wig feels too tight or loose. Read our guide to know the best way to measure your wig capsize. The adjustable straps will be the cherry on top in case you don’t feel a total fit on the first try.

How to measure for a wig

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Step 2: Pick one with the most appropriate cap type

There can be many types of wigs cap constructions. Of course, the most expensive one isn’t always the best wigs to buy. However, we all know quality products don’t come cheap.

To truly buy something that you love using and giving you maximum comfort, pick the types of wig caps that are most suitable for your scalp and hair condition. There are 4 main types of cap construction and each will have its unique feature.

Classic Wigs

Buying guide classic cap

Classic wigs are wigs with rows of wefted hair sewn together by machine. They earn the title classic due to the ease of production, the cheap cost as well the general availability.

However, since the part of classic wigs is stationary and machine-teased to conceal the cap underneath, there is little in terms of styling flexibility. The part and style are pretty much fixed so people don’t and can’t tinker with how the styles work.

Most of the true classic wigs provided on the market belong to the capless wig group. They allow for a lot of breathabilities, suitable for cancer patients or people who live in a hot climate.

Monofilament wig

monofilament cap natural hair

A monofilament wig has a steeper asking price than a classic wig but what’s great about this wig construction is they help your hair movement look real. The hair shafts are individually tied to the mesh part of the wig base. This mesh part is made from a very fine and transparent material called monofilament.

Since they are sewn or tied individually to the base, each hair shaft looks like it’s growing straight from the base and falls naturally depending on its weight. Since mono wig allows for this feature, the hair can be parted and brushed in whichever directions and you can kiss goodbye to your old wiggy wigs

While many wigs can be counted as mono wigs, their construction will not be the same. Depending on who you buy from and what models, each type will have a different placement and construction variation. The most popular mono wig type is where you have a monofilament part sit on top of the cap.

Hand-tied wig

Hand-tied wig luxury option

The most luxurious option amongst all wig base options. Hand-tied wigs are the best in class since all of the bases are done by the manual process – hence the name. Making a hand-tied wig can take up to 3 days so this laborious process also translates to the final price.

Similar to the monofilament part of the mono wig, every hair strand all over the wig base is knotted by hand, which allows for the ultimate realistic movement and hair look.

Lace Front Wig

Lace front wig popular option

Lace front wig, the final contender on our list. One of the most popular wig construction since it addresses the main problem most people have with wigs, the hairline. You can see lace front parts on classic caps, monofilament caps, or even hand-tied caps.

With a lace front part, the hairline will look ultra-realistic, allowing you to style and customize to your liking. It’s no wonder why our customers can not get enough of them.

Read our post below for a more in-depth treatment of the matters. You will also find out quickly who would be most suitable for each type.

Best cap construction wig

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Step 3: Know how often and how long you need your wig

When asked to invest in a quality wig, most customers will naturally have concerns about the longevity of the hairpiece. If your wig lasts for a good amount of time, then it’s much easier to justify this asking price.

Now the hair fibers, how they’re collected or produced, should be the main concerns when trying to figure out how long you can use your wig.

Hair wig types comparisions

Most people would agree with us, that human hair wigs, especially virgin hair variety last much longer than synthetic wigs. With up to a year of constant use available, they are the champions in the game of longevity. Alternatively, synthetic will give you up to six months if you wear them every day.

While there are no correct answers when asked how to buy a wig, what you should choose needs to depend on your budget, your expected product value, and how often you will wear the hair.

Read our guide as we compare the two main types of hair fibers, how they stack up against each other, and how you should choose accordingly.

How Long Do Wig Last

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Step 4: Pick the most flattering style

Now it would be insufficient if a wig buying guide doesn’t have a section covering styles. After you have worked out which type of hair and hair cap work best for you, you need to figure out the best wig styles to purchase.

Now as a rule of thumb, you should pick the style before picking the color since the hair texture will dictate what color is available for purchase. (This apply also to our online store). Read more on this section as we discuss wig style, wig texture, the best type of wig for different face shapes, etc…

Choosing the right wig style

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Step 5: Choose the best color for your new wig

Each type of wig will come in a multitude set of colors. For Luxshine, we offer from 10 to 30 colors for many types of products that we sell. For this reason alone, it’s hard to pick the color if you haven’t worked out the length and hairstyles that you want to get.

Now, in terms of selecting hair colors, there can be many different approaches. You can choose the color that is closest to your natural hair for the best match. Alternatively, you can pick what would compliment and flatter your natural skin tone.

No matter what route you want to pick, it’s never a bad idea to talk to our Luxshine’s agent to help you match up with the best color amongst our wide selection.

Read our guide as we detail all of the common ways and methods we use to arrive at the best color choice for our clients and customers.

Buying wig color guide

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