2023 Human Hair Wig Buying Guide – How To Buy Your First Wig

When it comes to transforming your hairstyle, wigs offer a versatile and convenient solution. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, or experiment with a new look, a wig can provide endless possibilities. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect wig for your needs. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will walk you through the essential factors to consider when purchasing your first wig. From selecting the right hair type to understanding different cap constructions and caring for your wig, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Wig buying guide: human hair vs. Synthetic hair wigs

Human hair wigs

If you desire the most natural and realistic appearance, human hair wigs are the way to go. Made from real human hair, these wigs offer exceptional quality and versatility. They can be styled and treated just like your own hair, allowing you to use heat styling tools, dye them, and even perm them to achieve your desired look. The texture and movement of human hair wigs mimic natural hair, providing a seamless blend with your own strands.

Asian human hair wigs

For those seeking sleek and straight hair, Asian human hair wigs are a fantastic option. The hair texture is naturally straight and tends to be thicker, making it suitable for individuals with similar hair types. Asian human hair wigs are known for their lustrous shine and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and glamorous look.

Wig buying guide: human hair vs. Synthetic hair wigs
Wig buying guide: human hair vs. Synthetic hair wigs

European human hair

If you prefer a softer and more refined texture, European human hair wigs are worth considering. European hair is typically finer and has a natural wave or slight curl. These wigs offer a luxurious feel and are ideal for those who desire a more relaxed and elegant style. European human hair wigs provide excellent versatility, allowing you to straighten or curl them to match your desired aesthetic.

Wig buying guide: Wig cap constructions

Wefted wig caps

Wefted wig caps are the most common and affordable option. The hair is sewn onto wefts, creating rows of hair that are securely attached to the cap. Wefted wigs provide good ventilation and allow for easy maintenance. They are suitable for everyday wear and come in various styles and lengths to suit different preferences.

Lace front cap construction

Lace front wigs feature a sheer lace panel at the front of the wig, extending from ear to ear. The hair strands are individually hand-tied to the lace, creating a natural-looking hairline. This construction offers versatility in styling, allowing you to part the hair in multiple directions. Lace front wigs provide a seamless blend and are popular among those seeking a more realistic appearance.

Monofilament wigs

Monofilament wigs are crafted with a sheer, breathable material at the crown, which mimics the look of natural scalp. Each hair is individually hand-tied to the cap, providing the ultimate realism and allowing for multi-directional parting. Monofilament wigs offer superior comfort and are an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive scalps or hair loss.

Hand-tied cap construction

Hand-tied wigs are the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship. Every hair strand is meticulously hand-tied to the cap, creating the illusion of natural hair growth. This construction allows for maximum movement and breathability. Hand-tied wigs offer unparalleled comfort and are ideal for individuals who prioritize comfort and a natural appearance.

Wig buying guide: Wig cap constructions
Wig buying guide: Wig cap constructions

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Wig buying guide: How to buy a wig

Decide if you prefer a synthetic wig or a human hair wig

The first step in buying a wig is determining whether you prefer a synthetic or a human hair wig. Synthetic wigs are generally more affordable and require minimal maintenance. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and are pre-styled, making them convenient for everyday wear. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, offer the most natural appearance and styling versatility. Consider your budget, desired look, and level of maintenance you’re willing to invest in when making this decision.

Decide if you prefer a synthetic wig or a human hair wig
Decide if you prefer a synthetic wig or a human hair wig

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in choosing the right wig. If you lead an active lifestyle and need a wig that can withstand physical activities, synthetic wigs with heat-resistant fibers may be a better option. They are more resistant to humidity and hold their style well. If you have a more formal or professional lifestyle, a human hair wig provides a polished and sophisticated look that can be styled to suit any occasion.

Look for a wig that flatters the shape of your face

Different wig styles suit different face shapes. Understanding your face shape can help you select a wig that enhances your features. For example:

  • Oval face: Almost any wig style will complement an oval face shape.
  • Round face: Opt for wigs with volume on top or styles that add height to elongate the face.
  • Square face: Soft, layered wigs or those with curls and waves soften the angles of a square face.
  • Heart-shaped face: Look for wigs with volume around the jawline or those that draw attention away from the forehead.
  • Long face: Choose wigs with fullness at the sides or styles with bangs to add width to the face.

Select a wig that compliments your skin tone

Consider your skin tone when choosing the color of your wig. If you have warm undertones, shades like honey blonde, warm browns, or auburn can enhance your complexion. For cool undertones, platinum blonde, ash brown, or jet black can be flattering. Experimenting with different shades can help you find the perfect match that complements your natural beauty.

Measure the circumference of your head

To ensure a proper fit, it’s important to measure the circumference of your head. Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your hairline, just above your ears, and around the back of your neck. Note down the measurements and refer to the size chart provided by the wig manufacturer to select the appropriate size.

Wig buying guide-Measure the circumference of your head
Wig buying guide-Measure the circumference of your head

Try the wig on to ensure it is comfortable

When trying on wigs, consider the comfort level. The wig should fit snugly but not feel too tight or cause discomfort. Adjust the straps or use any adjustable features to customize the fit according to your head shape. Walk around, move your head, and see if the wig stays in place and feels secure. Comfort is key for a confident and enjoyable wig-wearing experience.

Use the adjustable band so the wig stays in place

Most wigs come with adjustable bands or straps inside the cap. These bands allow you to tighten or loosen the wig to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. Take advantage of this feature to ensure the wig stays in place throughout the day. A properly fitted wig will give you peace of mind and allow you to go about your activities without worrying about the wig slipping or shifting.

How do I pick a wig for my face shape?

Choosing a wig that complements your face shape is essential to achieve a harmonious and flattering look. Here are some general guidelines to help you select a wig based on your face shape:

  • Oval Face Shape: Consider yourself lucky as almost any wig style will suit you. Experiment with different lengths, textures, and styles to find what you love.
  • Round Face Shape: Look for wigs that add height and volume on top to elongate your face. Styles with layers or side-swept bangs can create the illusion of a slimmer face.
  • Square Face Shape: Opt for wigs with soft, wispy layers and curls to soften the angles of your face. Side-swept bangs or styles with height on top can also help balance your features.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Choose wigs that add volume and fullness around the jawline to balance the width of your forehead. Side-swept bangs and chin-length or longer styles work well for heart-shaped faces.
  • Long Face Shape: Look for wigs with volume on the sides to add width and create the illusion of a broader face. Shorter styles or those with layers and waves can help add fullness to your face.

Remember that these guidelines are just suggestions, and personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right wig. Feel free to experiment and try different styles to find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Wig buying guide-How do I pick a wig for my face shape?
Wig buying guide-How do I pick a wig for my face shape?

Caring for the wig

How to wash a natural human hair wig

Caring for your human hair wig properly is essential to maintain its quality and prolong its lifespan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to washing your natural human hair wig:

  • Detangle the wig: Gently comb through the wig with a wide-toothed comb or wig brush to remove any tangles or knots.
  • Prepare the wash basin: Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of wig shampoo. Swish the water gently to create a soapy solution.
  • Immerse the wig: Submerge the wig into the water and gently swirl it around. Avoid rubbing or agitating the hair, as this can cause tangling.
  • Cleanse the wig: Use your fingers to massage the shampoo into the hair strands, focusing on the roots and any areas that need extra cleaning. Be gentle and avoid twisting or pulling the hair.
  • Rinse the wig: Thoroughly rinse the wig under running water until all the shampoo is removed. Gently squeeze out the excess water without twisting or wringing the wig.
  • Condition the wig: Apply a small amount of wig conditioner to the hair, avoiding the roots. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes to nourish the strands, then rinse it out thoroughly.
  • Towel dry the wig: Place the wig on a clean towel and gently blot out the excess water. Avoid rubbing the hair, as it can cause frizz or damage.
  • Style and dry the wig: Gently comb through the wig with a wide-toothed comb or wig brush and allow it to air dry on a wig stand or mannequin head. Avoid using heat styling tools on wet hair.
How to wash a natural human hair wig
How to wash a natural human hair wig

Always brush extensions with care

To keep your wig looking its best, it’s important to brush the hair extensions with care. Here are some tips for proper wig brushing:

Use a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush specifically designed for wigs. Start combing from the ends of the hair, gradually working your way up to the roots. Avoid excessive pulling or tugging, as it can cause the hair to shed or break.

Hold the wig steady while brushing to prevent unnecessary tension on the cap construction. For wavy or curly wigs, it’s best to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle and define the curls. This helps maintain the natural texture of the hair.

When brushing, support the wig at the base or hold it securely to avoid putting stress on the cap or pulling the hair strands. Take your time and be gentle when brushing to avoid damaging the wig. Remember, human hair wigs require the same care as your own natural hair.

Always brush extensions with care
Always brush extensions with care

Minimize heat damage

While human hair wigs offer the flexibility of styling with heat tools, it’s important to minimize heat damage to maintain the longevity of the wig. Here are some tips to protect your wig from excessive heat:

Use heat styling tools sparingly: Excessive heat can cause the hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Opt for heat-free styling methods whenever possible or use heat styling tools on the lowest heat setting.

Apply heat protectant: Before using heat tools on your wig, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to create a barrier between the hair and the heat source. This helps minimize damage and keeps the hair healthy.

Allow the wig to air dry: Instead of using a blow dryer, allow your wig to air dry whenever possible. Excessive heat from blow dryers can cause the hair to become frizzy and damaged.

Style with low heat settings: If you must use heat tools, such as curling irons or straighteners, set them to a low or medium heat setting. This prevents excessive heat exposure, reducing the risk of damage to the wig.

Avoid direct heat sources: Keep your wig away from open flames, hot ovens, or other direct sources of heat. High temperatures can melt or singe the hair fibers, ruining the wig.


Purchasing your first wig can be an exciting and transformative experience. By considering factors such as hair type, cap construction, face shape, skin tone, and proper care, you can ensure that you select a wig that not only enhances your appearance but also brings you confidence and joy. Remember, a wig is a reflection of your personal style, so take the time to explore and find the perfect match. With the information provided in this buying guide, you are well-equipped to embark on your wig-buying journey. Happy wig shopping with Luxshine Hair – one of the leading Vietnamese hair vendors!

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