What do you know about Lace frontals?

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Being a popular type of hair extensions, lace frontal always proves that it is useful and loved by a lot of girls who have unexpected shortcomings of hair. This kind of lace is like a savior for hair since it can deal with almost problems of hair, which are not only short or thin hair but also sparse hair or hair loss.

So what exactly is a lace frontal? How is it different from other types? Why is it so wonderful like that? Let’s find out all things about lace frontal together with Luxshinehair to have the clearest answers!

1. The description of a Lace frontal

Lace frontal is more special than others because hair is fixed on a lace. This frontal lace goes from ear to ear so that the entire front is covered. Its standard size is 13*4 lace frontal. Because, hair will be hooked into a lace net with small holes, it takes quite a lot of time to make a complete hair lace frontal. The frontal can be held in different styles and you can hold the hair back without worrying that the lace will be exposed.

The lace frontal’s coverage is 130% like real human hair’s so that it give an absolutely perfect figure when wearing on head.


2. Similarities and differences between lace frontal’s features and those of some other types.

Many people misunderstand that lace frontal is similar to lace closure or hair wig so that they meet some trouble when buying and using them. To have the best frontal, you had better distinguish these types clearly.


Talking about lace frontal, almost people think that it has a lot of related features with lace closure. Indeed, both of them are hair extensions which are firmly fixed on soft laces. Their coverage is about 130% and completely suitable to add on the front part of real human hair. You can make into different styles such as hair with bangs, side part hair, middle part hair, etc which are up to demands for using.


It is also partly similar to a wig because they are both hair coverages with laces and their coverage level is very large. They can completely make your hair become more voluminous and natural.


Obviously, there always have differences among these types. If not, they had to have the same name.

differences between lace frontal’s features and those of some other types

  • Lace frontal

Lace frontal is a type of front hair laces which goes from ear to ear. Its coverage is large up to 130%, which can wrap a big part of sparse hair. Lace frontal’s size is bigger than lace closure because its lace is 13*4 inches while it is typically 4*4 inches with a lace closure.


Lace frontal’s big coverage allows it to protect the scalp as well as thin hair better. Besides, the main benefit of a lace frontal is its unmatched styling versatility. You can freely make different hairstyles according to your demands to cover weaknesses of hair like short and thin hair, sparse hair and also hair loss. Even, you can make various styles with lace frontal, which lace closure cannot do such as pulled back hairstyles. Of course, its image also looks softer and more natural.

  • Lace closure

Although lace closure is also a kind of front lace hair extensions, it has basic differences to lace frontal. The lace closure’s size is 4*4 inches or 4.5*5.5 inches. The lace’s figure is like a “horse shoe” and its size is smaller than lace frontal. The effect when wearing lace frontals on hair is also very nice and natural but sometimes they can’t help you to have styling versatility.


  • Wig

If lace frontal is a kind of front lace hair extensions, wig is a kind of hair laces that can cover all of your hair. This types is more suitable for hair loss because of its large coverage. Its lace is sometimes harder and more different from that of lace frontal. Wearing a wig when your hair is not too sparse can make you feel a bit hot and uncomfortable.

3. What is the best lace frontal?

Being a popular and frequent choice of women who have bad problems of hair like thin and short hair, sparse hair or hair loss, lace frontals are widely sold in the market of hair extensions. However, that also makes trouble for customers to choose lace frontals with good figure and quality. The question given is how to know whether the lace frontal you buy is the best. Let’s find the answer right here!

Real human hair

The first criteria of a good lace frontal is that hair need to be made from real human hair. The reason is very simple that every real thing is the best. If you choose an artificial hair product, hair is actually not beautiful and natural like real hair. It looks clearly hard and fake so that the user can feel embarrassed and not self- confident in front of the crowd. Even, some suppliers make real hair products mixed with silicon hair or animal hair to get high profit. Moreover, these hair extensions can easily get damages or other problems like tangles or nits. The result is that you will only waste your money without receiving any good effects.

What is the best lace frontal?

Being one of the most prestigious and biggest exporters of hair extensions in Vietnam, Luxshinehair takes pride in bringing to you the best lace frontals. They are 100% Vietnamese virgin and remy hair. All of our hair products are taken from trustworthy hair donors and checked thoroughly before making into extensions. Therefore, hair is always beautiful, strong and natural without problems like nits, lice, shedding or tangles.

Long lifespan

The question of “how long do lace frontals last” is never old. Good lace frontals can meet your demand of long shelf life. Hair with high quality can exist for about 2 to 3 years, even longer with skillful cares. With Luxshinehair’s lace frontals, you will never have to worry about that. Our customer can completely meet this condition.

Beautiful figures

No one wants to buy hair extensions which look ugly and monotonous even if hair’s quality is good. Thus, to satisfy customer’s various demands, all hair extensions need to have beautiful figures. Coming to Luxshinehair, you will see the diversity of lace frontals that our company supply. These lace frontals have the basic coverage of 13*4 inches with different textures including kinds of curly, straight, wavy, fumi, kinky, etc.


Moreover, you can choose suitable length sizes from 8 inches to 22 inches to have short, medium or long hairstyles that you want. You also don’t need to wonder about hair colors. Our palette is extremely diverse from natural colors of Vietnamese hair like black, jet black to outstanding colors like tones of light brown, dark brown, cold colors, even impressive red tones.


Perfect hiding lace

You need to make sure that lace of the frontal is hidden perfectly to make hair look natural as well as avoid being seen by other people. If not, you can feel shy and embarrassed because exposed laces can make all your attempts of adding hair become useless. Luxshinehair’s lace frontals can be easily applied on hair as well as carefully hidden after being wearing on. In addition, hair strands are regular and beautiful with different hairstyles. Its lace hiding is absolutely perfect.

Perfect hiding lace


4. How to put lace frontals in hair?

It can take you quite much of time to put lace frontals in hair if you are the beginner. Therefore, let’s be careful, refer to some making video or ask for a hairdresser’s help to have the best installation of lace frontal on hair.

Making hair cornrows

For the first step, you can make straight cornrows of hair which are on suitable positions so that you can sew the lace frontals in. Putting the lace frontal in the front part of hair which is next to your forehead. Then sewing the lace’s hem in appropriate parts of cornrows. At last, cutting the exposed lace parts and making up to make it look more natural and let your hair in the style that you want.

How to put lace frontals in hair?


There is another way to install the lace frontal in hair, it is gluing. However, this way is not often used because it can’t keep in hair for long time like sew in lace frontal and it can make more damages for hair. Thus, you should be careful when installing in this way.

With wholesalers, they can combine some frontal laces to make into a lace frontal wig. Therefore, its coverage will be better and meet customers’ tastes. When putting this lace frontal wig, you only need to use a stocking cap to cover all your real hair and then wear the frontal wig on. After that, making up to cover the lace and make suitable hairstyles. It will actually bring to you wonderful experiences.

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5. How to take care of lace frontals?

Like the way you take care of other hair extensions, you always need to be careful so as not to make shedding or tangles for hair. If you wear the lace for a long time, you shouldn’t wash your hair too frequently. Beside, wash hair carefully and softly with the specialized soothing shampoo is necessary to make hair look smooth and beautiful.

How to take care of lace frontals?

Don’t forget to use deep conditioners or hair serums to keep your hair always on the best condition. With high quality lace frontals, hair will get less damages like shedding or tangles. Moreover, don’t brush your hair when it is still wet or let it expose to high temperature so that hair will be always impressive and outstanding. Wrap hair when you sleep is also highly stimulated.

If you feel that the lace frontal need replacing, do it immediately! Don’t keep it too long on hair if you don’t want to meet problems of your scalp.

6. How much do lace frontals cost?

Lace frontals’ price is much up to quantity, standard, texture, color and length size of the hair extensions. If you want to have a good product, you need to accept that its price will be more expensive. However, its qualities is never make you disappointed. Whereas, if buying a bad lace frontal, the price will be cheaper but it can be damaged quickly, even make unexpected bad effect for your hair as well as your scalp and your mind. Therefore, never look for the cheap cost if you don’t want to have a lot of problems afterwards.

Being a prestigious company in hair extensions’ field, we supply lace frontals with the best quality and the most reasonable price. Our product’ price is not too cheap but not too expensive so that many customers choose and buy for many times. The cost varies from 79 dollars per piece for short hair to about 130 dollars per piece for colorful long hair. It is not bad, right?

7. Common Q&As

Who can get a lace frontal?

As mentioned before, lace frontal can be suitable for many objectives. You can be a women with short or thin hair and you feel not self- confident with it or you have bad problems of hair like sparse hair or hair loss that make you embarrassed in the crowd. You can install these hair extensions for many different situations and the result is very impressive.

Will a lace frontal take my hair out?

Of course not if you use lace frontals with good quality. If you use artificial hair products, you can meet unexpected trouble anytime. However, with good lace frontals which are completely made from 100% real human hair and sewn in carefully, they will not make bad damages for hair. In contrast, you will feel excited about your new and outstanding appearances that they bring to.

How about reusing lace frontal?

It is absolutely possible. If you only use the lace frontal in short time and you don’t make deep cut on the lace as well as make tangles on hair, you can reuse it.


How do you think of surprising and wonderful advantages of this lace frontal? It will actually give you an absolutely impressive appearance! Please contact us to have the best lace frontals with high quality, beautiful figure and reasonable price. We make sure that our hair extensions from Vietnam hair will actually meet your satisfactions. Welcome to Luxshinehair!

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