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Sometimes you find it struggling to deal with your natural hair, especially curly hair. We all know how hard for curly-born girls to take care of their natural tress. It’s not only about the way they do, the method they apply but about the thick and coarse hair itself which get damaged easily. Beside proper hair care, hairstyles contributes on healthy locks as well. You can consider some hairstyles to beat the humidity to save your hair life.

For curly hair, one of the best way to have great look with protecting hairdo is to twist the hair. Below are what you need to know about twist out hairstyles for natural hair, keep reading!

What Is A Twist Out Hairstyle?

Like its name, a twist out is to twist all of your hair from the top to hair ends, leave them in for awhile and then release them all. We can say that this is a great way to define the curls. Normally, it happens to overnight care routine. Thanks to this hairstyle, your curls are protected during your sleep and defined in the morning. Hence, you can save time in styling hair for a new day.

what a twist out hairstyle is

What Are Mistakes You Make When Twisting Out?

Actually, there are a lot of variables that can give different outcomes of the twist out hairstyle. Whether or not you twist your hair out properly, using  right products are of importance. Or else, your hair is tangled completely. Besides, many problems and mistakes you can make by accident during twisting out process. Therefore, to help you have a bouncy hairstyle with no frizz, Luxshinehair will show some common twisting out no-nos that you must avoid.

What Are Mistakes You Make When Twisting Out

1. Your Hair Hasn’t Been Detangled Totally Before Doing A Twisting Out

Are your hair detangled fully? Maybe many people don’t put much thought into this issue. But it is seriously wrong if you still leave your hair with a few tangles when doing a twist out. Do you know why? Firstly, it is very hard or even impossible for you to divide your hair into proper sections to twist if your hair is tangled. Secondly, tangle hair tends to get breakage under the pressure of the twists. Last but not least, the knotted hair cannot keep right curls which will be frizzy and turn your hair into disaster. 

Rodriguez, creator of hair care brand Mielle Organics, said that proper and thorough detangling will give you the best definition, prevent breakage and especially make your hair be turned out more easily. So, there is no reason for you not to ignore this simple step.

2. You Use Wrong Products for Your Hair Textures

Whether products you use to get the hair textures as you want are right or not? As we all know, people have different hair features and types so that it is very important to clarify which products work best on your hair. Depending on the textures you want, purchase the right products when you twist out to get your dreaming patterns.

3. Your Hair Is Still Wet When Untwisting Your Hair

Another mistake many people often make is to let their hair wet before untwisting. As many experts in hair have advised, drying your hair totally before twisting out to get the final style is regarded as an indispensable step. If your hair is not dry completely, it will cause frizz and not create proper definition as you like. As far as we all know, the wet hair has tendency to get damaged much more than dry one. Consequently, twisting hair out when it’s wet is ruining your hair.

4. You Go To Bed with No Wrapping Your Twist Out Hair

Sometime, you are so tired of your work and you just want to immediately go to sleep when coming back home. Oh! Be careful! If you are having twist out hairstyle, it can be affected negatively because you don’t wrap it. In fact, wrapping your twist out hair before going to bed is essential to prevent frizz as well as keep your hairstyle in shape. Thus, you had better use a silk scarf or a bonnet to wrap over your head before you go to sleep.

Easy and Cute Twist Out Hairstyles

1. High Bun and Bangs

This is one of the cute twist out hairstyles that is worn by a number of girls, especial those with natural hair. It is not difficult for this hairdo to be created. What you need to do is to pull your twist out hair up into a high puff. At last, leave some bangs out to make it look natural.

High Bun and Bangs

2. Bantu Knots and Half Down Twist Out

This is another pretty and easy twist out on natural hair that you shouldn’t miss. To make this twist out hairstyle, at first you need to create 3 or more Bantu knots in the front half part of your hair. After that, do a twist out on the behind and bottom half. So now, you can feel free to walk down the street with this unique hairstyle.

Bantu Knots and Half Down Twist Out

3. Twist Out On A Bob Haircut

If you have a bob haircut and are looking for short twist out hairstyles, try this. The combination between a bob haircut and twist out natural hair style is really perfect to make your day. Renew yourself with this hairdo for a different and fresh look.

Twist Out On A Bob Haircut

4. Twist Out On Short Tapered Cut

We must say that “how amazing this hairstyle is!” What do you think about your short tapered cut mixed with twist out style to make a big chop on your head? This hairstyle is so appropriate for short hair because it can give great definitions. Just look at in this picture and enjoy it!

Twist Out On Short Tapered Cut

5. Swoop Bang and High Bun

The last twist out hairstyles for natural hair we want to show you today is swoop bang with a high bun. To get this hairdo, at first, you pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it into a big bun. After that, swoop your bangs across your forehead and keep it behind your ear with a bobby pin. And done!

Swoop Bang and High Bun

Now you have a clearer background about twist out hair from its definition, mistakes as well as some cute twist out hairstyles to try. Luxshine Hair hopes that you will find the best vietnam hair to wear for a new look. Wish you have beautiful twist out hairstyle!

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