The most beautiful half up half down prom hairstyles

One of the most popular hairstyles at prom is half up half down style. There are hundreds of its variations for girls to choose so that it is much loved. It can be said that this is a wonderful idea for girls who want to be outstanding and beautiful at the party because it looks attractive, charming and impressive. For now, have you been ready to discover prom hairdos with half up half down?

1. Simple half up half down hairstyles

Knotted half updo

As for girls who love soft, simple but pretty image, this hairstyle is actually suitable. Any girls can do this by grabbing a section of hair from the back and seperate into two. Tie them in a basic knot, loosen it and secure with some accessory such as a tiny pin or a flower clip. Let the other part down and keep it look natural. At the crown, you may also make a bit of volume so that the hairstyle will become more bobbing and impressive.

Hair bow

A hair bow right on your head will actually make an interesting highlight for you at prom. It sounds difficult to make but not. You only need an elastic and some bobby pin to have this attractive hairstyle. Taking small parts from both sides of your head. Tie them i to a ponytail but don’t pull the ends through the elastic the last time you wrap so as to create a loop. Split it in to 2 parts and use pins to fix them. Take the small remaining part of the ponytail, wrap it up and around the middle of the bow to hide the elastic and don’t forget to use bobby pins to secure it. The performance is ready!

Hair bow

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Elegant wrap- around

You only need to take less than 5 minutes to have this style which is both neat and beautiful for special occasions such as date night or dinner event. With the available wavy hair, you take small parts from both side of head and twist them some times. Loosen the twisted part and fix it with pins.  You’d better make more volume on the crown so that it will look more natural and soft.

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Elegant wrap- around

2. Half up half down braids

We can’t deny that braids are suitable for every hairstyle and half up half down is not the exception. These braids have a lot of different styles so that girls can comfortably choose the most appropriate ones. These below styles are highly recommended for you to have an attractive appearance at prom.

Four Strand Headband Braid

Different from other braids, this hairstyle is braided in thin and flat shape. Firstly, you divide a part into 4 strands. Tuck the strand furthest away under the strand next to it then cross it over the next one and tuck it under the one closest to you. Then do the same thing backwards. It can be something new if you have never braided before but if you get it, the result will be very attractive.

Four Strand Headband Braid 2 2


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Half up crown braid

Braid your hair on the top of head like a beautiful crown. You can choose the style that you like the best to make such as French braids, snake braids or even classical braids. Suitable hair colors and accessories will be very useful for you to make impression with the others.

Half up crown braid

Long braids

Using your half- up hair to braid into a long braid strand from the top of head to the suitable position that you want and fix it with some accessories. Popular styles used are fishtail braid, French braid, etc. You hair will look much attractive you you can choose an appropriate color and wavy hairstyle.

Long braids

Braids and flower buns

This hairstyle will actually make you become the center of the party because of the fussy and impressive image that it brings. Firstly your hair is curled. Next, you make 3 strand braids. After that, taking the 3 strand braids and hair from the other side of head and connecting them with an elastic. Next, you braid the half up ponytail and twist it into a bun like a flower. You will need help from another one but it will good because your appearance will be more neat and beautiful.

Braids and flower buns

Besides, there are many beautiful styles for prom occasion that we can’t list all here. However with these above hairstyles, we make sure that you will become the most beautiful girl at the party. Don’t forget to attach suitable accessories on your half up half down hairstyle to make outstanding highlight.

In addition, you still have a lot of other choices for your hairstyles at prom, find more in this below article to have your suitable one Ultimate guides for prom hairstyles. 


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