Stunning dark green hair ideas for a new appearance

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People often think about adding bright and dazzling colors on hair to make their look become more attractive. However, you can still not know that lowlight hair colors also give wonderful results on hair. Dark green hair dye is exactly one of the most gorgeous tints among them. Today, let’s discover this new amazing color with its impressive styles together with Luxshinehair!

dark green hair

Dark green straight hair

Girls with long black and straight hair often get good comments from other people because it gives the images which is very soft and natural. In addition, straight hair is simple so that it gives smooth and less tangle effects. If shades of highlights make women’s face look brighter and younger, dark green hair helps girls’ appearance become more mysterious, mature and charming. 

Of course, you can completely combine this impressive hair color with short hair to make your face become more eye- catching as well as display your personality better. 

Dark green straight hair 1

Dark green wavy hair

It can be said that dark green is really a trendy hair tone because it attracts not only active girls in Western countries but also sweet girls in Asian regions. Even when you are not a girls who has something rebellious, you still have many choices for hair with dark green tone. Among them, dark green wavy hair is the most popular selection. It will actually make your appearance become much more outstanding and attractive. 

You can refer to images of K-pop female singers such as Tzuyu( Twice), Joy( Red Velvet), Tiffany( SNSD), Hani( Exid), etc. Dark green lowlights help their hairstyle look more outstanding than others and mild hair waves help hair become more voluminous and natural. It  will be a big advantage if your skin tone is bright and white because your image will be embellished in the best way. 

dark green wavy hairstyle

Dark green hair with bangs

How do you think if combining this impressive hair color with bangs? Commonly, having blunt bangs or curved bangs is the top choice of girls. It can go well with many popular textures of hair such as straight, wavy, even curly hair. More importantly, it is also a wise choice when you want to hide unexpected shortcomings like thin face or high forehead. 

Keeping bangs is absolutely useful to make your appearance become younger and fresher. Moreover, dark green hair color helps to beautify the style you want to display. Thus, don’t forget to mix the hairstyle with the suitable fashion style and then you will be outstanding as a fashionista. 

dark green hair and bangs

Dark green on brown hair

If you feel that dyeing your whole hair is too risky and exaggerated because your hair is relatively thin and weak, why don’t you try a style of green hair dye for dark hair. We have an available nice idea for you. It is dark green on brown hair. As for this style, green hair strands are wonderful highlights to make brown hair become more impressive. Its effect on hair is quite soft but charming so that you can completely feel secure when having this style to anywhere. Don’t forget to combine this hairdo with loose hair waves and impressive accessories to make yourself become the most gorgeous!

dark green on brown hair

Dark green ombre hair

Another beautiful style of highlighted hair is dark green ombre hair. Instead of having a  balayage style, dyeing hair with ombre style can give the clearer effect on hair. It is not necessary that you have to have main brown hair tone, other dark hair tones such as black hair or burgundy hair, etc are completely okay. These hair colors are natural hair tones. Obviously, they are safe to protect hair from unexpected chemicals for hair. 

The color is added on hair ends to make a new impressive image. This shade is unique and ethereal so that it is the perfect choice to show things rebellious in you. 

Dark green ombre hair

Dark green hair braids

The last style that we would like to mention here is braid styles with dark green hair. If you are an African American women, it is completely simple to find yourself a suitable braided hairstyle with this attractive hair dye. There are a lot of selections for colored braided hair such as yarn braids, box braids, goddess braids, etc. These styles make the appearance of black girls become much more attractive and special. 

In case you are not accustomed to combining this shade of green color with black braid hairdos, you can have other loose braid styles such as Dutch braids, French braids and so on. Dark green hair color is very easy to combine with braided styles. Thus, you will have tons of choices to make your image become the most beautiful. 

Dark green hair braids

Do these suggestions of dark green hair make you feel impressed? Please share your thoughts to help us develop more. If you want to have real human hair extensions with unique style, let’s contact Luxshinehair immediately. We are always ready to serve you and bring to you the best hair beauty. 

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