Double-sided Tape And Single-sided Tape – New Type of Hair Extensions?

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We are pretty sure that single-sided tape in and double-sided tape in are unfamiliar to you. At first sight, you may think they are new types of hair extensions. In fact, it’s a NO.

Generally, people know about tape in hair extensions as traditional one and invisible one. This classification bases on the materials and the producing process of these types. Also, the names themselves show their features in how it will look in your natural hair.

Besides, there is another way to recognize tape in hair extensions, and that’s what we are talking about – single-sided and double-sided tape in hair extensions. To know the truth, keep reading this article.

Double sided Tape Vs. Single sided Tape

How do they work?

Let’s us introduce briefly about these types.

Single-sided tape in hair extensions

We can say that, it’s just as normal as ordinary type. The difference, however, lays in how we apply it. Instead of making “sandwiches”, we need 1 piece of tape only for each placement. 

In the installation, you need to use rat tail comb to make clear part and take out hair strand as thin as possible. After remove the tape protector, set it upward (or downward, it depends on you) to the thin hair piece, and put some pressure to make it secure.

single-sided tape application

For the other side, we will alter the tape-in tab by a clear single-sided tape to seal the bond. Thanks to that, the tape won’t stick to other hair or make any tangle. Be careful or they won’t overlap to each other and it becomes a disaster to your tress.

Some hairstylists prefer to use tweezers to apply the single-sided tape first, then fit the tape hair extensions on the opposite position. No matter what order you use, it still works the same. But find the most convenient way for you and it absolutely takes less time to do the process.

For better security, you should use pliers to put more pressure at the bonding places.

Double-sided tape in hair extensions

On the other hand to single-sided tape in hair extensions, this one is the traditional method in which we need 2 pieces of tape in hair extensions to bond together. The application way is similar as above. How to do it in detail? Just click here and you will understand it thoroughly.

Besides, we also have a post about how to remove tape-in hair extensions. It makes sense to both of types we are mentioning here.

Double-sided tape in hair extensions

The features


Although they are different in application, it has the same features of tape in hair extensions such as adding instant length and subtle volume, giving seamless look and owning quick application and removal. Moreover, you can have various choices in length, color and styles.

Additionally, we can reuse it if your hair extensions are high quality which last longer than the lifespan of the tape! If you choose products from Luxshinehair, we guarantee you can use them several time within 1-2 years. A thorough hair care, absolutely, is required. To use tape in hair extensions again, you need to apply replacement tape after getting rid of all the adhesive glue on the old tape in hair extensions.


Of course, there are some distinguished characteristics as well.

It’s obvious that single-sided tape in is much lighter than the double-sided one. Let’s do a simple math. It’s 3 grams per tape for the first type. When it comes to double-sided, it weighs 6 grams. Consequently, the second type causes much pressure to our natural hair and scalp.

In comparison, the latter one has tendency to give more volume than the former. With the same area to place hair extensions, double-sided tape is thick as twice as the single-sided thanks to 2 pieces of “sandwich”.

In term of durability, it is said that the traditional one is much better thanks to the well-sticky features of the replacement tape. Ordinarily, the tape itself can last for at least 6-8 weeks up to 6 months.

Which one is better?

Well, it’s hard to say. Each type has its own pros and cons as above. Particularly, it depends on the wearers with their different features, hobbies, etc.

Who should choose the single-sided tape in hair extensions?

According to our experience in hair extensions, the single-sided tape in is suitable to those whose hair is thin type. It’s not about the density of hair, but it is about the perimeter of the hair shaft. If you are interested in hair structure, you can find our articles about Basic Structure Of Human Hair Knowledge.

Back to our point, the thin hair cannot bear heavy hair extensions. Or else, they will slip out quickly. As a result, the lighter, the better.

single-sided tape perfect for thin hair

On the one hand, it is also the favorite choice of many women who don’t want such thick hair. Sometimes, thick hair is too fake to some people. However, they still want longer hair. So, it’s a perfect match with this type of tape in hair extensions.

Who should choose double-sided tape in hair extensions?

Whilst, this type is believed to suit with fine hair and thick/coarse hair owners thanks to its durability. Also, those who love extra thick and voluminous locks cannot skip this one for sure.

Moreover, if you possess slow growth tresses, you should consider this one. In general, you need to re-tape every 6-8 weeks due to the hair growth which cause unnatural look to the hair extensions application. On the other hand, your hair doesn’t change much after this period, it’s not necessary to re-install at all. Hence, long-lasting tape is a better choice for sure.

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