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Have you ever seen the hairstyle of your most favorite celebrity in a latest show, then immediately gone to a hair salon nearby to have a hairdo in the same style? If yes, we bet that you are a kind of person who always want to catch up with the trend. However, don’t be hurry to hairdressers then regret later because your hair become drier, weaker and thinner day by day.

So what is the best way to change hairstyle and color many times whenever you want without damaging your hair ? The answer is using hair extensions.

Hair extensions are now becoming more and more familiar with women, especially artist who often change their hair texture and color due to their work. Tape-in hair extensions can be considered the best- selling product on the international hair market because of their many benefits. Luxshinehair will help you have a closer look to this excellent kind of hair extensions.

What is a tape in hair extension? 

Tape in hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension method that involves attaching hair wefts to the natural hair using a medical-grade adhesive tape. These extensions are typically made from high-quality human hair and come in small sections with a thin, discreet strip of adhesive tape at the top.    

What are the advantages of tape in?

Tape in hair extensions have gained immense popularity worldwide, both among clients and hair professionals. But what is so great about them? Here, we present six compelling reasons why they have taken the hair extension industry by storm.

Gentle on Natural Hair:

  • Tape extensions have a minimal impact on the client’s natural hair. The wide 4cm tape distributes the weight of the extensions across a larger section of hair compared to other attachment methods. This reduces the risk of breakage or pulling out hair from the root, keeping it healthy and intact, even after the extensions are removed.

Heat-Free Application:

  • Unlike many other professionally fitted extension methods that require heated appliances, tape extensions offer a heat-free application. They are attached by sandwiching two tapes together with a small section of natural hair in between, using a specially designed tool to clamp them. No heat is needed during this process.

Quick and Easy Attachment:

  • Tape in hair extensions can be fitted in under one hour for a full head, revolutionizing the world of hair extensions. Traditional methods often take at least two hours. This time-saving technique is highly beneficial for hair professionals, allowing them to serve more clients and increase profitability. Clients, on the other hand, bid farewell to long hours spent in the salon.

Natural-Looking Results:

  • Tape extensions deliver stunning results. The seamless design creates a flat finish without any lumps or bumps, seamlessly blending with natural hair. This produces a smooth and natural-looking head of hair that brings joy to clients.

Easy Removal and Reusability:

  • Removing tape extensions is quicker than the application process. A bond remover is applied between the tapes, which effortlessly allows the tapes to glide out. High-quality tape extensions can be reused after cleaning the tapes and applying fresh tape for reattachment.

Comfortable and Low Maintenance:

  • Disappointment arises when clients are fitted with uncomfortable and high-maintenance extensions. However, tape extensions provide a comfortable and soft experience while requiring minimal upkeep. When correctly fitted, clients may even forget they are wearing extensions, experiencing no discomfort—only admiration.
The advantages of tape in
The advantages of tape in

What are the best tape-in hair extensions?

Generally, tape-in human hair extensions are so cool and you can see yourself a totally different woman right after applying them on your head. Moreover, it is one of the most favorite types of hair extensions for thin hair.

As their name, tape-in hair extensions are hair wefts which are attached with special kind of tape on the top. Those kind of hair extensions are supper easy to apply and remove, do not harm your hair, look natural and silky. The tape is tiny, soft and invisible, so no one can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions.

 This single-sided tape-in remy hair extension is great option for women with a very fine and thin hair since it will help increase the length and volume of hair. They vary in texture (popular texture such as straight, curly, wavy and so on), color and size (long, short, medium). Thus, you can easily choose the best one that suit your real hair color and style. Besides, made from 100% human hair, tape-in hair extensions are silky, soft and stay healthy for a long time.

Moreover, using tape-in remy hair extensions, you can save some money because they can be re-used by removing the old tape.

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How to apply?

Why tape-in human hair extensions are amazing and become increasingly popular on the market? First and foremost, it is they are simple to wear and do not take less time than other hair extensions. If you go to hair salon, you only need to sit on the chair for about half an hour.  Instead, you will have to wait hours to install like other hair extensions.

How to use tape-in hair extensions?

To apply these hair extensions, what you need to do is just open the tape and stick it directly to your real hair. You need to use tape-in hair extensions into two sections or else the adhesive will stick to other hair and make it messy and tangle. It’s like making a sandwich and your hair will be in the middle of this sandwich.

The bottom section will go underneath your nature hair . The top piece of tape-in extensions will go over top of your natural hair. After that, you should use pliers to make it stick it together tightly.

apply tape-in hair extensions

After finishing installing, you can trim a little bit off the bottom to make the ends even and you can feather the hair so that it will blend perfectly with your natural hair. Feathering is a wonderful technique to remove some of the bulk at the bottom of your hair extensions to make hair extensions nice and light. Because the tapes are completely invisible, so you can braid or curl your hair easily.

How to Remove and Reuse Tape Extensions

It is incredibly easy to replace the tape. You need to prepare replacement tapes and a pair of tweezers .(you  can use adhesive remover to take off the tape from your hair extensions if you find it difficult).

How to replace the tape?

Of course, you need to remove the tape first! The next step is use your tweezers to lift the tape up from the corner of the hair extensions to create an edge of tape then pull it till and the tape will lift. If you use adhesive oil, you dip the end of your tweezers into the adhesive remover oil and peel the tape off gently.

When the old tape is off, we will apply the new one. Use your tweezers to gently one of the tape from replacement tape pack. Take your hair extension and apply the sticky side of the tape along the top of the hair extension. Lastly, take off the white tab to show the adhesive and there you go you have a fresh tape of your hair extension!

How to wash your tape in hair

To maintain the beauty of your hair and extensions for an extended period, washing them is a crucial process. Here is a step-by-step guide on washing tape in hair extensions:

  • Begin by separating your hair and gently brushing it while it’s dry. 
  • Rinse your hair and extensions with lukewarm water, then apply shampoo. 
  • Massage the shampoo into the hair extensions using downward strokes. 
  • Thoroughly rinse your hair and extensions, suggest all shampoo is removed. Gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • After shampooing, generously apply the hair masque or conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair. Leave the masque on for 3-10 minutes and rinse the hair masque with lukewarm water, then gently squeeze out the excess water using a towel.

For optimal results and reduced wear, allow your hair to air dry and then gently brush through it.

Take care of tape in hair extensions

Caring for tape-in hair extensions is very simple. Luxshinehair will give you some useful tips on how to care and get the longest life of your hair extensions.

When you’ve done with the application, tape-in human hair extensions need at least 48 hours to relax before first hair wash so that the tapes stick together. Before you wash your hair, you should gently comb your hair extensions with a wide hair brush to avoid matting. You should try to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, two or three times a week is ideally perfect.

How to take care of tape-in hair extensions?

Not only shampoo, you need to use conditioner for healthy and shiny hair. However, the slippery of these products may make our tape-in slip away. Hence, you should apply it around the tapes instead. After you wash your hair, you need to dry it immediately with blow-dryer at cool temperature. 

Before going to sleep, you can put your hair in high ponytail, low ponytail or two braids . That helps to avoid tangling and making you more comfortable when sleeping. 

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

Normally, one application will last 6 to 8 weeks depending on the way you take care of your hair extensions (especially the tapes) and the quality of tape as well. To get an extra time of using, you can press them with your fingers. However, maintenance is required after 8 weeks. It is not a good idea to keep it longer than that because it can damage your natural hair. When it is time for maintenance, you can remove the tapes by yourself (follow the replacement’s tips above) or go to salon to apply new tapes to your hair extensions then install them again and you get a new one.

In addition, the quality of hair extensions is quite important that can affect directly the lifetime of the product. Extensions made from human hair will stay stronger and hard to fall out when combing. Luxshinehair’s advises you to try human hair extensions to lengthen the lifespan of tape-in hair extensions.

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Because of their conveniences, many people think that tape-in hair extensions will cost a big deal of money. However, the price is pretty reasonable. The price also depends on the material used to make tape-in hair extensions. If suppliers use synthetic hair to make hair extensions, the price will be cheap but the quality is also low. As a result, the lifetime of extensions will be shorter than other products. That’s why Luxshinehair highly recommends you to buy human hair because it is worth money.

The price of tape-in hair extensions will range from $50 to $150 base on the quantity of hair weft you want to buy and the length and texture of hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions from Luxshinehair cost from $20 to $120. They are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair which are famous for silky and healthy strands. Besides, we commit to providing to all customers the highest quality products with the most competitive price.

How many tape in hair extensions do I need? 

The quantity of tape in hair extensions required varies based on your desired hairstyle and your natural hair’s thickness. If you aim to add volume to your natural hair, typically 100 -120 grams (40-50 pieces) are recommended. For those seeking to significantly extend their hair length, it is common to use between 120 and 150 grams (50-60 pieces). However, individuals with thick hair or those desiring a voluminous look may require 150-250 grams( 60-120 pieces) to achieve their desired outcome.

How many tape in hair extensions do I need
How many tape in hair extensions do I need

Where to buy tape-in hair extensions?

On the hair market, tape-in hair extensions has been increasingly popular, so you can easily buy it for yourself. However, if this is the first time you try hair extensions, you should be careful. There are variety of hair extensions coming from unclear sources that may be unsafe for your natural hair.

Therefore, you can ask for some advices from friends or read reviews from hair bloggers on Facebook or Instagram. You can go to some shop nearby to have a closer look about tape-in hair extensions before buying them. If you are still worrying about being cheated, you can have a look at Luxshinehair.com to see our products. Our tape-in hair extensions are always top-ranked about quality and competitive price. We receive hundreds of excellent reviews from customers all over the world. We will help you to choose the most suitable hair extensions to fit your style.

In conclusion

Tape-in hair extensions are exactly the best solution that deal almost hair problems such as hair loss or thinning hair. No harmful chemicals, no bleaches or dyes. Hair-extension should be the perfect choice for anyone who often change their hairstyle and color, and want to purchase a long, thick and natural hair. Among them, tape-in hair extensions are considered an amazing beauty item that most of women love to own for themselves. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Luxshinehair is always willing to answer all your questions about hair-extensions. You can contact us or leave a message via our website to receive the best advice for hair-extensions.

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