Best Raw Hair Vietnam Reviews – Useful For Wholesale Hair Vendors

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Vietnamese Raw hair is favored by many hair merchants around the world thanks to its unique properties that are superior to raw hair in other countries. Why is that so – there is definitely a reason. What outstanding features do they have? How to buy Vietnamese hair? Please join me in reading the blog post below to learn more about raw hair Vietnam reviews. They are extremely useful for hair salons or those new to this hair business. Scroll down and read carefully.

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Remy Hair

Origin Of Remy Vietnamese Hair

Remy Vietnamese Hair hair extensions can be obtained from various origins. Vietnamese raw hair is collected from young Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 35, who have healthy and shiny black hair to ensure the quality of the hair. In certain regions of Asia, women may willingly have their hair cut and sold as a renewable commodity, or they might donate their hair.  

Remy Vietnamese hair
Remy Vietnamese hair

Additionally, Remy hair is also collected from customers, people who go for hairdressing/haircutting at salons. They are collected directly from their customers or even from the salon floor.

Vietnam Remy hair is usually collected by manufacturers, cleaned and then supplied to hair factories or businesses in Vietnam.


Raw Vietnam Remy hair is packaged into 100-gram bundles and only sold to wholesalers

They are the raw materials that hair manufacturers buy to make many different types of hair extensions such as tape, keratin tip, weft, etc. This is a potential business opportunity.

Raw Vietnam Remy hair is packaged into 100-gram bundles
Raw Vietnam Remy hair is packaged into 100-gram bundles

In addition, because the longevity of Vietnamese raw hair is high, wholesale customers often buy hair for storing

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Raw Hair Vietnam Quality

Although living standards have improved, Vietnamese women still prefer to wash their hair with natural herbs. Thanks to that, Vietnamese hair is of high quality, possessing properties such as soft, smooth and shiny.

Vietnamese people’s natural hair color is black so it can be easily dyed any color you want, even bright colors like blonde or white blonde.

Raw Vietnamese hair strands are big and strong
Raw Vietnamese hair strands are big and strong

In addition, Hair fibers of Vietnamese human hair have rare characteristics that differ from other foreign hair: large, strong and often tangle-free due to the naturally straight hair structure. So Vietnamese hair can be easily styled as straight, wavy or curly while still maintaining its original quality.

Advantages Of Raw Vietnamese Hair

Surfing through raw hair Vietnam reviews, I have summarized the advantages of raw Vietnamese hair as follows:

  • High-quality raw hair

Raw hair Vietnam reviews is also known as 1 of the 5 best raw hair on the market today. They are famous for a straight, smooth, soft texture with sufficient thickness.

Raw hair Vietnam: straight, smooth
Raw hair Vietnam: straight, smooth
  • Reasonable price 

Raw hair Vietnam reviews say it has good quality for the price, and it is relatively cheaper than many other raw hair suppliers such as China or India. Purchasing hair from Vietnamese sources can bring good economic efficiency to hair suppliers. With the international reputation of Vietnamese hair extension products combined with low prices, wholesalers will certainly continue to reach and attract many consumers from all over the world.

  • Hair is not tangled

The nature of Vietnamese hair is straight and smooth, so raw hair is always soft and tangle-free after using for a period of time. Raw hair Vietnam reviews say they like the shiny, smooth appearance of raw Vietnamese hair.

  • Good dyeing and styling ability 

Raw hair Vietnam reviews mention that raw hair in Vietnam gives salon owners or hair extension factories many choices of colors and textures. They can be dyed, bleached and styled easily.

  • Long use time

With strong hair properties, so the hair quality is relatively good, with high durability. Raw hair in Vietnam can be used within 2-5 years depending on the maintenance and care of the user. Therefore, hair merchants buy Vietnam Raw Hair for reserve.

Disadvantages Of Raw Vietnamese Hair

Although there are many outstanding advantages, in my opinion, raw hair in Vietnam still has the following disadvantages

Lack out of raw materials
Lack out of raw materials

The supply is not abundant and is increasingly scarce. Currently, a large amount of raw hair in Vietnam at factories has been sold out and is no longer in stock due to huge market demand. Furthermore, as society is increasingly developing with the advancement of beauty technology, not many Vietnamese women still keep unprocessed hair. Because supplies are more scarce, prices will increase

​How To Buy High-Quality Remy Hair In Vietnam?

Step 1: Conduct Research

Initiate the process of importing hair from Vietnam by thoroughly researching and selecting a reputable hair factory.

  • Identify Vietnamese hair suppliers with their own websites, prioritizing those that appear at the top of Google searches for increased reliability. Professional websites should provide comprehensive information about the company, its products, and policies.
Reading reviews from previous raw hair Vietnam reviews
Reading reviews from previous raw hair Vietnam reviews
  • Additionally, consider reading reviews from previous raw hair Vietnam reviews, seeking recommendations from friends or major newspapers. To ensure credibility, request a video chat or an in-person meeting with the supplier or sales department. If a supplier refuses, eliminate them from your list, and proceed to contact the remaining options.
  • Compile a list of at least 10 reputable hair suppliers and carefully scrutinize manufacturer, product, and policy details during the purchasing process.

Step 2: Request A Quote And Budget Consideration

Given the expense of hair, it is crucial to assess your budget before embarking on the shopping process.

  • Contact the supplier and request a quote encompassing hair prices, shipping costs, and any additional fees.
Meet with supplier to negotiate price
Meet with supplier to negotiate price
  • Verify the credibility of the supplier through a video chat, confirm all information about the factory, office, and products.
  • Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to compare prices and secure the best deal.
  • Emphasize quality over the lowest price and be cautious of unusually low prices, which may indicate compromised hair quality.
  • Clearly negotiate the desired quantity, because larger orders may qualify for quantity discounts.

Step 3: Complete The Transaction

  • Pre-plan the hair specifications to expedite the ordering process.
  • Clarify customer policies for wholesale customers.
  • This step involves closer collaboration with sales staff or representatives to finalize details such as design, color, length, weight, and quantity.
  • Review and confirm an invoice provided by the sales staff, detailing the price, shipping fees, and discounts.
  • Make a deposit, typically ranging from 50 to 70% of the total value, before production begins. After production completion, settle the remaining 100% payment, including shipping fees.
Ordering process from Vietnam
Ordering process from Vietnam

Step 4: Track The Delivery

  • After making the payment, closely track the delivery to ensure timely and intact arrival. The goods will be received within 5-7 days after shipping, contingent on order status and natural conditions.
  • If any dissatisfaction arises, promptly communicate with the supplier for resolution.
  • Record a video of the unpacking process and product condition upon receipt, facilitates complaint resolution if needed.
Track the delivery to ensure timely and intact arrival
Track the delivery to ensure timely and intact arrival

List Of Reputable Remy Hair Suppliers In Vietnam – Raw Hair Vietnam Reviews

Luxshine Hair

Luxshine Hair is the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam. With more than 15 years in the hair extension industry, they have promoted development on social networking platforms, websites and become more famous and famous.

You just need to search with a keyword like “Luxshine”, all social networking sites, websites as well as Google Maps are displayed with hundreds of the best “raw hair Vietnam reviews” about the quality of hair extension products that customer comments.

Luxshine Hair factory - Top 1 hair supplier in Vietnam
Luxshine Hair factory – Top 1 hair supplier in Vietnam

The 45,000 square meter Luxshine Hair factory uses advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure that production costs and finished product costs are minimized without sacrificing product quality.

Luxshine Hair provides a variety of hair extension products, toupee, wigs,… available on the market. Not only that, the factory also accepts designs according to ODM/OEM services to serve all the needs of wholesale and retail customers.

Apo Hair

APO Hair is a prominent player in the hair extension industry based in Vietnam, established in 2009.

With a strong focus on export, APO Hair has carved a niche for itself in potential markets such as Europe, America, and Africa.

One noteworthy feature of APO Hair is its diverse and extensive product range, which includes various types of hair extensions, catering to different styles, textures, and lengths.

APO Hair factory
APO Hair factory

Macsara Hair

According to “Raw Hair Vietnam Reviews”, Macsara Hair still maintains its role as the top manufacturer of hair extension products in Vietnam.

Products made only from 100% Remy hair are famous for their softness, strength and durability, Macsara has become a popular choice.

Serving major markets such as the US, UK, Brazil, Mexico, India and Nigeria, Macsara has received high customer satisfaction thanks to high-quality products and stable prices.

Workers are working at the Mascara Hair factory
Workers are working at the Mascara Hair factory


AZ Hair, has been involved in the wholesale hair industry for 16 years, serving global customers.

AZ Hair’s office
AZ Hair’s office

According to “raw hair Vietnam reviews”, AZ Hair is famous for its outstanding quality with the most competitive quality and price on the market, making it one of the best choices for you if you are loWorkers are working at the Mascara Hair factory.

K- Hair

With over two decades of experience, 5S Hair serves diverse wholesale customers worldwide with a variety of hair types, textures and lengths, including raw bulk hair, hair extensions, keratin tip, tape-ins, clip-ins.

5S Hair serves diverse wholesale customers worldwide with a variety of hair extensions
5S Hair serves diverse wholesale customers worldwide with a variety of hair extensions

Above is the entire content about Vietnam remy hair reviews that you need to refer to before importing Vietnamese hair. In addition, you can read and consider many other “raw hair Vietnam reviews” and then choose the most suitable supplier. Because hair is quite expensive, choose carefully.

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