Quick guide: How to make a wig fluffy?

Adding volume to your wig is one of the essential steps to make your wig look more natural, especially if you have a flat straight wig. But how to do it properly? If you are not sure about what styling tools to use and how to volumize your wig, this post will give you a hand. So, let scroll down to figure out how to make a wig fluffy and more voluminous. 

How to make a wig fluffy and more voluminous?

Styling the tresses

Straight wigs have an elegant and attractive look, but they are typically sleeker than voluminous ones. Yet, you can change them with some great styles to make your wigs more voluminous. If you have human hair wigs, you can use curling irons or tongs to shape the tresses into gorgeous waves or curls. This method will instantly give your stunning wig more volume.

Curl Human Hair Wig
Curl Human Hair Wig

However, synthetic wigs are more difficult to work with because not all of them are heat-friendly. The fibers can be easily burnt out once meeting the heat. Therefore, we suggest you check to see if your wig is heat-friendly first. If you can’t style your synthetic wig with heat, you can try to style it with rollers. Still, it’s better to opt for one that comes with the voluminous style you want.


Backcombing wigs is one of the best ways of volumizing your wigs. It’s simple, yet highly effective. This method is also applicable to your natural hair. And to get the best result, let use your wig brush and follow these steps:

  • Take about a 2-inch thick section of your wig and lift that section so that the ends are visible above the wig’s roots. After that, use your comb and pull it from the wig’s end back towards the root. You can get greater volume if you use a denser comb.
  • Backcombing from the very ends of the wig will result in a mess rather than an attractive volume. So we recommend you backcomb the wig from roughly 3-4 inches away from the scalp. It’s also better to concentrate on boosting volume to this area.
  • Besides, don’t forget to backcomb the underneath section to make the visible parts of your wigs look neat
How to make a wig fluffy with backcombing
How to make a wig fluffy with backcombing

Trimming the wig

Aside from curling and waving, the haircut of your wig also has a significant impact on its overall volume. A style like layered cut can be a smart option to make your wig look thicker. 

However, while a new cut can bring all the difference to your wig, it’s not a good idea to DIY at home. You should take your wig to a hair salon or professional stylist who can introduce you to the right texture and volume with a few basic styling suggestions.

Trim Your Wig
Trim Your Wig

Spritzing hairspray

Without hairspray, volumizing a wig seems to be impossible. Spritzing here and there is the right way to keep the bouncy style in place. So, make sure you spray your hair once you finish creating the curls. If not, your wig will lose its volume and become flat soon.

Use Hairspray
Use Hairspray

Using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is not only effective in making your synthetic wig less shiny. It is also a great substance to add volume to your wig as well as your natural hair.

But how to do it?

Firstly, let take a segment of hair, hold it up, and spray a quick spritz towards the roots and underneath these strands. After that, do the same thing with the rest sections. Please be careful so as not to overspray your wig. If you use too much spray, your wig will look and feel dirty rather than voluminous.

Use Dry Shampoo For Volume
Use Dry Shampoo For Volume

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How to make the top part of your wig less flat?

If you once own a straight wig, you probably know that some wigs are too well-made that make the top part look too flat. And wearing a wig with a flat top may make your head look a bit bigger. So, it’s better to bring some more volume to the top part of your wig and keep it away from a dull look.

But how to volumize the top part while remaining the texture of your wig? Below is our methods: 

Teasing hair

The most common way that wig wearers opt for is teasing, or backcombing, the wig. However, you should not tease too much to avoid tangling the hair. And don’t forget to spray your wig to hold the volume.

Tease Wig Hair
Tease Wig Hair

Curling the roots with rollers

Another way to add volume to the top part without dramatically changing the style of your wig is using hair rollers at the roots.

You will divide your wig into smaller sections first. Then, roll two to three passes at the root of the wig. Remember to leave the straight ends out in order not to curl them. After that, apply some hairspray to the sections and blow dry them. Wait a bit for the hair to cool and remove the rollers. And now you can get a straight wig with a nice-looking top.

Use roller to curl the roots
Use rollers to curl the roots

Above is our quick guide on how to make a wig fluffy. If you have a synthetic wig, you will need to make it look more natural with curly tresses or a more bouffant top. But with human hair wigs, the natural strands already have some volume at the top part. You can add more if you want a more voluminous look, but everything in a human hair wig is ideal to give off a natural look. And if you are finding one to change your style instantly, a straight human hair wig from Luxshine Hair will be a great choice. Check it out now and enjoy the best deal from Luxshine. Thanks!  

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