No sewing method: How to make a wig with glue

Wigs have now become a major part of the beauty world. They are great to wear since they allow you to have various hairstyles and hair shades without changing your natural hair. And due to the increasing demands for wigs, there are also so many wig suppliers providing high-quality wigs throughout the world. However, if you want to customize your own wig and cut some cost, let follow our tips on how to make a wig with glue.

In the previous post, we have talked about how to make a wig with the sewing method. But if you don’t know how to sew properly, this non-sewing method will simplify your wig-making process.

What you need to prepare

  • Styrofoam or mannequin head
  • Stocking cap
  • Lace closure
  • Weft hair: about three bundles (if each bundle is 1oogram). You can opt for any texture. And if you want to get a layered look, let choose only one length for 3 bundles. Yet, if you want the overall length to be consistent, you can go with different lengths.
  • Bonding glue
  • Bonding glue remover (in case you make any mistake with the glue)
  • Scissors
  • T-pins or pearl-headed pins
What you need to prepare before learning how to make a wig with glue
What you need to prepare before learning how to make a wig with glue

How to make a wig with glue?

Step 1: Prepare the foundation

Wear the stocking cap on your mannequin head. Make sure you put it evenly on the mannequin head to get a nice overall look later.

Form The Wig Foundation
Form The Wig Foundation

Step 2: Attach the lace closure

  • Apply the bonding glue into the outside of the lace closure. You need to glue around the edges of the closure. And be careful not to stain the inside lace part.
  • After that, put the lace closure onto the stocking cap. It’s a bit tricky, so let take extra attention while doing this to make the lace stay even. And make sure that the lace closure does not cover more than one-fourth of the wig cap space.
  • After you finish placing the closure into the wig cap, let use a hair blow dryer to make the glue dry faster.
Attach Lace Closure
Attach Lace Closure

Step 3: Glue the tracks

  • Firstly, you will have to use two T-pins to secure each end of the weft you are going to glue down. Then, cut the excess weft.
  • Next, apply the bonding glue into the stitches of the wefts. And make sure not to stain the glue into the hair, which will leave clumps on your weft hair later. Once you complete applying the bonding glue, let attach the weft into the wig cap. Remember not to place the first weft into the elastic part of the wig cap (the thicker part on the bottom of the wig cap). If you do so, your wig cannot stretch anymore. And it may be too tight for your head.
  • After that, blow-dry the track to make it dry faster. And then, do the same gluing and attaching for the rest tracks until you meet the closure.
Glue The Tracks
Glue The Tracks

Step 4: Cut the excess lace

  • Take your new wig out of the mannequin head and use your scissors to cut the excess lace of your lace closure. To avoid sharp edges, it’s better to cut away the lace all around the front and sides of your lace wig with long fluid scissors strokes. You should cut away little sections of the lace rather than all of it at once. This is because cutting away too much lace will affect the overall look of your wig.
  • Besides, don’t forget to pull the lace of the wig tightly with your fingers while cutting. By doing so, you can get even and smooth strokes. Once you finish, let double-check the trimmed lace to make sure there is no jagged edge, especially around the forehead area.
Cut the excess lace
Cut the excess lace
  • After that, let move to cut the excess lace of your wig cap.

Step 5: Try and style your new wig

Put your wig on your head to see if it fits and how it looks. You can then make some adjustments to finalize your first wig. If everything goes right, let style it any way you want. However, please note that even if you use human hair bundles for your wig, it’s still better not to use heat styling too often. If you do style your wig with heat styling tools, don’t forget to apply some heat protectant spray into the hair first.

Try And Style Wig
Try And Style Your New Wig

Combining sewing and gluing method

The above instruction is about how to make a wig with glue. But recently, many wig wearers prefer to combine sewing and gluing methods to make their wigs. In this method, instead of gluing the lace closure, we will sew it into the wig cap. And with the rest weft tracks, we still apply them by using bonding glue. The reason that we should sew the lace closure is to attach it more tightly.

It’s also much easier to sew the lace closure into the wig cap. Sewing the tracks may be a bit complicated for those who are not really good at the needling technique. However, sewing the lace closure just requires you to apply some basic stitches. And to make the lace closure stay firmly, it’s better to secure the stitches at each end by looping about two to three times.

Sew Lace Closure
Sew Lace Closure

Above is our quick guide on how to make a wig with glue. Let try it now and show us your new look with it. If you have any idea about wig making, let share it with us in the comment section below.

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