Most beautiful and impressive styles with medium brown hair

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As for many women, choosing a beautiful but natural hair color is quite difficult. Your favorite color can be suitable with other persons but it doesn’t look good with your appearance. Don’t worry, we have a wonderful suggestion for you to deal with this problem. It is dyeing hair with shades of medium brown hair.

You wonder why we mention medium brown hair dye, right? Simply, they are neutral colors which are not too dark but not too light so that they give feelings which are very natural, soft but outstanding enough when comparing to others’ hair. More importantly, they can fit many different kinds of face shapes as well as skin tones of women and they are never out of fashion. If you still do not believe, check them out together with Luxshinehair right now!

1. Basic information of medium brown hair

In fact, there is no specific description for medium brown hair color because it’s up to the feeling of each individual. However, you can easily recognize this shade when comparing it with darker brown hair dyes and blonde hair tones. Therefore, if you are finding a soft and mysterious hair color, medium brown hair will actually meet your satisfaction.

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Medium brown hair color

2. Beautiful styles of medium brown hair

Medium dark brown hair

An ideal choice for this style is having medium chocolate brown hair. This is one of the most popular shades of dark brown because it is relatively similar to natural black hair color. Its color lever is only a bit increased to give the fresher and more creative image.

This hair hue is best shown when you keep hair waves or hair curls instead of keeping straight hair. Moreover, these texture also make your appearance become more graceful and charming.


Medium chocolate brown

Medium light brown hair

The weakness of dark brown tone is that it sometimes gives simple and faded images so that you can choose to have styles with medium chestnut brown hair instead. It is not impressive that you need to dye your whole hair with this light tone. You can apply brown hair with balayage hair, ombre hair or any other kind that you think it can lighten your natural hair better.

Medium light brown hair

Besides, you can choose medium golden brown hair to have a brighter hair dye. Its name is essentially gorgeous, isn’t it? This hair hue is especially for young and active girls who love something new and full of personality. It is completely okay if you have bangs or not because they are really a wise idea when you want to change your appearance from cute to mature image and vice versa.

medium golden brown hair

Medium ash brown hair

Recently, ash hair colors have been very trendy and popular with the young all over the world.The effect that they bring to hair is extremely impressive and unique. Medium ash brown hair is exactly one of those attractive styles. It is like the perfect combination between dark brown and platinum blonde. The color is a little smoky so that it gives soft and captivating appearances for girls and women.

medium ash brown hair

Medium brown hair with highlights

Dyeing hair with highlights is always the top choice for women who like having outstanding and unique images. Thus, creating medium brown hair with highlights is completely not a matter with them. These below styles are some most impressive ideas.

If you are an Caucasian women, you must be too familiar with the hairstyle of medium brown hair with blonde highlight. White girls often have hair with natural black to brown hair so that when it is combined with amazing shades of blonde, no word can describe its beauty rather than “perfect”. It makes a brown balayage hair color which is extremely attractive.

That the bright color fits their soft and white skin gives them much fresh and young appearances. We make sure that almost of you will feel satisfied with things they brings to your hair.


medium brown hair with blonde highlights

There will have a bit differences if you are of  African American women because they often choose hair dyes which can fit their skin tones perfectly without making their face become darker. One of the most suitable choices for that demand is medium brown hair with red highlights. Shades of brunette hair and red are not too contrasting so that their combination can give brighter and more impressive than ever.

medium brown hair with red highlights

Many people are even scared of dyeing these medium brown hair colors because that can make their problem of thin and fine hair become worse. Don’t worry because you can completely have beautiful styles with them thanks to using Luxshinehair‘s hair extensions. We supply all types of real human hair products with all hair textures and hair colors to women all over the world and we got a lot of good comments from them. Let’s become our next customer and feel wonderful things that these hair extensions bring to you.

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