Let’s find out Best hair color for skin tone chart

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There are many factors that determine which hair color is right for you. One of the most important factors is your skin color tone. It is not difficult to understand when hair experts often give advice on choosing the dyed color to match the skin. A wrong choice can make you unhappy with your hair color. Maybe this color will suit you if you have dark skin, on the contrary, it may not be suitable if you have a light skin color. What color is your skin determined by where you were born. Each person in each area has a different skin tone. Everything sounds quite complicated. If you are having trouble choosing hair colors that match your skin tone, this article really becomes useful to you. In this article, we will introduce the best hair color for skin tone chart to help you can make the decision that you are most satisfied with it. Let’s find out with us.

I. Basic skin tone chart

Basic skin tone chartThe world really has a lot of skin tones. Your skin color is formed by natural influences such as climate, water, light, … That makes it richer. Basically, as we know, white, black, yellow and red are easily recognizable basic skin colors in the world, it also represents different areas. However, for each of these colors, it has different levels. That’s why we synthesized this basic skin chart to help you better understand and compare.

II. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart

As you can see, night different skin tones will have different characteristics. What you need to do is carefully consider our good advice.

1. Light tone

You own skin with pale white freckles. The skin has brightness and pink tones. People with this skin often have bright eyes color like the color of jewelry such as blue, green, jade green, dark brown, … Their natural hair color is usually dark like dark brown or black. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - light toneThis skin color is almost easy to choose because no matter what color your hair is, it always stands out. However, colors that are similar to eye color will be the ideal choice for you. Our suggestions are blue, green, violet base, jewel-toned hair, dark brown, black, platinum blonde,… https://luxshinehair.com/product/flat-tip-loose-curly-hair-dark-brown-color

2. Fair tone

This is a white skin tone but not too bright with a hint of pink or yellow tones. This skin color is quite common.  There are quite a number of different eye colors for those with this skin, but in general, it is a pale color like pale blue, light green, light brown, … Natural hair color is often seen as a blonde. Your skin can easily turn darker when exposed to the sun but it still cannot completely turn into dark brown or black. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - fair toneHair colors that suit your skin are blue, green or violet base. Besides, you can also change a bit with ashy brown, light blonde or platinum blonde.

3. Medium Tone

Your skin ranges from white to light brown. Your natural hair color is usually dark brown. You will have light brown eyes and sometimes light green. With this skin, you look really strong. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - medium toneThe hair color that you should have colors with an orange or red base such as chocolate brown, golden brown, honey blonde, caramel tones,… You should not dye platinum blonde, ash brown or green, blue for your hair.

4. Olive tone

Your skin color will be within limits from light brown to moderate brown. When you tan, your skin color is radiant like olive. Your eyes are very attractive chestnut color. Some celebrities own this skin color that is Shakira, Kate Upton, Beyonce,… Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - oliver toneWe recommend that you leave your hair color with yellow or orange tones. These colors can be great for you like champagne blonde, honey platinum, honey colors, golden blonde,…

5. Tan skin

The skin tone level in the skin tone chart becomes darker and now is the distance between the moderate brown and brown. You should feel proud when you own this skin color because it’s really wonderful. Tan skin is the desire of many girls and seems to have become a new trend. You will often have curly hair and natural dark brown eyes. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - tan skinTo take advantage of all the advantages available, the hair colors will help you that are dark colors, brown bases, warm colors, toffee, coffee brown,… You will always shine with these hair colors.

6. Brown tone

Brown skin is really a basic color and easy to meet. People who have brown skin are very lucky. They radiate a vibrant life through skin color. They often have thick hair with small curls and clear face contours. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - brown toneIf you have brown skin, you should choose black, chestnut brown or light brown for yourself. It may be an interesting idea to your hair always suit your skin. https://luxshinehair.com/product/flat-tip-loose-curly-hair-light-brown-color

7. Dark brown toneChoose best hair color for skin tone chart - dark brown toneA deeper level of brown tone is a dark brown tone. You own a pretty characteristic skin but still very beautiful. The dark and dark espresso colors of the skin will look the opposite if you choose colors that are too bright like platinum, white or blonde. However, you can safely choose with colors like natural black, maple brown, mahogany, toffee,… Sometimes, trying to change colors with highlight colors like red or purple bases is not a bad idea.

8. Black tone

The final color tone of the above chart is also the darkest tone that is black. This is the characteristic skin color of Africans, and it’s really special. They often have very healthy skin, big and round eyes with black color and bobbing hair with deep curls. Black is also their natural hair color. Choose best hair color for skin tone chart - black toneAlthough this is unique skin color, it is quite ideal for hair colors. You can completely confidently choose many hair colors when owning this skin. Some of the best hair color suggestions for black skin are red, violet, silver, chocolate brown, light or dark brown,… Your hair color and skin tone look really perfect, so don’t worry and love it. Our article may have helped you better understand your skin color and how to choose the best hair color for a skin tone chart. Hopefully, you will soon apply a certain color in the above suggestions and achieve satisfactory results. No matter where you are or what color you are, always remember that you are always beautiful. Don’t be afraid to change your natural hair color to make it more attractive. If you don’t want to risk using hair dye, color wigs may be a good idea to try to choose the right hair color for your skin. We are a Vietnam hair supplier that offers the best wig products for you. Please take a look at our products and consider them.

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