How to take cake of weave at night?

If you have probably spent countless hours on YouTube, watching tutorial after tutorial on how to take care of weave at night, these step by step tips and tutorials will help you save your weave hair extensions with the hottest natural hairstyle this season. 

How To Take Care Of Weave At Night
How To Take Care Of Weave At Night

How to use flex rods on weave?

Using the flex rods on weave to keep hair texture is a good idea.

Step 1: Apply moisturizer

Starting with clean, dry hair is always best for optimal styling results. If that is not an option, dry “old hair” with little or no buildup of the product will work.

Gently spray the hair with water to moisturize but do not soak it. This is an important step in helping hair to prevent breakage. Then, apply an adequate amount of moisturizer to your hair. Detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product.

Step 2: Divide hair

Divide the hair into 5 sections – two on the back and one on each side, and a fifth on the front side. Dividing into 5 sections makes the hair more malleable and creates instructions for where the curls will fall at the end of the style. If you prefer one side or the middle part, then divide the 5th part of the face accordingly.

Step 3: Start the first section

Next, take your first section (starting from the back is recommended). Make the mousse part-whole by brushing it over a similar styling brush.

How To Use Flex Rods On Weave
How To Use Flex Rods On Weave

Step 4: Apply flex rod on your hair

In that same section, start working on ¾ or 1-inch sections, clipping away the part of the hair that is not currently being worked on. Smooth out the small hair part again with a styling brush, removing any tangles and ensuring hair is completely soft and supple.

Place the ends of your hair 2 inches from the bottom of the flex rod and completely reverse it around the flex rod. Keep your hair taut, curl your hair anti-clockwise onto the curling stick, overlapping once at the ends to fix the rod. Then, roll the rod fully into the scalp. Once you reach the scalp, bend the rod opposite the curls to hold in place.

Step 5: Repeat for the rest of hair

Repeat Step 4 for each flex rod and Step 3 for each larger section.

Step 6: Brush your hair

Finally, brush your entire head to minimize frizz, increase shine, and help keep your curls.

Step 7: Sit under a cap dryer

For best results, sit under a cap dryer for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until completely dry. If your hair is still damp, add more time. Because your styling results depend on it, dry hair is essential. You can also air dry but be prepared to leave the rods for about 2-3 hours or sleep in them overnight.

Step 8: Remove your hair Step

Once you are 100% sure your hair is dry, it is time to take it off. Work with a flex rod, carefully remove the hair, holding the base of the curl between the tips of your fingers. Then, unwind the flex rod in a counter-clockwise motion around the curl until the two bars are completely separate. If the curl comes out early, simply curl it up with your fingers.

9: Separate each strand of hair

Finally, when the rods are gone, gently separate each strand of hair into 2 or 3 individual curls, making sure to curl the hair with your fingers. This will help you build volume while minimizing curl. By taking the time, using the right products, properly placing flex rods and mastering untangle, your curls will become the focus of attention wherever you go.

Weaves come in enough length, shape, and texture but they all maintain some solid rules of existence. Personal techniques can vary but when it comes to your nighttime routine, you should always include the following rules.

How to take care of weave at night?

Rule 1. De-tangle it

If you want to avoid being kinked and tangled the next morning, you should get in the habit of brushing every night before going to bed. This will help prepare your hair for wrapping or braiding and will remove any knots that have formed throughout the day. Sleeping in tangled hair will only make the situation worse and will take up more of your time in the long run. Note that for curly hair weaves, over-brushing and combing will cause hair to lose the curl. To keep frizz to a minimum but still not curl, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. 

How To Take Care Of Weave At Night1
How To Take Care Of Weave At Night

Rule 2. Moisturize it

Moisturizing the hair is important for both the weave and the real hair underneath. Moisturizing your scalp daily before bed will help your weave shine and look healthy while protecting your scalp and preventing dryness or itching. Lack of moisture in the hair and scalp can lead to problems like hair loss and other damage. 

Rule 3. Cover it

Whether your hair is straight, has a tight curl, or wavy hair, you should always cover it while you sleep. The only few benefits of using a hair scarf or bonnet are that it will help prevent tangles, minimize the wear and tear of the weave, and will also protect your style.

Rule 4. Sleep on satin or silk

One of the best tricks to keep hair shiny and frizz-free while you are sleeping is to avoid frictional materials, like cotton. Sleep in satin or silk robes and pillows that keep your hair moist and give your hair a smooth surface, instead of messing it up while you sleep.

Sleeping With Different Textured Weaves

Although all weaves need the same general care to ensure their longevity, the reality of sleeping on different textures will differ slightly. Here are some texture specific instructions for getting a good night’s sleep with a sew-in weave.

Sleeping With Different Textured Weaves
Sleeping With Different Textured Weaves

Curly Weaves

For people with curly hair, styling it into a pineapple, or a loose bun for longer hair is the best way to keep the curly texture. Using a hood or scarf will help keep the hair curls and prevent the curls from getting as flat or frizz as possible.

Wavy Weaves

This routine will be different, depending on the wave type. The simplest way to prepare the waves for sleep is to separate the hair into parts – fewer parts for loose waves, more parts for tighter waves. After separating your hair, you can twist or braid the length of your hair and fix the ends with a loose hair tie. After braiding all your hair, cover it with a hair hood.

Straight Weaves

After untangling with the paddle comb, you should try to keep your hair as straight as possible while wrapping. The best way to do this is to split the hair in half and wrap it around the head in opposite directions – the right half wraps clockwise, the left half wraps counterclockwise. Use hair clips or pins to keep it along the way. Once your hair is wrapped, use a scarf to fix it, then remove the clips.

For the Nightcap

Sleeping with weave is no different. Keep your hair weaves looking their best and healthiest by ending the day with the good night’s sleep routine.

The best way to keep your weave looking flawless every day is to make sure you know how to take care of weave at night. After all, improper care for weave hair extensions can lead to a shorter lifespan and significantly bad hair days.

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