How do I blend my natural hair with a naturally straight weave?

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Wearing your hair weaves straight is certainly an act of boldness that not many girls are willing to do. To rock naturally straight weave and manage to make them look flawless and beautiful will never be an easy task.

This is due to the fact that most girls who are blessed with melanin don’t have straight hair and trying to make your naturally straight weave work with your curly/coily leave out can prove difficult. Today we would like to share with you what we consider the best way to wear your straight weave. You might be surprised that to go straight you might have to start with something else entirely.

Women With Straight Weave

We hope after reading our articles, you can truly shine and never fear rocking your natural straight weave anymore.

How do I blend my natural hair with a straight weave?

If you are thinking of blending your natural hair with a naturally straight weave, we want you to hold that thought for a second. You may want to consider other alternatives, and what you choose should fit your natural hair texture and lifestyle. Here we break down our recommendation based on the hair texture. In general, curly hair should have a different approach from coily hair. The amount of leave out, straightening method, and weave selection should be different as well.

There can be many hair textures and each should approach differently
There can be many hair textures and each should approach differently

If you are blending 3a – 3c hair with weave

If your hair is curly, we will assume that you are talking about hair that falls into the 3a-3c curl spectrum. If you insist on blending your natural texture with the hair weave straight texture, you inevitably have to use heat to make these two textures merge together. But constantly using heat for a prolonged period of time will quickly damage your hair, make them dehydrated and lose its natural luster.

Using heat tools

If you decided to use heat tools of any sort to blend, we recommend you use intensive hair treatment to repair and restore your hair’s natural condition. Our favorite way is to use a hair mask combined with some steamer to open up the cuticles and help repair all forms of damage. The steam and the heat from the steamer allow the nutrition from your hair mask and treatment to penetrate deeply through all the cuticle layers. You can also add some clear glaze to impart additional glossiness to your hair. Remember that these two categories of products are only meant for your natural hair or leave out, not your naturally straight weave.

Look for hair weaves with subtle waves might be an option

However, if you belong to 3a to 3c hair family, and if you want our opinion, we would say that we seldomly recommend people to buy pencil straight weaves if their natural hair isn’t straight. Straight hair weave is not so easy to do since they can reveal a choppy layer when you sew them in. This means you will need a custom cut to blend everything together. For us, your best shot at naturally straight weave, you should consider buying curly hair extensions and straighten them with your natural hair. Even if you think that curly hair is too much work, hair weaves with a subtle wave will be your second best choice.

If you are blending 4c hair with weave

Select the right types of hair weaves is important

Now if you are blessed with 4c hair and if you are looking to wear straight hair extensions, this section is for you. If you are looking to blend your natural hair with straight hair extensions, you should be looking for hair that has some texture. Hair like Indian hair or Cambodian hair would fit this use case perfectly. Using hair that is too soft and silky straight can be rather challenging. Often the weaves can appear too shiny and the hair strands too coarse for your natural hair once it is straightened.

How To Make Your Naturally Straight Weave 3
How To Make Your Naturally Straight Weave

Pay attention to your leave out

For you leave out, make sure to leave out only a small section of hair. Our guideline on this matter is as little hair as you can manage. With this little hair that you leave out, you will not have to worry too much about damaging your hair with heat. Be sure to constantly supply your hair with moisture so that your hair is not dehydrated from all the heat styling. 

How To Make Your Naturally Straight Weave 4
How To Make Your Naturally Straight Weave

If you can’t stand any degree of heat damage, consider using closure with your sew-in setup. Hailed as the savior for natural hair, closure can be rather hard to integrate. They might betray you and make the whole set up look unnatural. In the right hand of a good hairstylist, you can always consider giving closure a try. Do check out our range of natural straight weave plus closure on our Luxshine store if you know somebody you can trust.

Three ways to get your hair straight naturally ( no chemical or damage)

If you are looking to find out how to get your hair naturally straight without resorting to wearing weaves and wigs, there could be many approaches to get this done. Below we would like to share with you some common tried and true methods.

Use the blow dryer on the cool settings

You might have heard or even used the classic blowout technique, but the technique we share here would be a tad bit different.

Let your hair air-dry till it is 75% dry, divide your hair into sections. Turn on your blow dryer and work with your comb to blow through your hair from roots to tips. Make sure that you give equal attention to all parts of your manes. Keep a safe distance of 6 inches away from your hair.

Black women blowdry her hair
Blow drying your leave out can be a good way to straighten your hair

You may need to add some leave-in conditioner to your hair to control your flyaway issues. The cool air method is just as quick and easy as your normal blowout routine but this method will never cause any damage to your hair shafts. 

Wrap them up

Wrapping hair is an ancient technique to straighten your hair naturally with no heat needed. Even though many people might have heard it or attempt to do it, not everyone knows how to do it perfectly. It should be noted though that hair wrapping will work for some hair types while only partly works on others. 

For this method, you will need to wet your hair first, then you should continuously comb your hair as it is drying. Once your hair has become rather straight, you will need to keep bobby pins and a satin scarf ready. 

Lady wrapping her hair up
Wrapping your hair might be a cool no-heat method to straighten up your hair

To wrap your hair, you should tie up the very top of your hair into a ponytail. Divide your hair into two sections and use your comb to comb your hair flat ( while they are still wet ). Keep your hair taut and bring your right hair section to the left. Continue combing to keep them flat. To keep the hair as flat as possible, you might consider “flipping” them into small sections. Use an appropriate amount of bobby pins on your hair and secure the hair over your head. If your hair is rather long, you might have to wrap your hair around and under your head. Finally, put on your satin scarf turban and go to sleep, this will make sure that your hair becomes straight naturally.

Quick disclaimer: this method is not meant to be used if you are looking for how to make your hair naturally straight forever. However, many women love doing this since it is so simple and effective. You should definitely give it a try if you are fed up with heat tools and don’t want to bother with naturally straight weave.

Get familiar with plastic rollers

Go on Amazon to get jumbo-sized plastic rollers, as big as a soda can. With this method, you will get hair that comes out slightly wavy and a bit more voluminous. Divide up your damp hair into some medium sections. Roll up your hair before bed and magic will await you in the morning. 

Women use plastic roller to straighten their hair
The plastic roller is a foolproof method to help women blend their leave out

These types of rollers might take some practice to get you to become accustomed to but we personally know girls with curly hair who can not live without them. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact Luxshine Hair, a reputable Vietnam hair factory! We’re here and willing to help whenever you need it.

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