How to make a wig with a 360 frontal?

When talking about a 360 frontal, we first need to know what is a 360 lace frontal, how much is frontal 360, how many bundles are needed with 360frontal? If you are the first to use hair extensions, this blog will answer all your questions.

These days, 360 lace frontal is becoming more and more popular! Surely most African American fashion bloggers & YouTubers are instructing how to make a wig with a 360 frontal. Why? It is a new trend and it really saves a lot of money! Are you ready to make your 360 lace Frontal yourself?

What Is 360 Lace Frontal?

What is a 360 lace front wig? Pre-sewed 360 lace wig with 360 lace frontal and bundles. It can be worn very easily. Buy it now from our online store. 360 Lace Frontal Wigs are new hair products that have a 360-degree front and are lace all around, 5 inches at the front and 2.5 inches at the back, with a piece of net in the middle. We have pre-sewed 360 frontal & bundles into a wig.

What Is 360 Lace Frontal
What Is 360 Lace Frontal

The cute and natural 360 lace front wig looks very nice and full, hair has been plucked with baby hair, put on the head, adjusted, and fixed with a strap-on wig. Wig has a lot of hair strands, usually, there are 180% density and 150% density body wave 360 frontal wig.

How many bundles with a 360 frontal?

When you use the pre-plucked 360 wigs, you will save more time enjoying your flawless natural look. Installing a weave with a 360 threaded front also requires fewer bundles. Usually, only 2-3 bundles are needed to complete a full hairstyle with this 360 lace front. 

The 360 lace ​​wig has a completely different look from the front lace wig and full lace wig. These wigs are like headbands with hair attached to them. Just like the front and full lace wig, the 360 ​​lace wig is made from natural human hair and as its name suggests, it creates a complete hairline around your head.

How To Make A Wig With A 360 Frontal
How To Make A Wig With A 360 Frontal

All lace front, full, or 360 wigs are great and ideal for any natural woman looking for beauty and radiance. These lace wigs come in a variety of styles; curly, straight, blonde, and other colors and saves you from having to worry about regularly visiting the salon every week or two to keep the look cool.

Now that you have a clear knowledge of these lace wigs and their differences, go straight into the step-by-step process for you to get a 360 frontal wig.

The wig kit for making a wig with a 360 frontal

The wig kit includes a wig containing a package; a mannequin head, a straight and curved needle, scissors, a white pencil, some clips, a wig cap, pins, yarn or thread, hair comb, and elastic band.

You can buy these items from any beauty store or, best of all, online but be sure to buy from trusted suppliers for high-quality items. With these items, let’s start the process!

Step One

First, you will take a white pencil from your kit and mark the position of the ears on the wig cap before placing 360 frontal. This will be a guide to help you know exactly where to install the 360 lace. Place the wig cap on the mannequin’s head and use the pins to retain it. Put your wig cap out because you need to hook it outside. Using a 360 wig, you will start by fixing the lace section on the ends that you marked out on the wig cap. Remember to fold the lace before starting sewing to get a clean finish.

The Wig Kit For Making A Wig With A 360 Frontal
The Wig Kit For Making A Wig With A 360 Frontal

Use clips to move hair out for easy sewing. It is best to start sewing from both ends of the front row before sewing from the back. This is done to help hold the front row for a natural hairline. Sewing with the blanket stitching method for a neat finish. You can do this by stitching under the lace then sewing on, about half a centimeter apart, and repeating the process until the end. Always make sure your stitches are straight for a neat result.

Step Two

Next is sewing the bundles. First, you will have to adjust the wig cap properly and pin it to the mannequin with pins. This allows for easy sewing. The number of bundles used to make 360 wigs varies from person to person, for most people four bundles will do this, while for others with three they are fine.

It is important that you double the thread and the weft when sewing from the back for a firm and secure grip. You start stitching the back by threading the needle through the lace of the wig cap and knotting it so that your stitches remain intact and secure.

Now, spend your time with the lace sewing, using the blanket stitching method. Remember to use the longest length (20 inches) when sewing bundles at the back. Once you reach the edge of your wig cap, you will need to use the fold method if the lace is still long enough. But if it is short, you will make a knot.

Step Three

It is normal for first-time tailors to have difficulty sewing in a straight line. To avoid this difficulty, you can place the lace on the line you want to sew with some pins and use a pencil to outline where you need to sew. This also makes sewing easier.

The Wig Kit For Making A Wig With A 360 Frontal 1
The Wig Kit For Making A Wig With A 360 Frontal 1

As you get closer to finishing the wig, you will notice the sewing lines that you do not need to straighten, continue sewing according to the curves. To complete the track, stitch it through the weft twice and finish with one knot, it recommends double knotting for a strong grip.

Step Four

Now that your wig is almost ready, take the wig cap out of the mannequin’s head and cut the excess of the hat that peeked under your lace. Make sure not to cut into your stitches and also avoid cutting too close to your hair.

Turn the inside of the cap and stitch the comb on. The comb is sewn inside the wig cap to hold it in place and add more strength to your wig. It is better to have one or two combs on each side of the head (front, middle, and back).

Using the elastic from your kit, stretch the wig from ear to ear for accurate head measurement. Mark your ear point with a pencil and cut the length of your head off the elastic. Sew the band to your wig cap from edge to edge for a firm and tight wig, making sure to always fold the thread twice and tie the knot twice for a secure grip. Your wig is now ready to be styled. Style freshly made 360 wigs to whatever style you choose and you can add a glow and flatter that shiny natural look with the wig. Going to bed with a wig has two main drawbacks. First, you will get sweaty and uncomfortable sleeping with a 360 wig. Second, stretching and pulling your wig as you roll it while you sleep can permanently stiffen it.

The steps above are your chance to make yourself a unique 360 wig. It is important to read through this article twice to get a deep understanding of each stage before going on with your first 360 wigs.

How to make a wig with a 360 frontal is so simple that you can follow easily with the careful steps above. Get fun and do it now!

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